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We Resolve…Newlywed Style

As we’re laying in bed the other night, Hubs asks me, “So, what are your New Year’s resolutions?”

I don’t usually make resolutions because I don’t like to set myself up for failure and sometimes I think that resolutions are only made to be broken. Plus, when I want to make a change in my life, I don’t like to wait until New Years.

However, after reading Ali’s resolutions from 2011 in my favorite running blog, I realized I didn’t have to make life-changing goals that are vague and basically obsolete…I can make a bucket list of sorts, for the year, of individual goals and specific, tangible things I want to do or see. Sure, I can also have some more vague ideas of things I know I struggle with and need to work on, but as a rule, this year, since I’m going to be publishing this list to the world, I’d like to make sure they are things that are easily measured and recorded as whether or not we’ve accomplished them.

Also, since it’s the first full year Hubs and I will be spending together, I thought we should make our resolutions together. We are a team, after all, and most of our resolutions will involve each other anyway, right?

Ok, so here goes, our Newlywed Resolutions 2012:

1. Take a weekly walk together. Every week. Hubs hates to go on walks, so this will be tougher for him than me.

Our first annual New Year's Eve walk...and our first weekly walk! (In December, and yes, we're not wearing coats. In fact, Hubs is wearing shorts!)

2. Vacuum more. This should be easier with my new Oreck!

3. Work on portion control at meals, even when eating out and dishing up bowls of ice cream…we both need to work on this, as we both love to eat and can get carried away easily.

Yes, I love fried eggplant, but no, Hubs and I shouldn't have eaten this whole plate by ourselves...

4. Buy a house. I realize this is a tough one, but it’s top on Hubs’ list. Wish us luck!

5. Write at least five things that are just for me. I can worry about what to use them for later, if anything.

6. Run more races. I’d love to do another half…maybe a full 26.2? I’m young now, and my knees and ankles and hips will only get worse, right? I only ran 1 or 2 in 2011, and they were fun, so I’m ready for more.

7. Finish reading 8 books that I ALREADY own and have squished into our bookshelf. I’m terrible about buying new books instead of reading ones I already own but haven’t read.

See? It's full.

8. Use more coupons and take advantage of price matching. I also need to do a better job of keeping track of how much we spend and save.

9. Find a church home where we really feel connected to. I miss the fellowship I’ve been so used to my whole life. We need to be surrounded by people encouraging us in our walk.

Going to Myrtle Beach to do beach ministry with these people was an awesome time. I miss this family!

10. Go on another road trip. There’s something so special about traveling with the one you love, and we love the sense of exploring that comes with driving around on our own. Our honeymoon was some of the most fun we’ve ever had and we’re committed to doing this together again as often as we can.

Honeymoon road trip stop #4: Chicago!

I obviously could think of MANY other goals we have, things like being committed to saving money and being good stewards of our marriage. We also need to do things like find doctors up here in the city and making appointments and going to check ups. But I thought ten was a nice round number to focus specifically on for this year. We’ll keep doing all the other things we are currently working on as well. I’d also love to add, “Get a Career Job.” But I don’t want to rush God’s timing on that one. I’ll keep looking, but I don’t know the plans he has for me. (Good thing he does. *Jeremiah 29:11*)

And as a side note, I’d like to say how thankful I am that Hubs often does the dishes and cleans the kitchen for me. I love to cook and don’t mind doing dishes, but sometimes I get overwhelmed by how fast it gets messy again and it’s a huge blessing when he helps with that. I hope he resolves to keep doing that. (Just kidding. (Sorta.)


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Christmas time…was here…

First of all, I want to say that I hope all of you had a great Christmas and that I missed all of you very much during our crazy Christmas spectacular.

Hi, we're newlyweds. It's our first Christmas! Ok, so I'm a bit over excited...still.

I apologize for my lack of blogging, but as we were traveling for five days to celebrate seven Christmases, I hope you’ll forgive me and promise to still come back often and read now that things are more settled down at home.

Also, since I have so much to share with all of you, I’ve decided to offer you a highlight reel, of sorts, of our first newlywed Christmas. But since I’m so much of a Christmas carol nut, why not offer it to you in a 12 days of Christmas style “song?”

I can’t think of a reason not to, so here I go:

For the first part of Christmas, my true love (that’s Hubs), gave to me…

…ok, I won’t sing the whole thing to you, but you get the idea, right?

A brand new Honda window. Remember when Wyatt’s car was broken into. I wrote about it here. Well, we got it fixed on Friday while we were in Sedalia. It was an expensive little extra pit stop to our Christmas weekend, but we’re happy to no longer have plastic taped to our car, and to no longer have to worry about glass chunks getting into everything back there.

2 spare bedrooms: We have the blessing of having a nice place to stay at both of our parents’ houses when we visit. It’s not always easy to divide time evenly between both houses, but we love visiting each place and appreciate having a little room to be our “home away from home.”

3 graham cracker houses. On Friday night, we spent the night at my parents’ house with my little cousins getting ready for Christmas at my grandparents’ the next day. What better way to spend Christmas Eve Eve than making these cute little creations?

Much easier and smaller than traditional gingerbread. And just as fun!

4 nights away: We love our apartment and our bed here. It’s not that we don’t appreciate having family and friends to visit, but we also love being home. When we got home yesterday at 1:00, and I had to be at work at 2:00, I asked Hubs, will you please lay down with me for twenty minutes until I need to get ready for work? He gladly obliged and we took a short nap. Or rather, I took a short nap, and he slept 2 hours or so after I got up and dressed and off to work.

5 slight mishaps: 1. A dead poinsettia. It might have made it to Christmas with one red lead still on, but since we weren’t here, we’ll never know. I’ll go ahead and admit to killing it, although I don’t know why since I don’t usually have such bad luck with my greenish thumb.

Dead. Very dead. Oops. Sorry, little guy.

2. Wyatt found a present I was going to put in his stocking, so he was down one gift and up one surprise a few days early. No harm done, it was still a great stocking, if I do say so myself.

3. We left a pile of clean laundry on the floor when we left because we didn’t get time to fold it. Now it’s a pile of clean, wrinkled laundry. Oh well.

May have to rewash these...oops. Ah well, it's not a big deal. I have a mountain of new dirty laundry anyway.

4. We ended up staying an extra night in Sedalia because of a forgotten car inspection that we had to reschedule for the morning of the 27th. In the end, it turned out just fine, but we had to wait an extra day to open our presents at our apartment.

5. We lost the list of who owes us money for presents we purchased for them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not worried about the money, but it would be nice to find the list so we could let people know.

6 filled stockings: We had plenty of fun with these small-sized gifts. I think they’re super fun to fill and open! It was my first time filling a stocking for anyone. (I made Hub’s stocking) and loved finding small things he would love to fill it up. You know what they say, “Good things come in small packages!”

7 celebrations. We are so blessed to have so many people to celebrate with and visit. I love being home for the holidays and exchanging gifts with those we love. While seven different Christmas celebrations may seem a bit overwhelming, and at first it was daunting, we really enjoyed our time at each place. And while Hubs was tired of driving by the end of our long weekend, we really did enjoy our time in the car with each other. We don’t have a radio, remember? So we had plenty of time for talking. Hubs will roll his eyes at that, but if he’s honest, as he always is, he’ll admit that he enjoyed the car time just as much as me, I’m sure.

8 amazing “meals.” Sharing food with loved ones is an important part of any holiday, at least to us. And we certainly didn’t miss out on any great food this weekend. From breakfasts, brunches, lunches, and dinners, as well as snacks in between and even a meal out with just Hubs and I before all the festivities began, we were certainly spoiled this weekend, and ready to enjoy some leftovers this week!

9 kinds of chocolate: Enough said. I have lots of eating to do. And lots of candy to fill my candy-eating needs. I’m off to a good start though. I’ve already eaten half the bag of the peppermint bark with dark chocolate…oh…my…goodness…yum.

10 Christmas cards. I was shocked by how many people remembered to send us some holiday mail in our first Christmas as a married couple on our own! There’s some others up there, including some festive part invites that were too pretty to not pin up!

See yours? If not, send us one next year! We'll send you one, back! (I didn't get enough this year, but next year, I'll be prepared!) Oh, and there may be some that we haven't opened yet. There's a stack of mail to go don't worry if yours isn't counted yet!

11 bags of paper...ok, I’m not sure how many trash bags full of ripped-up tissue paper and wrapping paper and bows and bags were gone through this weekend, but it was a lot. And there’s nothing like watching little ones tear open gifts, or tears in the eyes of an adult whose heart has truly been touched by the simple thoughtfulness of a gift from the heart. I love the simple joy of a present and was blessed by seeing so many opened this weekend, both by us and from us, and from others to others! To me, there’s nothing unhappy about a present, both wrapped and unwrapped!

See, my beautiful mom is excited about her gift!

And dad liked his gift. I bet you can't guess what it was...

12 favorite gifts. Please don’t think I’m bragging about all we got, I’m bragging on the wonderful family members who blessed us so much this year! And they’re listed in the order I’m seeing them as I glance around our messy living room, not the order we got them or based on how much I love them. We both love them all!

1. An extra mixer bowl for my beautiful yellow kitchenaid mixer. It will mean less washing and more baking per every recipe!

2. An 8 pound Oreck vaccuum. I LOVE it. Our old, smelly clunker that makes more noise than it sucks up stuff into the bag is going into the garbage. Soon.

3. Ornaments for our tree. Here’s a few I love. We got several great ones though!

From Hubs. He did a good job picking this out. It was JUST what I wanted.

From me to Hubs.

More for next year!

4. Sporting KC season tickets for Hubs. He can share with me sometimes, or buy me a ticket to some games when I want to come along, and next year, we might invest in one for me as well, but so far for this year, he’s ready for March! (I am, too!)

5. A cookbook filled with recipes from both Wyatt’s family and mine. I can’t wait to cook and bake my way through this much-appreciated blessing, and add more recipes as we find other family favorites! What a great surprise that everyone was working on for so long as a surprise!

6. Two Christmas books to add to my collection. Yes, I collect Christmas books and put them in a basket next to our couch to read and re-read each year. It’s my favorite Christmas tradition I think, and I love that when I get one as a gift from a loved one, I have that extra-special connection to that story every year afterwards.

7. A bird figurine from my Grandma’s collection. Your all know about our love dove bird I found at a garage sale, and the bird-themed artwork in our bedroom. For some reason, lately, I love birds. I’m a picky collector, though, because I don’t want to cross over the line to a crazy bird lady. A little bird (or birds) goes a long way, in my opinion. It’s sort of a “one great bird on the shelf is worth 10 not so great ones all over my house” sort of situation, if you know what I mean.

8. An 18 quart Brita pitcher thing that will hopefully not fight me as much as our little pitcher does. For those that don’t know how much I love/hate that thing, read this post.

9. Cooling racks, serving utensils, a gravy strainer, a tiny crock pot, medium-sized roaster pan, meatloaf dish, and eggies, aprons, grill pan, champagne glasses, icing gun, and more! I love my kitchen! And those that know me, know that! I’m stoked to use all my new kitchen goodies!

10. A homemade recipe book from my best friend, Liz, who printed out and decorated the cutest little scrapbook you’ll ever see with recipes from my blog. Love it! What a fun keepsake from our first year of marriage!

11. An old-fashioned little donut cutter from my Grandma Lois. Hubs loves to make homemade donuts with her and now we have the recipe and a cutter and can make them ourselves. Though I don’t know if we’ll ever get it exactly like she does!

Making donuts is becoming a Christmas tradition as well!

Yum. Ready to fry.

The boys love to do this part.

12. EVERYTHING ELSE I DIDN’T GET TO MENTION. We really did get endless awesome gifts. Our families really blessed us this year. In fact, I’m almost embarrassed to share everything we received because it seems like WAY too much! But I know that giving presents is a big part of our family’s traditions and I’m so excited to find places for all of our new goodies in our apartment, and I’m more excited to use and enjoy all the wonderful things we were given.

Hubs and I opened our gifts last night after I got home from work. Finally! I was so excited from waiting so long!

Excited newlyweds!

I know Christmas isn’t about the gifts and people complain, rightly so, about how materialistic the holiday can become, but for me, I LOVE the way that giving someone a gift, even something small or homemade can really bring them joy, in a simple, small way. Giving someone a gift shows you care about them, you pay attention to their desires and needs, know what they like, and want to share in the happiness they experience when surprised with something special. Our cups are certainly overflowing with blessings this week. Our apartment is overflowing as well!

Yes, it's a mess. I'll get it picked up eventually. I've had long work hours yesterday and am soon headed out again today. I thought it was more important to write to you guys, right?

But when we think back to the basics of it all, Christmas is ALL about gifts. A gift of a baby, a Savior, and the forgiveness and everlasting life he gives. After all, we love because he loved us, and forgive because he forgave us. So, we take time and offer our resources at this time of year to give to others because he gave to us.

The lights my family has put up on the farm every year since I can remember. Another favorite tradition of mine.

No, it’s not the same kind of gift, and yes, it’s easy to go overboard and spend too much. But we were careful to budget our spending and careful to pick out things people would love and use without spending a fortune, and I’m thankful our families are all able to do the same.

We LOVED our first Christmas. What about you?

So, there’s our 12 “things” of Christmas. Clearly, we had a fabulous weekend and were very, very, VERY blessed! What about you? Is your cup running over as well? I’d love to hear about it! Please share!

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Our stockings are hung…by the kitchen with care…

It’s Christmastime here in our tiny apartment. I’m used to having a whole big farmhouse all decorated in greenery and snowmen. But here, we have neither greenery nor snowmen.

What we do have is Christmas spirit! Or rather, I have that and Hubs just plays along to make me happy. Don’t get me wrong, he had fun decorating our tree, but he certainly wouldn’t have fretted too much if we had decided we didn’t have room for a tree.

But…never fear, because Christmas is here!


Yup, that’s our first Christmas tree, folks. I’m proud we decorated frugally, so I’ll share what we learned in this adventure.

First of all, make stuff yourself! Like these trees! (That I’ll post about later!)

Yup, I like paper crafts. And pine cones, from my parents' yard at home, in our fruit bowl.

It’s part of the little scene on top of bookshelf #1

Candles are from my mom's unused decor box. They're several years old, but certainly still look pretty.

And the nativity set? Another tip, “re-use.”

I bought this YEARS ago during a sale of wood-carved products from Bethlehem at my church. It's all we have for now.

I also have a tree like that on the shelf in our living room.

I got the idea from here.

With our "love dove," candlestick, and our freshly printed free subway art, of course, see how we re-purpose?.

The print is from here.

And I HAVE to show you the adorable place mats my mother-in-law made for me. How adorable are they?

Sooooo cute!

And our second kind of paper trees, the folded ones I made, and I’ll post about, with our growing collection of Christmas cards.

It's a wintery forest in our pass-through! Oh, and there's the poinsettia that may or may not make it until Christmas...

I got the ideas for the trees from the mothership, Martha, of course.

And we also have stockings! But as the title of this post suggests, we had a bit of a dilemma when deciding where to hang them, as we have no fireplace.

But we got a shelf from my parents’ basement. (It’s a wonderland of usable stuff down there, though my mother’s probably horrified I’m admitting how much is down there. Sorry, Mom!)

Hubs painted it white, and I sanded it down to give it that vintage look I like. It’s old enough to really be vintage, it just needed a little love.

The stockings we made for each other. He made mine several years ago. I made his a few weeks ago.

See, we can even make our own stockings! His is made from an old pair of jeans. And since we don’t have a sewing machine and Hubs would have FREAKED if I’d tried to smuggle it home, I had to sew it by hand, which took…awhile.

Here’s the whole look that greets you when you come in our front door by the kitchen now:

Decorated with candles and a free picture frame (from the church) to which I added a cute Christmas scrap-booking paper I already had, and a framed, free Christmas printable.

Print from tatertots and jello.

Closer look at the frame. Love it!


There, our stockings are all ready to be filled up with fun little gifts.

And in the spirit of giving, I’m going to GIVE you all a little tour of our tree.

Here's our initial ornaments. I can't remember where or why we have these, if they're from you, thanks!

Here we go, a cute little “S” I got from the church I volunteer at.

You'll also see the red swirl ornaments Hubs picked out for us to buy, and a preview of the paper hearts I made. And the craft ribbon I had that we used as a garland.

Here’s one I made last year at school.

It's glow in the dark!

And the ornaments from my childhood that I collected as a kid but that haven’t been hanging on our family tree in a long time:

I have the whole series of these little books. They open and close and have such cute little scenes in them.

Oh, and you want to see the ornaments I made?

My paper hearts! I love how they turned out. I'll post instructions soon.

Here’s some more…

I bought this one ($2) because it reminded me of "happy wife, happy life." Or a happy hubs... (It went with a matching Merry Christmas one, but I liked this message even better than just wishing a Merry Christmas. I'm wishing y'all a Happy Everything!)

Oh and just to make sure I represent,

Am I happy Pujols left? Nope. But can he do what he wants? Yup. Besides, my man Molina is still there! And that's all I'm going to say about it. Oh, and don't forget the edible decorations, the candy canes!

It makes my heart happy to have our tree up and looking so festive. Who cares if our ornaments and decorations are a bit skimpy and we only spent 5 bucks on our tree. I say it’s beautiful!

Happy home.

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Advice from you: Christmas Shopping

Lately, Hubs and I have had a lot of discussions revolving around Christmas shopping. I love to give and get gifts. He doesn’t care that much for either. Still, he respects and enjoys sharing in my joy at this part of the holidays even if he doesn’t understand why I love it so much. But we have lots of unanswered questions…

1. How do we decide how much to spend on gifts for each other? Should we set an amount limit and divide it up into gifts how we each please? What if 1 person uses all the money on one nice gift and the other buys 10 little ones? Is it better to not worry about the cost and get the same amount of presents to unwrap? We’ve decided on a combination of both I think, but are still considering the money limit. After all, we’re newlyweds and trying to save as much money as possible.

Wyatt likes to wrap gifts in newsprint. I appreciate that about him. These are his gifts to me a couple years ago. And one from me.

2. How do we decide how much to spend on gifts for others? Same system? Another way?

3. When do we open our presents for each other since we’ll be traveling for the holidays? We want to start our own family traditions but aren’t sure when is the best time.

4. How do we (I) decorate without spending a lot on Christmas?

5. How do we fit a tree in our tiny apartment?

I love the Christmas season and I love thinking about the idea that we’re our own family now, and we’ll have our own traditions and ways to decorate, celebrate, and make it through this holiday, but there’s bound to be some growing pains as we both adjust.

I don’t think gift giving should be about the money or even about matching giving levels, but it’s hard to find the right balance the first time around. How do we figure out a good system without everything feeling too planned or too fussy?


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And for this, I give thanks…

After a long weekend (4 nights, 5 days) away from home, Hubs and I are back in our little apartment and tucked in away from the cold.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We certainly did. And because so much has happened I’ve decided to do a quick recap of our Thanksgiving weekend, newlywed wife style. (In case you don’t know what that means, I’ll be throwing in my thoughts, insights, questions, ideas, opinions, etc. while sharing the stories of our trip home. Hope you don’t mind my sometimes random, sometimes wandering thoughts!)

1. We spent Thanksgiving day away from my family this year, which is hard. But that means we spent Thanksgiving with Wyatt’s family, which is great. We have so many wonderful family members that we want to spend time and that want to spend time with us. It really is a blessing we don’t take for granted.

(The holidays are both wonderful and hard because sharing our time is so important. More on this later.) However, since we were home for so many days this weekend, we were able to spend time at both parents’ houses. We headed to Sedalia on Wednesday after Hubs got home from work and spend that night and Thursday night at the in-laws. Then, we re-packed our suitcase and moved into my parents’ house for Friday and Saturday nights. It sucks moving around and living out of a suitcase, but it’s great to see both groups of people in one weekend, especially when we have no real plans and can just hang out, talk, and relax…and cook. And bake. Which brings me to my next point…

2. I love holiday baking. This year, Hubs and I made the pies for Thanksgiving dinner. Using our prize-winning recipe from my Grandma Lois. They turned out super yummy.

We're proud of our pies. Who wouldn't be?

We made pumpkin and two pecans. He’s saving one to take to work tomorrow. His coworkers are about to get super lucky. Or at least their taste buds are.

It's goodness and beauty and blessing all in one pie pan. Yum.

Baking or cooking with Wyatt is one of my favorite things to do. He’s great at so many things and I’m thankful he’s willing to spend time with me doing something I love, even if he’d rather do something else. He doesn’t love to bake as much as I do, and honestly, he’d rather eat more meat than dessert any day but he knows I consider dessert an important part of any meal and I love that he appreciates that about me.

I also made this pumpkin beauty the day after Thanksgiving at my parents’ house. It was divine.

Candied pecans, pumpkin, and cheesecake. Yup, I'm serious.

Oh my. I feel the holiday pounds packing on already. And you know what, I don’t care. Not one bit.

In fact, I wish no one did. People are supposed to eat delicious things for the next 2 months. (Not that you aren’t supposed to eat delicious things all year long…) I know that people try to watch their weight and stay healthy. I’m all for that. I try to eat as many healthy things as I can. I run, I do kick-boxing, and pilates as many days a week as I can, usually every day, but I also don’t ever make my mouth suffer for my stomach’s sake. It’s all about moderation, people. Eat the cheesecake if you want. Just not the whole one.

Or in my case, eat both slices of cheesecake, since Hubs decided he didn’t want it.

Yum. (The second slice was yummy, too.)

3. We got a jump start on our holiday spirit by “shopping” in my parents’ basement for old Christmas decorations they no longer use or want. We found this.

It's an old Christmas tree in need of some love!

We also found a bunch of stuff Hubs says we can’t have. I understand. Everything we bring into our apartment is something we’re going to have to carry out when we buy a house. And while I agree with that argument, I still want it to be our home, and feel like a home should feel.

Maybe this is the sentimental side of me, but I don’t want to live only thinking about how inconvenient something will be in the future. I’m all for planning, and thinking ahead to the future, but I’m also for making today the best it can be. It’s a point of discussion and contention for us every time I want to bring stuff home. And it isn’t that he doesn’t want or appreciate the stuff, he just knows how heavy it will be going back down those three flights of stairs…. (But this is a discussion for another whole blog post…)

4. We did a little black Friday shopping for the first time ever. And by little, I mean, we waited until noon, and went to look at what all was left, and what all had been cleared out. It was fun. We got in no fights, saw no cops, and were shoved or pushed or stolen from zero times. We bought 2 little things for Christmas gifts for family members. We stand by our decision to stay in and in bed the morning after Thanksgiving. Kudos to those who enjoy it. We just do not.

5. We made granola. It’s like my Christmas drug addiction. It’s a secret family recipe, and it’s the most addicting thing I’ve ever eaten. I’ll show you.

We sometimes give this stuff as gifts to friends for Christmas. Those people are lucky, let me tell you.

The picture doesn’t do it justice. At all. Wyatt doesn’t like it as much as I do, but that’s because his love affair with pecans hasn’t really begun yet. He’ll come around. Someday.

6. I realized I need to get moving on my gift for Hubs’s birthday. I have less than one week until we celebrate. He doesn’t even want to celebrate. He’s not very festive or excited about birthdays. We’re EXACT opposites there. I love celebrating birthdays.

7. I also realized we need to find a good compromise for Christmas festivities. He doesn’t like decorations as much as me. I love them. He doesn’t love giving or getting presents. I love them. He doesn’t like Christmas music. I love it. He’s not Mr. Scrooge, but I might start calling him that if he doesn’t perk up on the festivities after his birthday. I knew this long before I married him though, so it’s not a surprise. More on this later.

8. We reflected on our blessings. As is appropriate for every day, especially Thanksgiving. And we are truly blessed. Check out this page for my list!

9. I got a whole bunch of new craft supplies and ideas. I also made a couple more trees. I’m taking pictures and notes, and can’t wait to share all my adventures soon! I also went bridesmaid dress shopping for my best friend’s wedding (it will be way better than the movie by that name!). I can’t believe it’s getting so close to time. I can’t wait to celebrate and watch you begin your life with your husband! We have so much planning and showering and bachelorette-ing to do!

10. We’re now home, after this long, fantastic weekend of giving thanks and having fun. And you know what? I think I’m somehow even happier when I’m able to wrap up my weekend doing just this. Having a quick, quiet dinner with just the two of us after a weekend full of family and friends.

At home, eating frozen pizza and snuggling on the couch.

This is us, this is home, and this is our little family. Blessed? I think so.

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For a minute there, I thought I was bored…Weekend Recap

First of all, I took the weekend off from blogging, and most technology in general, if you haven’t already noticed. (And I’m sure you have.)

Second of all, I’ve come to realize that Wyatt and I need those times where we simply chill out and do pretty much nothing for a couple of days. That is the brilliant bliss of a great low-key weekend.

Now, I also need to be honest with everyone and admit that this is not a realization I’ve come to quickly or calmly. In fact, I’ve wasted many a weekend nights just pouting away because we weren’t doing “anything.”

I’m a busy person. I like to go places and do stuff. I like to be out and about. And Wyatt likes those things too, but he’s also happy to just chill out.

I guess I’m just so used to the mindset I had when we were dating, that we needed to take advantage of everything we could possibly squeeze into the short time we had together. And back then (how cool is it to say “back then” about dating?) we really didn’t have very much time together. Since we were in a long-distance relationship for so long, we usually had only one night a week together, maybe two if we were lucky, and that wasn’t enough time to just “waste” by sitting around on the couch watching a bad movie or stupid TV show.

But, hello! We’re married now. We’re together all the time!

(Well, not all the time, because during the day, he’s at work. Man, I wish I was at work, at least some of the time!)

And last night, after I was a bit pouty for the middle of the afternoon, Wyatt somehow managed to snap me out of it, and we ended up having a great time “doing nothing” on the couch all night. We treated ourselves, or rather I suggested Wyatt treat himself, to Taco Bell since he’s been dying to get his hands on a double XL chalupa. And then later, we had cake, of course, since I’ve been baking like crazy lately.

And we switched back and forth from watching Halloween Wars on Food network and the Cardinals game (World Series, woohoo!).

And you know what? I was happy, really happy, to just sit and “do nothing.”

Maybe it’s because I’m realizing that it’s not really “doing nothing” when we’re doing it together. Because I guess anything can be considered quality time, right? Especially now that I’m sure we’ll have another super busy weekend coming up before we know it. Maybe it’s because I’m finally getting used to the idea that we’re married and I can calm down and stop trying to cram a week full of fun stuff into one night of our weekend.

Anyway, now that I think about it, I think maybe I’m just a bit crazy about the whole thing anyway. Because we really did quite a bit this weekend. (It makes me wonder why on earth I get bent out of shape when Wyatt wants to just sit and watch TV! But hey, I guess it helps that I know I have a problem, right? Admitting is the first step of healing?)

So just to fill you in, I’ll give you a brief update of what went down with us this weekend. And then you tell me if I’m obsessive about my weekends? (Ok, I know I am, but you can offer advice as to how to get me to chill out?

So, Friday:

  • Wyatt got home from work, I made tater tot casserole. We watched FRIENDS, ate cake, did a little garage sale planning, and then went to bed early (we’re newlyweds, after all!).
  • I got up and made waffles, bacon, coffee, and hot tea. Wyatt managed to drag himself out of bed to eat with me, and we watched some cartoons. (His choice.)
  • We got dressed, got out, and went garage saling. (sailing?) We went to probably at least 10-12 different houses, spent $10.25, and got 10 books (mostly hardbacks!), a gift for a friend, a Christmas gift, and something for our Halloween costumes. Score! I love how much it feels like a treasure hunt, from looking around for signs and houses, to sorting through all the ridiculous crap people put out for sale, I love it all!
  • We came home and had leftover tater tot casserole. Yum.
  • Wyatt cleaned the dirty spots on our carpet from before we had the rug outside the door.
  • I baked cupcakes and cookies while we watched the soccer game! Sporting KC is in the playoffs! (An extra yay for both of our teams doing well!)
  • We left for a friend’s house to celebrate the game with a bonfire and chili night with people we don’t see nearly as often as we’d like. All in all, a great day.
  • We got up early and visited my Aunt and Uncle’s church. (We’re still looking for a church “home.”) It was good to see them, of course, and meet some new people there. It was a nice, refreshing morning.
  • Came home and cleaned the floors and counter tops, as well as finished picking up the laundry we’d been folding and putting away. I also scrubbed those little metal dish things that go under the burners on our stove. Wyatt was playing video games for this part of the day.
  • Wyatt’s parents and grandparents came to visit us on their way home from their vacation. It was fun for them to get to see our apartment and hear about their trip. (They went to an auction and saw a bull sell for $50,000!)
  • Wyatt and I ate the last of the tater tot casserole, good thing we love that stuff, and went shopping. He bought the gifts for his secret “boo pal” at work (the Halloween version of secret Santa) and a new pair of jeans. We also got a few groceries, and the previously mentioned Taco Bell.
  • We ate cake and watched the Cardinals dominate the Brewers to get in the World Series and some pretty awesome pumpkin carving on Food network before heading to bed.
After all that, you’d probably think I’m crazy to think we didn’t do enough this weekend. And actually, I would, too.
Good grief!
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Advice from you: Groceries

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Diet Food #2

As I’m staying with my parents this week I asked my mom to get a few things from the store for breakfast, namely bagels and cream cheese. Guess what she bought?

The diet bagels.

(doesn’t she read my blog??!!?)

Good grief. These things are following me, seducing everyone with their promise of 100 calorie goodness.

I’m telling you, trying to warn you all: don’t give in to the lofty promise of healthy bread! You’ll regret buying the package of 8. Trust me. It’s just not worth it.

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Lesson #2 Diet Food

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t really eat super healthy. Don’t get me wrong. I try, really. And I actually do love salad and vegetables and such. And yes, I love feeling like I am taking care of my body, feeding it good foods that also taste great.

But…I also love bread. And chocolate. (Wyatt says that’s the only way to really please a woman…he may be onto something there…) And ice cream. And cream cheese. And…well, you get the idea.

So, the other morning when I woke up, rolled over, and said to Wyatt, “hey, you know what I want for breakfast? A bagel and cream cheese,” I was disappointed to realize those very critical items had been left off of our first grocery list.

So, I did without for a week.

Then we went grocery shopping again this Monday night. Time to satisfy my craving.

But…I was seduced by the claims of the 110 calorie whole grain “bagel thins.” And worse than that, the no-fat cream cheese.

I had such good intentions…

And now I’m stuck with a bag of bagels that taste like grainy pita bread and a tub of cream cheese that might as well be called sour milk. It’s watery enough, and certainly not at all creamy.

So, lesson learned. If you’re going to go for the “naughty” breakfast foods (you know, to mix it up from my whole grain chex cereal I eat most days), just give in and go for it.

Seriously, who wants to eat pretend health food? Blech. Not this girl.


…which is why I’m currently sitting at Starbucks drinking a skim milk caramel latte and enjoying my giant plain white bagel and tub of philadelphia, full-fat, cream cheese.


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A long story…but we have plates!

Target was sold out of the ones we registered for.

We had a slight confusion and thought the ones that were similar at Walmart were $20 a place setting. Which was WAY too much.

Then I looked online and found the plates at Walmart for half that price. But I waited to order until Wyatt got home from work.

And they were unavailable for some totally unknown yet totally frustrating reason.

So we decided to just go back to Walmart and ask some questions (after I had already called and asked, mind you.)

We found them at Walmart, for the half-price, price. (We had looked it up wrong the first time.)

But, they only had 2 sets. (We need 3.)

So we drove 13 minutes to Liberty to buy one more set.

And now we have a full set of beautiful, square white dishes.


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