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Searching for inspiration…

Lately, I haven’t been feeling all that inspired to write a blog post. (Sorry!)

I think it’s because I’ve been a bit bummed out the past two days. I’ll not get into all of it, but basically, the job search and some other random, silly things have been working on me.

So, I’ll just use this post to list some pros and cons of my day as a housewife today. Hopefully it’ll lead me somewhere that has a little more inspiration.

1. (Pro!) I woke up in the arms of the man I love today. Yes, I was waking up at 3 am because I had to get up and pee, but still, I think it counts.

2. (Con…) After leisurely enjoying some extra minutes while Hubs was getting ready for work, I had to quickly jolt out of bed this morning because he needed his phone charger to take to work and I had stashed it somewhere when we were packing up from our visit home this weekend. Rubbing my very dry, not-awake eyes in the morning while semi-frantically looking for two pieces of a phone charger wasn’t a great beginning to my day.

3. (Con…) Work today wasn’t too fun. We were a bit understaffed and the phone rang nonstop the entire time I was there. As in there were 2-3 people on hold waiting for me to answer their call for a significant portion of the day. Not too fun.

4. (Pro!) It was a beautiful day today so when I got home from work, I changed into my shorty shorts and pulled on my running shoes. And I did a pretty-slow, super-awesome 4.5 miles.

The run-tracker of my run today. I'm trying out using Endomondo to track my runs.

It was so so so needed. And yes, I’m still semi-out of shape, and yes, I’m semi-freaking out about the half marathon I signed up for in April, and yes I’m semi-sore afterwards. Oh, and I’m using “semi” “semi-too-much”

5. (Con…) I got some disappointing news concerning a job today.

6. (Pro!) I got some good news concerning a job today.

I’ll explain those two later.

7. (Pro!) I deposited some money into our saving account today! Down payment fund is one step closer! Woo!

8. (Pro!) I had time to cook a real dinner tonight. I made little cube steaks with breading. It didn’t turn out exactly like I wanted it to. In fact, I’d only rate it a six or so. But the rice and vegetables were good and I liked the meat okay. I’ll do it again someday soon and try something a little different.

9. (Con…) I’m still a bit bummed out in general. I’m not totally sure why, but I’m just feeling not myself. I’m hoping to shake this with some good quality time tonight, both with Hubs and a bottle of white wine, and  some quiet prayer and time in the Old Testament.

10. (Pro!) I had to end on a high note so I saved a good one for last. Hubs wrote me a haiku today! And in response, I wrote two back to him. It was fun, silly, and happy. Here’s one for you guys. Wanna accept a fun challenge? Write one back to me!

Writing a poem is

a great way to make me smile

Hubs knows me too well!

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A new adventure to tackle…work.

First of all, THANKS for all the great Christmas feedback! You guys have given some great advice on the questions I asked yesterday. If you have other insight, please share it! It’s not too late!

Next, I think it’s time I reveal that I am no longer unemployed! Woo hoo! Actually, I haven’t been unemployed for awhile because I’ve been doing some part-time freelance writing (writing is my passion, and getting paid to do that is such a blessing!). But today was my first day of training at a new part-time position close to our apartment. I won’t go into too much detail yet, but it’s a specialized retail position and I think I’ll really enjoy my time there.

Is it my dream job? No, I already told you that writing was my passion. But I am excited about this opportunity to learn new skills and make some money to put into savings (Hubs and I are hoping to buy a house in the next year or so…) and I really do think I’ll have fun with this. And it will get me out of the house so I’m not stuck inside during the cold and snowy winter months when I can’t go running and I have cabin fever. Plus, it does fall into the category of giving me experience in an area I’d eventually love to write about, so if nothing else, I can use this as training for a possible future opportunity, right? Right.

This is my "I just got hired" face!

As you can see, I’m pretty upbeat about the whole thing, though I admit, I was so used to being rejected and ignored that when they hired me, I was a bit shocked! In fact, I drove to the bank and then to Wal-mart totally hyped up and dazed, just wishing 5 o’clock would get here so I could tell Wyatt about it.

I’m super thankful for the opportunity and while I felt a little like I was “giving up” on my dreams of being a writer, I have realized I shouldn’t see it that way. Not only am I still doing the freelance work, I’m also going to keep looking for something more permanent and in my career field. I know I have a lot to learn and a lot to offer someone in the future. So I need to continue to seek that out while taking advantage of this opportunity right now.

(P.S. Did anyone notice how green my eyes look in that picture above? Wow. I thought they were turning a bit darker, but maybe not. And the flash doesn’t show the yellow, but trust me, the yellow sunflowers are there, just ask Hubs.)

Sorry for that aside.

So, because of this new job, Hubs beat me home from work today and had the oven all preheated for dinner (leftovers from this night. Yum) I have a feeling that if I’m not home during the day, we’ll need some adjustments. I’ll have to get used to doing more housework at night when Hubs is here, and Hubs will have to start doing more of that, too…If he wants clean underwear to put on every morning.

(I joke with him that the laundry fairy visits his dresser during the day to fill it up…but if the laundry fairy is busy at work, those visits might get fewer and far between!)

It’s not that I mind doing the housework, I really don’t. I like being able to serve our little family in that way. It’s my way of staying busy and “doing my part” since I’ve been home all day anyway. And I’m sure Hubs will have no problem doing more around here. After all, before we got married, he was used to doing all that for himself anyway. In fact, I’m actually kind of excited to settle into this newer pace in our relationship. I think it will feel more long-term, since the whole time I’ve been home has been a little like I’ve just been waiting for my “real” life to start. (Not that being a housewife hasn’t been “real” life, or won’t someday be my “real” life again, but as a newlywed with no kiddos, I’ve just been expecting to go to work someday. And that someday finally came.)

And, now that I’m home from work and dinner is done and Hubs is settled in on the couch, I think I’ll get up from my lap top, do the dish (yes, just one, aren’t leftovers nice?) and then make some hot tea, and find a new craft to do tonight. Anyone have suggestions for cheap, easy Christmas crafts you like to do?

Before I do that, though, I wanted to mention the chance to vote for me to win a Top Ten Marriage Blog Award over at Stupendous Marriage. It’s an honor to be nominated and I’m very grateful for all of the readers and support I’ve gotten since July. It really is great to belong to this blogging community of people committed to and interested in marriage, or just those that like to follow along with our adventures in figuring out married life.

So thanks for reading! And if you like it here (I hope you do!), I’d appreciate if you’d go vote! It’s pretty quick and easy. Just go here. and follow the instructions. Or click the little blue and green Top Ten Finalist button on the top right of the page. Thanks in advance!



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