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“M”LS…and running

This morning I ran the half marathon I’ve been training for.

I was worried about rain but the weather was great!

A little humid in miles 1-3 but I settled in and we had a great day.

I have been sick all week so I was worried about how I would hold up but it was actually a great run!

sure, I’m sore now, but I also feel proud and strong and happy.

Plus, I got to spend time with my friend jill, who came up from springfield to run it, too.

And now we’re tailgating… in the rain… (Well, I’m in the car blogging on my phone while the boys stand out in the rain…) before the sporting kc game.

We sure do love soccer!

I love seeing him so passionate. It’s part of why I fell in love with him. It’s why I’ve liked soccer since I first saw him play…and first saw him run across the field to dive in a giant mud puddle after a rainy soccer game.

I think Hubs likes seeing me passionate, too.

That’s why his face lit up when I surprised him by making it to the finish line this morning about 10 minutes before he expected me to. And why he got so excited when I was smiling and waving at him.

It’s awesome to have someone to be passionate with. To have adventures with.

Well, I’m off to go have fun in the rain. Let’s go SKC!

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“G”ame day!

Today was a Sporting KC game. (Woo hoo!) And they won! (Wooooo hooo!) But I wasn’t there.

I was in Sedalia with friends finishing up a super awesome bachelorette party with friends. And working in the rain for my Aunt’s landscaping business.

But Hubs was there, and having a grand time!

He’s rubbed off on me quite a bit. (I’ve noticed that happens a lot now that we’re married.) And I’m pretty excited about soccer now.

Want an example of how excited?

I got a text yesterday from a friend that said I was the first choice for an alternate for a friend’s indoor soccer team and it made me so proud, I shared it with everyone in the room with me.

And I checked twitter every few minutes during the game to make sure I didn’t miss any changes in the score of the game today.

It’s official. I’m a real fan now.

I’d never played a game of soccer in my life until this fall. I’d certainly never been a real soccer game.

I’d been a fan of the game for longer than that, though. After all, Hubs played in high school, which meant I watched as many games as I could. I even learned what “offside” meant and how to watch for it. (That’s a tough one, trust me.)

What happens next? Blue Royals t-shirts in my closet to match my red Cardinals ones?


I wouldn’t be mad about that.

It doesn’t mean I love my first loves any less. I have lots of love to go around.

There’s room in my heart and my head for another team, I think. Cards, Sporting KC, Royals…the more the merrier, right?

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Our weekend…a food photo story.

This weekend, was busy.

So, instead of giving you a play-by-play of everything we did, I figured I’d give you a little bit to drool over and tell our weekend story through photos of food. With some other awesome stuff mixed in as well.

And actually, I’m going to start our “weekend” food photos with something we made and ate on Tuesday. Tuna patties. And fried potatoes. It was perfect and light before our volleyball game, after which we went to Applebee’s for half-price apps with friends.

I've never made these before and didn't use a recipe. They aren't exactly what I would do again, flavorings -wize, but it was still yummy.

Then, on Friday night, our weekend officially started with this meal on our little patio deck.

Tuna with lemon sauce, vegetables with potatoes, and corn bread. Hubs made this whole meal himself as a surprise for me.

After that we hung around the apartment and put away laundry, watched some TV, and spent a little QT together. We’re wild ad crazy newlyweds, can you tell?

Oh, and I made this for dessert.

It's strawberry salsa with homemade cinnamon chips. I got the idea from Liz's mom, who made it for the bridal shower last weekend. Super yummy.

Want my “recipe”? Check it out here.

On Saturday morning, I had to go to work, but only for a few hours because then it was time for the soccer game! (Whoo hoo Sporting Kansas City!)

We were blessed with special seats to this home opener because Wyatt was given tickets to the executive suite from his job because of the work he did in New York. (Remember when he was gone for a week and I hated it? Well, I guess there was some unseen good that came of it later!)

The view from the sweet suite we got to watch the game from. (See what I did there? Aren't homophones fun?!)

We were excited to see the food offerings, especially since it was all-inclusive. Free food and drink!

Super delicious free food. Those potatoes were the bomb. And yes, those are cloth napkins and real a soccer game. Fancy-smancy indeed!

And the drinks were great, too!

A frosty, glass(!) glass of boulevard wheat with lemon while enjoying a great game? Don't mind if I do!

I wish I’d taken a picture of the four chocolate chunk cookies I indulged in, but I was too busy shoving them into my mouth. Sorry.

Needless to say, on Sunday morning, after all the rambunctiousness of Saturday night, we slept in and got up to make brunch before I had to go to work at noon.

Wyatt made waffles, and I made more of the strawberry dip from Friday night to put on them. Super yummy.  It made me not-at-all-grumpy for work that day, which is not usually how I leave for job#1.

I would recommend this to anyone on the day after a night of eating, drinking, yelling, laughing, and celebrating a great win.

Too bad we couldn’t share with the boys we drove to and from the game. They probably could have used a good morning meal to help cure the ails of evidence of all the fun they had the entire day before. It was St. Patty’s Day, after all, and they celebrated it up right!

Then, on Sunday evening when I got home from work, only slightly grouchy, we went for a long drive to begin our house-hunting process. We explored potential neighborhoods and worked up an appetite.

We went out to dinner, as we sometimes do on Sunday nights, and I didn’t take a picture of our “just okay” meals from the restaurant.

But the good food continued to tonight, which I know isn’t really the weekend anymore, but is still worth mentioning I think.

Baked zucchini, garlic mashed potatoes, and cube steak. (My family knows what that you? Or is that a code name we use for something everybody else calls by another name?)

All in all, a great weekend of outdoor time (it was so nice out!), good food, friends, and fun.

P.S. If you’ve seen ads at the bottom on this blog, please know that I didn’t put them there. I guess WordPress decided I have enough traffic they could make some money off of my blog. It only shows up on a few posts and for those without a WordPress account. Please know that I do not endorse anything that is put there, nor am I getting paid for it. I’m currently looking into a way to get this resolved (including buying my own domain–exciting times!) Thanks for understanding!

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Thanks, coach!

It’s warm outside again, which means soccer nights have started back up.

Tonight was the first game (and by game, I mean a pick-up game of whoever shows up) of the year and I was excited all day.

(Not so excited that I skipped my long run today. I did 7 miles!)

But when we got there, I got a little nervous. I’m such a newbie to soccer. I’ve only been playing for a few months, since we got married really, and I’m not very good.

Ok, I’m pretty bad.

But I could be worse.

And I’m getting better!

Slowly, but still…

I was afraid that all the improvements I made during the Fall would be long gone now.

I’d love to say that I’m always appreciative when Hubs has soccer tips and advice to share. That I always listen and try my hardest to do what he says. That I’m thankful he notices when I do something I could have done better…

But it’s not always like that.

Sometimes my pride gets in the way and I think he’s out of line to tell me something I could do better when I’ve only been playing for a few months and he’s played for years and years.

Sometimes my feelings get hurt because I want him to just notice that I tried to do something well, not notice why my intentions didn’t work and try to help me learn why.

Sometimes I’m just embarrassed.

But usually, most of the time, I’m truly thankful for his interest and advice.

It wasn’t an easy journey to this place though.

I’m a prideful being. I’ve had success in my life in many different areas and it’s hard for me to admit when I’m really terrible at something.

Plus, I’m competitive. I don’t like to be the worst at something. Especially when Hubs is so good!

It’s not that I think I will get better on my own, or that I don’t want to get better. It’s that I need to admit that I need help.

It’s hard to say we need help. And even though a spouse is someone especially close, it doesn’t make it any easier to accept our short-comings. In fact, I think it makes it harder. We never want to admit to being faulted, wrong, or needy to the one person who most inspires us to be better, stronger, and more appealing. At least that’s how it is for me.

know that he wants me to have a good time, and he knows I’ll have a better time if I’m having some good moments mixed in with all my not so good ones.

know that he has tips that will help me, and that if I listen to him, I’ll get better.

know that he doesn’t ever mean to upset me with anything he says.

And with practice, and a humble heart, I’ve learned to accept these truths, no matter how grumpy I get when I miss a ball or pass to the other team or fail in my attempt to “cradle it like an egg.”

So I’m thankful for his help.

Really, I am.

And I look forward to those few “Good ball, honey!” moments throughout the night.

Here’s to a summer of soccer!

What about you? What struggles do you have with being humble? How do you overcome it?

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Salty and sweet…and maybe a nap…

After the very, very long day I had today, I was a bit salty, and I came home and hurt Hubs’s feelings.


That’s not what I wanted to do.

It’s times like that when I wish I had a “do over” button.

But I don’t, so let’s start at the beginning.

And let’s just say that day 2 at work wasn’t super great. I know there’s a learning curve and it takes time to get settled in. But I came home in a semi-sour mood. Hubs was on the couch, headphones on, and knee-deep in COD. I immediately set to work in the kitchen getting dinner ready.

I didn’t mean to make him feel bad for not starting dinner.

I just needed something to do, something to relax me, something to put something delicious in my mouth…

But he thought I was huffing and puffing about not having dinner ready. I was just huffing because of my own stuff, though I admit that I wasn’t super happy to come home to fake gunfire. (He had the headphones on but forgot to turn the TV on mute, so sound was coming out of it as well.)

Not a great start to our night.

We made up and got dinner ready together pretty quickly though, (chicken, rice, and zucchini) and moved on. I settled into the couch with a blanket, a pot of tea, and my headphones to listen to an interview and write my freelance piece. Hubs was watching a marathon of “Hillbilly Handfishing,” a show about noodling.

And so we both settled into our night. Now, I’m already tired and ready for bed.

Which is normally fine, because this is Hubs’s (our) bedtime. But tonight he has a soccer game at 11:50.

Yes, 11:50.

As in, his game is practically at midnight.

Also as in, it won’t be over until tomorrow.


Of course I want to go with him. I like to watch him play. It might be the last game. I don’t want to go to bed without him. We’re newlyweds, so all those things have a lot of pull.

However, I got up at 6 a.m. for work this morning. And I’ll be up at 6 a.m. tomorrow. So I’m just not sure how great of an idea this will be.

But, despite the long day, despite our little fight when I got home, despite the late late late soccer game, this is cheering me up a bit…

It's half the fat and calories mint chip ice cream, so I feel less guilty about the hot fudge. A little less guilty.

At this point, I’m still undecided on the soccer game. I’ll let you know.

Maybe I’ll go take a nap and decide later.

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When did I sign up to play soccer in the cold?

When I met Wyatt, I knew he loved soccer. When I got to know Wyatt, I realized, he really loved soccer. That’s great. I love to see him get excited and I love watching him run around in his element.

But when I married Wyatt? I think that meant that I was automatically entering myself into the soccer club, too. I should have received an ” I heart soccer” shirt after making it back up the aisle at the wedding.

(Just kidding.)

But seriously.

I’d never played soccer before I married Wyatt, unless you count this one time at recess when I landed square on my rear in the middle of the field. I’ve watched a lot of soccer. (Wyatt played, after all.) And I honestly and truly enjoy watching soccer. (Go Sporting KC!) But I’m terrible at playing soccer. Really.

And now? I play soccer every Thursday night with a bunch of guys (and 1 other girl!), most of whom I don’t even know their name. And they are all WAY better than me. And it’s cold out there. And anyone who knows me at all knows I don’t like the cold.

But it’s fine, because I usually have fun just running around trying to do more decent things than bad. I own soccer cleats now. And I am getting better. Very slowly, but still. Better is good, right?

So, here I am, all bundled up and waiting to go play a sport that I’m terrible at, in the cold with my husband.

Is that love?

I think so.

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I can make meatballs! (And manage to not be a total dummy at soccer.)

After a pretty bad week last week, my goal this week has been to just be positive and try to enjoy the time I have right now to try new things.

Despite the fact that I complain about being bored, I also enjoy the time to cook. I really enjoy creating new recipes and tweaking ones from all my new cookbooks. And I’ve made a lot of delicious dishes and really improved my grating, slicing, chopping, peeling, steaming, and searing skills.

My mom certainly makes some great meals, and she has all sorts of recipes that my family considers favorites. But she didn’t do a ton of “from scratch” cooking. Which is fine, because the creativity that comes with taking some pre-made ingredients and combining them with special touches is a huge influence on my cooking.

(Ask Wyatt, he knows how creative I am with the idea of a “semi-homemade” meal.)

So I was pretty proud of myself for deciding to tackle the homemade meatballs we had on Wednesday.

I know, I know, it doesn’t sound that hard. But to someone who has always eaten pre-made meatballs with homemade sauce, it was a big undertaking.

So, I thawed the hamburger and found a recipe.

And dug in with both hands. (It was my first time feeling that distinctive raw-egg-and-raw-hamburger-squish. And as expected, it was equally fun and gross.)

About twenty minutes later, I had a full pan of meatballs, all sauced up and ready for cooking.

Ready to pop in the oven! My hands were a huge mess right about now.
After I got those in the oven, I got ready to slice, bread, and fry the eggplant. Yum. (I think I may love eggplant an unusual amount.) Still though, last time Wyatt was home in time to help me with this process, as it’s hard to do all on your own. Between keeping an eye on the ones in the pan and getting the next ones ready to put in the pan, and the sticky cracker-and-egg-mush-mess that tends to build up on my fingers, it was a challenge. I was also trying not to over cook the steamed vegetables on the back burner of the stove at this time.)
But I made it, and by the time I was done, I had a huge mess!

It's a good thing we have a small kitchen, because I always manage to make a mess of all the cabinet space!

 And Wyatt seemed to like the end result. (I liked it as well. I’d for sure tweak the sauce if I was going to make this recipe again, but overall, it was a success.) (He even brought leftovers to work the next day, and shared with some coworkers, and since they approved, too, I’d say it was an absolute success.)

My first meatballs!

And don’t forget the eggplant! An important part of the meal.

I ate way more than 2 pieces of eggplant, this is just the first helping. Maybe not the healthiest meal ever, but the vegetables count for something, right?

So, all in all, despite the number of dirty dishes I had to wash later, it was a good meal. And we used up the eggplant. So, that’s good. I hate wasting fresh vegetables.

Last night we had soccer, which went better than last week.
(Despite the run-in I had with the Brita pitcher before we left that left water ALL OVER the inside of the fridge. Man, I hate that thing.)
 I still feel like a total goof most of the time and wonder how those guys can be THAT much faster than me, but I managed to have a few good passes and some other non-sucky stuff like that.
And Thursday nights are usually Wyatt’s night to cook because he lets me take the first shower when we get home. (He knows me well–when it’s chilly outside and I’ve been running around in shorts, that’s the fastest way to make me feel better. There’s just something magical about a super hot shower.)
We had hot dogs and macaroni and cheese. Cheap, fun, and though I could take or leave hot dogs, I had more than my share of the macaroni.
All in all, this Thursday night was WAY better than last Thursday. (More about that later, I’m still sorting out my feelings about why last week was so hard…)
And I’m ready to head into the weekend, which is turning into a much busier time than we expected. But, other than the time I’m here during the day, life tends to do that, right?
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