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“N”ine o’clock bedtime…

Last night I was tired.

So, so tired.

I was tired because I’ve been a little sick.

I was tired because I ran a half marathon on Saturday.

I was tired because my body hurt… all over.

So I went to bed at 9:00.

Hubs and his brother stayed up to watch some show on the history channel. I didn’t care at all.

I went to bed.

I think it was the first night since we’ve been married, that we were staying in the same place, that we went to bed separate from each other.

I’ve been dreading that.

And I don’t really know why.

I know it isn’t a big deal if one of us is more tired than the other one. I just don’t want it to become a habit because I want us to learn how to adapt to each other’s sleep schedules and various needs.

But one night apart didn’t seem to hurt.

And you know what?

I’m probably going to go to bed early tonight, too.

I think Hubs is going to come with me tonight, though.

What about you? What makes you head to bed before dark? How tired do you have to be before you suck it up and admit to needing more sleep? Any secrets for feeling less sleepy during the day? What are your thoughts about separate bedtimes? 

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Time for us

Spending time together is a huge priority for Wyatt and I. We are happiest when we’re just being with each other, no matter what we’re actually doing.

Hubs was gone to New York City all last week. It was not fun.

Of course, we made it through just fine.

(Even though Hubs forgot the “phone routine” we used to do each night before bed. The first night, we were both waiting up for each other, getting tired, instead of just calling it a night and calling each other.

It turned out okay, though, because he’s home now.

I had to work Saturday, Sunday, and today and tonight. I’m ready for a break, ready for time for us to just be…us.

But, in the meantime, here’s a little list of things I missed about having Hubs gone.

1. The bed was cold. He’s like a personal heater I can cuddle with. I’m like an ice cube that makes him go crazy when I put his feet on his thighs.

2. I didn’t have anyone to talk to at night. When my parents came up to visit me on Wednesday, I chatted like a crazy person.

3. My toothbrush looked lonely.

Silly? Sure. But true!

4. Meals were boring and full of leftovers. I like to cook for him more than I like to cook for myself.

5. No one was around to get up and turn off the light or get me some water or check to make sure the door is locked if I forgot. Getting out of bed is not my favorite thing to do…

6. We missed “our shows” because of the time change and other varied reasons.

7. No one was there to hold my hand or let me lay my head on their shoulder while I watched TV. Plus, I like seeing his face when I talk to him. He has the best smile of anyone I know. He smiles with his whole face.

8. I had to fill up the Brita filter myself. It’s a small task he does for me every week.

9. I had to unload the dishwasher. It’s another one of his “chores” that he does because he knows I don’t like to.

10. We had to pray over the phone instead of in person. Again, I missed having him there to hold my hand.

All jokes aside, the extra chores were nothing compared to not having him here with me.

When we were going through pre-marital counseling, our good friend and mentor told us we would be surprised by how much time we needed to spend together. I can’t believe how how right that is! Even though we enjoy doing our own things, I think we’re both happiest when whatever we’re doing involves the other.

It makes me wonder when or if this will change. I know my parents have never spent 4 nights apart since they’ve been married. I asked her when she came up to visit me.

However, my in-laws travel for work a lot more often and have spent many more nights apart.

Both are strong marriages. It’s just a different dynamic. I guess it’s true that it’s all what you’re used to.

I’m not sure how Hubs and I will be in our marriage 20 years from now, or if we’ll ever get used to being apart, after we get used to being together!

But I think we deserve a little vacation if we get through this crazy spring!

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Friday’s Food for Thought: Way to go, Jim.

Last night, Hubs and I sat and watched the Office.

I wanted to post it but it’s not online yet, so here’s a brief description:

Jim is away on business. There’s a girl there that’s normal and fun and they hang out and get along. And at first it seems normal and fine. Until she shows up at his hotel room door saying the thermostat is her room is messed up and asking if she can hang out with him.

He does his best to keep his distance and get rid of her, but finally, he confronts her, saying he’s a happily married man. She insults his judgement and acts like he’s totally out of line for saying it. And then proceeds to be even more inappropriate.

And he finally tells her to leave, and gets Dwight to come drive her away.

As I watched, I couldn’t help but ask Wyatt what he would do if that happened.

He couldn’t help but laugh and laugh and laugh.

He assured me it would never, ever happen. But I pressed on, and we established that I would be totally fine if he went down to the lobby and reserved another room and locked her out of it. I wouldn’t care at all, no matter what it cost. Even if the only room available was the penthouse suite.

Marriage boundaries are something I’m super passionate about. Maybe because I’m old fashioned. Or maybe this never goes our of style…

Obviously, the show was a crazy example of something that will likely never happen in real life. But the principle is the same. Marriage is sacred and should be treated carefully and respected by all. If there’s a threat, it needs to be addressed.

And it’s not the first TV episode that’s inspired some good conversations. I may not like being lazy at night, but I enjoy any conversation that ends with laughter and smiles.

What do you think? Are there other examples that have inspired similar conversations in your marriage? I’d love to know your thoughts on this!

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What WE did for Valentine’s day…

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. Our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple.

There were no roses and no chocolates. No fancy dinner.

And that’s FINE.

Because Hubs and I never really celebrated Valentine’s Day that much when we were dating, and we figured there was no real reason to start now. Two years ago, I got him a vacuum for Valentine’s Day. We’re very nontraditional. And we’re trying to save money. And Hubs isn’t one for cheesy, silly gifts. I, on the other hand, like those stupid stuffed animals that sing and dance.

So instead of going out, we stayed in.

We decided we’d have a pajama party and have a “breakfast in bed” sort of theme. Wyatt made most of dinner because I worked late and had to drive home from Lenexa so I didn’t get home until almost 7.

Instead of dressing up, we changed into comfy clothes and enjoyed our night together.

First course: breakfast burritos.

Yum. Yum. Yum.

That was delicious, of course, but we didn’t stop there. We watched some TV, spent a little quality time together, and then…


Second course: chocolate chip pancakes and hot cocoa.

My favorite part of the dinner. Of course.

So much for trying to be extra healthy this week. However, we did really well with the burritos, (maybe not the bacon) and we’re all allowed to splurge on special occasions, right?

All in all, it was a great night. Except for the amount of Kleenex that we used.

Oh, no, I wasn’t crying.

(But thanks for asking. How nice of you!)

But I should also probably mention that Hubs is sick.

How romantic, huh?

So now I’m doctoring him all up.

And by that, I mean forcing him to take medicine and drink fluids. Cooking chicken noodle soup and letting him sleep and sleep and sleep. He’s even sleeping right now!

He didn’t go in to work today so he could stay home and sleep so I know he’s super miserable. I had to work today and went to the store after so I could restock all the “sick supplies.”

I even did the grocery shopping this week by myself which I don’t like to do because I hate having to push the cart, write down the prices on the list for our price matching spreadsheet, and figure out how to get around all the crazy people in the aisles blocking the entire space…


All in all, I loved our Valentine’s Day.

Yes, I’m sorry he’s sick. But I’m happy that he was able to stay home and get started getting better today. I’m also happy we stayed in last night.

The city restaurants would have been crazy anyway, andwe got to eat in our PJ’s. And it doens’t matter to me if we celebrate with chocolate and roses. It matters that we were together and we enjoyed our time. I’m so thankful for our marriage. He’s my sweetheart. For sure.

Our very casual, very perfect Valentine's Day!

You can’t get much better than that!

In fact, I think we’ll make it a tradition. Breakfast for dinner, early bed time, some romantic smelly-good-candle action at home in the comfort of our own bedroom, cozy blankets on the couch, cuddling…cough medicine.

Ok, so I won’t plan on repeating that last one…


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Five loads of laundry later…I had plenty of time to think about this…

I didn’t have to work today which was a huge blessing because I really needed to get motivated to get back into the swing of housework. Hubs and I had a great little staycation and restful couple of days over the long weekend and our apartment certainly showed evidence of the lazy nights we had spent at home enjoying the coziness of our couch instead of folding and hanging up clean clothes or sorting the mountain of mail on our coffee table.


But as important as it is to me to have our little apartment neat and clean, it’s more important to me to enjoy the time at home with my Hubs. I just had no idea how much I had gotten used to my time at home during the day during the months I wasn’t working!

Don’t get me wrong, I was bored at times and I got tired of sitting on our couch feeling worthless because no one would hire me. (Yes, I admit I had a few pity-party-like moments…) But, the truth of the matter is that I was able to really work on making and keeping our apartment like I wanted it to be.

I have a theory that I’m not very productive around the house at night because Wyatt and I dated long distance so long. When we hung out at either of our houses or apartments at night, we absolutely were not going to waste time doing anything but soaking up every minute we had together.  (We were so cute, right?)

I think that’s why I have trouble working around the house once Hubs gets home at night, (or now that I’m working, when I get home and he’s already there…). I also sometimes get annoyed when he plays video games or all we do is sit around and watch TV. We dated so long and saw each other only one or two nights a week, sometimes less than that, for several years, and we learned to do a good job of really focusing on each other in the time we had together. Now that we’re together so much more, it’s easier for Wyatt to relax and just chill out, not necessarily doing “date-like” activities.

And that’s fine.

Really it is.


We don’t have to have a date-like activity to do every night. (However, continuing to date each other is a key aspect in marriage, I believe, and one to not overlook, no matter how busy life may get!) And yes, “QT” will always be something that’s important to me, and us. I’m just learning to see it a bit differently.

I need to learn to appreciate the time we have together doing everyday things like folding laundry and washing dishes and watching American Guns on TV as much as I appreciate the time we have to do other, more date-like things. I can’t always just focus on why we don’t have “QT” (Quality time) as much as we used to.

The fact of the matter is that we DO have as much QT. More even! We have QT every day when we greet each other after work, every night when we’re holding each other tightly before bed, every morning when we’re struggling to open our eyes and get out of bed, every time I lay my head on his shoulder and close my eyes because I’m a bit bored by whatever show we happen to be watching on TV.

I sometimes just have a hard time seeing these moments as quality time when I’m too busy pouting because we aren’t playing a game or going out to a really nice dinner or having a long heart-to-heart conversation or sitting silently staring into each others’ eyes for hours on end…

..Okay, I don’t really want us to do that last thing…I got a bit carried away there.

But you know what I’m trying to say, right?

I just need to do a better job of seeing things his way…in this instance. At least sometimes. Wyatt is so wise, isn’t he?

What about you? Is this something you understand and can relate to? How can I work to overcome the disconnect I sometimes feel when my idea of QT isn’t the same as Hubs’s?

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Stealing things is a lot different than stealing joy

Friday night was not a great night here in newlywedville. (Yes, I know that’s not a real word, or a real place.)

Just to give you some background information, neither Hubs nor I owned a credit card before we got married. In fact, we had a slight panic before the wedding when we were trying to make honeymoon arrangements and needed one to reserve hotel rooms. We got that all worked out and use it pretty much only to buy gas or large grocery shopping trips just for the cash back. We try to be responsible and pay it off every month and until Friday, we had no problems.

But, Friday night while checking the balance to pay it off, Hubs discovered a $900+ charge to an online golf warehouse. While he would like a new set of golf clubs, these certainly weren’t purchased by us. So we had to deal with that. Luckily, we won’t be responsible for the payment, but it’s still a hassle.

Then, Saturday morning when he was getting ready to leave, Wyatt discovered his car had been broken into. They threw a rock or something through the window and stole the radio and his MP3 player. Keep in mind, people, that his car is a ’90 Honda accord, and his radio and Zune were at least 5-7 years old, maybe even 10, I’d guess.

So we had a pretty eventful weekend, all things considered. It’s a weird feeling to be stolen from. Not only do you feel angry and frustrated at everything you have to deal with, there’s also a sense of violation that comes into play. Someone was in your space, touching and taking your things. It makes my skin crawl a bit. And then there’s the loss. We’re not rich, we don’t have a lot, and while a radio and music player aren’t necessities, we’ll certainly feel their absence. We’ve both reached for the radio knob while driving several times. And we’ll have to pay to get the window fixed.

We also had to pay for the plastic to cover the broken window. (Yes, we’re reppin’ the plastic taped to the window. I hesitate to say “white trash” for fear of offending anyone in a similar situation, but let’s just say we felt a bit conspicuous driving around in nicer neighborhoods this weekend.)

So why can I honestly say we still had a good weekend, despite all this craziness?

Well, because we did our best to deal with each situation and we moved on. Yes, Hubs was REALLY mad when he discovered the car window broken and everything gone, and yes, I could see the anger and annoyance and even hurt in his eyes when he was on the phone with the credit card company. But when we sat down together at the end of the day on Saturday night after dealing with all this, we were both relaxed and smiling.

Of course, that could have also had something to do with our decorated tree and the couple of beers we’d enjoyed. Oh, and the holiday cheer that came from watching Rudolph on TV. Can you believe Hubs had NEVER seen it before? NEVER? I was amazed and amused as he got a kick out of the name “Yukon Cornelius.”

The beginning of the good part of this weekend.

Yes, I know you’ve seen that post if you follow me on Twitter. Want to follow me on twitter? Sounds like a good plan to me! Go here.

So, what did I learn this weekend? Lots of things.

1. Locking your doors is important, but not ALWAYS helpful. If someone wants in, they’ll get in. Also, I’m thankful my car has an alarm system that tends to go off at random times that I’m usually annoyed by. At least there’s a chance it would go off in a case like this…

2. I’m thankful for our neighbors down below who happened to see a guy lurking around cars checking the doors a night last week while he was standing on his deck smoking. No, it didn’t stop us from having to deal with this, but it might have stopped us from having to deal with it on a weekday when Hubs would have needed to go to work, and it might have stopped us from having to deal with it twice. Who knows? Either way, I’m glad to know he’s watching out when he’s out there.

3. I so admire that Wyatt tries so hard to control his emotions around me and that he’s successful at these attempts. I’ve seen him get very angry before (never at me), but I was a bit intimidated to see that fire in his eyes anytime it would happen. Every year we’ve been together, I’ve seen him grow and mature in the way he deals with things that anger and upset him. Yes, he was justified in being upset, but I’m so thankful to never have to be concerned about my safety or the probability of him busting his fist through a wall and I respect and admire the way he works through problems instead of blowing up.

4. No matter how safe our apartment feels or how much I like the area of the city we live in, it’s still the city and there are still reasons to not roll my eyes when my mom says to be careful up here. I should never be casual about my surroundings.

5. Being married to a man I trust is so comforting. He’s not only my best friend and our family’s provider, he’s also my protector. And falling asleep in his arms is exactly where I want to end every night. Reason # 163 why Husband roommates are the best.

6. Christmas festivities really do make my heart happy. And like the expression says, “Happy wife, happy life.” When I was excited about decorating our tree, Hubs was grinning and playing along as well.  It’s our first Christmas as husband and wife, and our tree is beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that I admit to shedding a few tears. But when I had tears in my eyes on Saturday night, it was for a totally different reason than the tears that fell Friday night.

What’s that? You want to see our tree all dolled up?

You’ll have to check back and see it tomorrow!


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Awesome wife, awesome life

Hubs said that to me on Friday night when we got home from an evening out.

I laughed and asked him if he really thought I was awesome.

He, of course, said yes. (what else can he say to a question like that?)

And then I asked if he really thought our life was awesome.

Again, he said yes, and compared his little saying to the more known, “Happy wife, happy life.”

I know it was a silly comment, but it still made me smile. After all, who doesn’t like being called “awesome?”

But it also got me thinking, as most things do.

Am I an awesome wife?

I think I have my moments…both good and bad.

For instance, I get up and make Wyatt’s lunch every day. For the past 4 days, I’ve also made breakfast. On Saturday I even got up early (well, earlier than Wyatt) and ran to the store to buy sausage because Wyatt had said the night before that biscuits and gravy sounded good…and we didn’t have any. Then I made breakfast and got Wyatt up at 10 so he could watch the show he likes. (Yes, my 23-year-old husband still gets up to watch a certain cartoon on Saturday, and yes, I love him for it.)

But on the other hand, I’m not so great at bedtime. I tend to talk as we lay in bed, keeping him up longer than he’d like to be. Usually, the sleepier he gets, the more quiet he gets, and since I’m not tired, I get annoyed. And then he falls asleep and I get grumpy. And then I sigh and roll over and huff and puff, and he tends to wake up. Not such a great wifely moment there.

And I’m also a bit slow getting ready, and a bit messy. (Ok, more than a bit on both of those things, though I do clean up the apartment daily.)

I sometimes make him go for walks with me even though I know he doesn’t like to walk or run “for no reason,” and I tend to want him to “entertain” me when he gets home work since I’m usually ready for some interaction by that point. (I try hard to let him just relax and eat dinner and watch TV, but sometimes, I can’t always contain myself.)

I also tend to ask him to do chores I don’t like to do, like unload the dishwasher.

But I guess the main question is what makes a good wife, or an awesome wife. And I’m not sure. Before we got married, I had this huge hunger to learn to be a good wife. And while I still don’t know exactly what to do and not do, I think I’m doing a pretty good job of figuring out my role. Still, I’m not sure what makes the difference between being a good wife and an awesome wife. I mean, in life and school, I was never one to settle for “just good.” I strived to be the best I could at whatever I did.

I haven’t really thought about if I could be doing more as a wife. I was just concerned with doing regular “wife things,” and being a wife at all, to worry about being the best wife I can be. And it’s not that I think I’m doing a bad job, I’m just re-evaluating whether I’m doing a good job or a great job.

I guess I’m talking about attitude and motivation. (Aren’t those always the things to work on?)

What about you? Do you try to be the best wife you can? What does that look like? Have you found your husband knows when you are trying “harder?”  Does he respond accordingly?

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Is it Sunday? Because I’m feeling salty…

I’m not always the easiest person to be around on Sunday afternoons and evenings. I know, I know, it’s a big shocker that I get moody sometimes…(just kidding.)

Anyway, not that I want to blame it on anything, but I’m going to blame it on something.

On Sunday nights, Wyatt likes to go to bed early to get ready for the work week. That’s fine. I get that. I like going to bed early, too, because I’m usually tired from all the weekend fun and festivities. But he at least has something to do the next morning. I have another whole week of looking for a job to look forward to. Yay!


And for some reason, I tend to have emotional eating issues in reverse of what normal people have. I don’t like to eat when I’m unhappy (maybe because to me, good food=happiness). And if I don’t want to eat when I’m unhappy, I also don’t want to cook when I’m unhappy. Which can cause some issues when there’s no more leftovers and it’s dinner time.

So on Sunday, after pouting while Hubs relaxed on the couch watching football and boring movies (i.e. “Boy movies,” and not even good ones…) I tried to get my sunshine fix by sitting on our balcony and reading a magazine. But there was no sun on our shady little deck, and my body craved movement. So I laced up my shoes and grabbed a hat to take a long walk. And surprisingly, Wyatt joined me!

I didn’t even have to beg him!

Although he did complain quite a bit as we were walking.

I'm not sure how he can NOT be excited about these colors and great weather!

But while we were out there, I was happy, happy, happy. And despite his complaining, we walked all the way to Hyvee (about a 2.5 mile round trip) and had a pretty good time. (Having things within walking distance is a fun perk of living in the city!)

And then when we came back inside and he immediately turned the TV back on, I immediately got salty again. Dangit.

So I took a long, hot shower. That usually makes me feel better.

And it worked, so I was inspired enough to start dinner: mashed potatoes and my mom’s meatloaf recipe, crescent rolls, and steamed asparagus. Yum.

But when I was peeling the potatoes, I remembered how much I hate peeling potatoes, and I ended up dropping one down the garbage disposal (slippery little buggers!) and getting super frustrated all over again.

Poor Wyatt was at a loss as to what to do. He asked what was wrong, I tried to tell him, but failed on one level and refused on another, because I knew he would be his usual stubborn and sweet self and immediately try to fix the problem, which would solve one problem and create another. Because I respect that he should be able to watch what he wants, but what he wants to watch makes me angry.

So I steamed silently while prepping the meatloaf and potatoes, as the loud violence played on, and when I got the pan into the oven, I set the timer, grabbed my laptop, and headed to the bedroom to escape the movie in the living room.

And like any good newlywed husband, Wyatt soon came in after me.

(insert “aw’s” and happy sighs here)

He said it was crazy for me to be in there, and I explained that I just didn’t want to watch what he was watching, but that it was fine and fair for him to want to watch that…and he, of course, said he would switch to something else, something I would want to watch. Which, if I’m being totally honest, is what I wanted, and not what I wanted.

But we made it through the night, we made it to dinner (it was yummy) and we made it to bed at a reasonable hour and with smiles on our faces.

I guess we’re doing something right…

P.S. Hubs and I were featured on another newlywed blog this week. Check out and leave some love for another great marriage resource!

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For a minute there, I thought I was bored…Weekend Recap

First of all, I took the weekend off from blogging, and most technology in general, if you haven’t already noticed. (And I’m sure you have.)

Second of all, I’ve come to realize that Wyatt and I need those times where we simply chill out and do pretty much nothing for a couple of days. That is the brilliant bliss of a great low-key weekend.

Now, I also need to be honest with everyone and admit that this is not a realization I’ve come to quickly or calmly. In fact, I’ve wasted many a weekend nights just pouting away because we weren’t doing “anything.”

I’m a busy person. I like to go places and do stuff. I like to be out and about. And Wyatt likes those things too, but he’s also happy to just chill out.

I guess I’m just so used to the mindset I had when we were dating, that we needed to take advantage of everything we could possibly squeeze into the short time we had together. And back then (how cool is it to say “back then” about dating?) we really didn’t have very much time together. Since we were in a long-distance relationship for so long, we usually had only one night a week together, maybe two if we were lucky, and that wasn’t enough time to just “waste” by sitting around on the couch watching a bad movie or stupid TV show.

But, hello! We’re married now. We’re together all the time!

(Well, not all the time, because during the day, he’s at work. Man, I wish I was at work, at least some of the time!)

And last night, after I was a bit pouty for the middle of the afternoon, Wyatt somehow managed to snap me out of it, and we ended up having a great time “doing nothing” on the couch all night. We treated ourselves, or rather I suggested Wyatt treat himself, to Taco Bell since he’s been dying to get his hands on a double XL chalupa. And then later, we had cake, of course, since I’ve been baking like crazy lately.

And we switched back and forth from watching Halloween Wars on Food network and the Cardinals game (World Series, woohoo!).

And you know what? I was happy, really happy, to just sit and “do nothing.”

Maybe it’s because I’m realizing that it’s not really “doing nothing” when we’re doing it together. Because I guess anything can be considered quality time, right? Especially now that I’m sure we’ll have another super busy weekend coming up before we know it. Maybe it’s because I’m finally getting used to the idea that we’re married and I can calm down and stop trying to cram a week full of fun stuff into one night of our weekend.

Anyway, now that I think about it, I think maybe I’m just a bit crazy about the whole thing anyway. Because we really did quite a bit this weekend. (It makes me wonder why on earth I get bent out of shape when Wyatt wants to just sit and watch TV! But hey, I guess it helps that I know I have a problem, right? Admitting is the first step of healing?)

So just to fill you in, I’ll give you a brief update of what went down with us this weekend. And then you tell me if I’m obsessive about my weekends? (Ok, I know I am, but you can offer advice as to how to get me to chill out?

So, Friday:

  • Wyatt got home from work, I made tater tot casserole. We watched FRIENDS, ate cake, did a little garage sale planning, and then went to bed early (we’re newlyweds, after all!).
  • I got up and made waffles, bacon, coffee, and hot tea. Wyatt managed to drag himself out of bed to eat with me, and we watched some cartoons. (His choice.)
  • We got dressed, got out, and went garage saling. (sailing?) We went to probably at least 10-12 different houses, spent $10.25, and got 10 books (mostly hardbacks!), a gift for a friend, a Christmas gift, and something for our Halloween costumes. Score! I love how much it feels like a treasure hunt, from looking around for signs and houses, to sorting through all the ridiculous crap people put out for sale, I love it all!
  • We came home and had leftover tater tot casserole. Yum.
  • Wyatt cleaned the dirty spots on our carpet from before we had the rug outside the door.
  • I baked cupcakes and cookies while we watched the soccer game! Sporting KC is in the playoffs! (An extra yay for both of our teams doing well!)
  • We left for a friend’s house to celebrate the game with a bonfire and chili night with people we don’t see nearly as often as we’d like. All in all, a great day.
  • We got up early and visited my Aunt and Uncle’s church. (We’re still looking for a church “home.”) It was good to see them, of course, and meet some new people there. It was a nice, refreshing morning.
  • Came home and cleaned the floors and counter tops, as well as finished picking up the laundry we’d been folding and putting away. I also scrubbed those little metal dish things that go under the burners on our stove. Wyatt was playing video games for this part of the day.
  • Wyatt’s parents and grandparents came to visit us on their way home from their vacation. It was fun for them to get to see our apartment and hear about their trip. (They went to an auction and saw a bull sell for $50,000!)
  • Wyatt and I ate the last of the tater tot casserole, good thing we love that stuff, and went shopping. He bought the gifts for his secret “boo pal” at work (the Halloween version of secret Santa) and a new pair of jeans. We also got a few groceries, and the previously mentioned Taco Bell.
  • We ate cake and watched the Cardinals dominate the Brewers to get in the World Series and some pretty awesome pumpkin carving on Food network before heading to bed.
After all that, you’d probably think I’m crazy to think we didn’t do enough this weekend. And actually, I would, too.
Good grief!
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“Would you let me go to space?”

This post is proof that in marriage, an in-depth conversation or potential argument can come from anywhere.

Last night as we were sitting in our living room watching TV, we were switching back and forth from watching my beloved Cardinals and The Big Bang Theory. (We don’t watch it because we believe that’s the way the universe began, we watch it because we both enjoy the awkward comedy from the socially uncomfortable scientists.)

Anyway, on this particular episode, Howard gets invited to go into space, but his girlfriend (or is it is fiance? I’ve lost track) gets scared, freaks out, and tells him he can’t go. At the next commercial break, Wyatt turns to me and asks, seemingly innocent enough, “Would you let me go to space?”




Clearly, I didn’t know what to say. Because at a moment like this, it’s a toss-up between wanting to be the excited wife who supports her husband in his dreams and quirks, and being the practical wife that knows how dangerous it would be so she says, “heck no!” and ends the conversation while crushing his hopes and dreams.

Hence my response:

“Well, I guess it would depend on why you wanted to, why you were given the opportunity, and how it was all going to work out, but overall, I’d have to lean toward…no.”

His eyes widened in surprise, (or was it mock surprise?) because let’s face it, this was a test and we both knew it. And he knows me well enough to know that was probably going to be my response.

So we talked about it some more.

And of course, I presented my fears about how dangerous it was, and his eyes glowed with how awesome it would be. (I agree, can you image the crazy, out-of-this-world view? Ok, bad pun, but still…)

At one point, he said, “How many people get to go to space?”

To which I responded, “Not that many, that’s why the percentage of those that don’t come back is so big!”

He even laughingly suggested we both go to space, so if anything happens, we’d go together! And while I’m all for Shakespeare, that doesn’t mean I want a dramatic Romeo and Juliet twist to our love story.

Now, of course, this was all in good fun. It isn’t like space travel has been a long-time dream of his, and we both know he isn’t likely to get invited to go to space any time soon, or ever, even. But there are other ways this type of situation can be presented, and it comes down to the question of whether the call of adventure or the reins of reality win out.

Don’t get me wrong, I like adventure. I was VERY tempted to go skydiving last Fall with coworkers from Missouri Life magazine. But in the end, I decided I just wasn’t ready to take that jump.

I mean, there’s danger in every situation. I’m well aware. I fell down at college once while I was running and still have the scars from the sidewalk to prove it. I had a car accident when I was sixteen and rolled my little SUV two and a half times.

But that doesn’t mean I’m going to seek out dangerous situations. In fact, I think those things make me want to do the opposite. That’s one reason I have such respect and admiration for military, firefighter, and law enforcement families. It’s a scary world out there. How do you find the balance between finding adventures and staying safe?

What do you think? Are there things you’re afraid to do? What about things you’re afraid for your loved ones to do? How can a wife be supportive and level-headed when confronted with a real-life situation like our TV-inspired scenario?

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