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Pushing Through

This week has been a hard one for me, house-wise.

I was feeling great heading into this week because we had a weekend with great progress last weekend, and I was hoping that would continue this week.

Then, on Monday, we were so tired from our crazy weekend of work, we took a break.

Tuesday was a shopping night. We needed to go to several stores to look for certain things we need for the house. It took a long time and was sort of frustrating as everything is just so darn expensive. Needless to say, we didn’t get much done when we got home.

Wednesday was our busy day out together, and again, not a night with any time for any real progress.

Thursday night was another shopping night, stocking up on supplies for our next projects and buying all our new doors. Yikes. Expensive and stressful. Again, no progress made, but a garage full of more work to do!

Plus, when we were checking out at Home Depot, the girl rang everything up and then took our coupon, and informed us it wouldn’t work with the bulk discount we had gotten…so we asked her to ring the items up on two tickets so we could get both discounts. Which she did after rolling her eyes a little bit.

But she didn’t get it quite right that time either and had to do it again.

Oh joy, I love making a scene at public places.

Luckily, no one was waiting on us.

But I was happy we stuck with it and saved almost $50 off our total…even though it was a big pain.

So yes, by the end of last night at Home Depot, I was tired and a little cranky.

And I was not at all looking forward to loading my little SUV with all the stuff we had just spent all that money on.

Plus, driving with my back hatch open makes me nervous, no matter how many straps Hubs uses to tie things in.

Still, after a little bickering, a lot of apologizing, a little arranging, and a lot of rearranging, we managed to get this accomplished.

Sorry this photo is blurry. It’s all I could manage at the time. And in case you couldn’t tell, Hubs’ expression is pretty much saying, “Really? You’re taking a picture of this? Does this look like a conversation I want to remember?”

(Bonus points if you know what I was referencing there!)

Anyway, so we get all loaded up, buckled in, and with a bunch of random sports equipment and car stuff all over my lap since it won’t fit in the back and Wyatt goes to start the car.

Only nothing happens.

Battery is dead.



Yup, really.

Neither of us has any idea why sitting there with the doors open for 10 minutes was enough to drain the battery, but it was I guess…so yea. Oh well. Wyatt says it must be time for a new one. I say…well, I pretty much agree with whatever he says on this topic.

So, Hubs was a perfect gentlemen (even though I could tell he was really so angry and frustrated he wanted to scream or kick something) and asked one of the home depot worker guys if they could jump us. He said sure and went to get his cables.

Only it turned out he didn’t have cables.


So that guy asked another guy.

Awesome. Let’s involve more people in this, I thought!

But really, what other choice did we have?

So, that guy had cables and pulled his shiny new silver sports car over to my ol’ Jimmy (who we now call the Blue Puma as a means of encouraging him to keep hanging on and not give up on us)

(More bonus points if you know what that is a reference to!)

And we got a jump and got going on our merry little way home.


What a night, huh?

Needless to say, I was pretty deflated by the time we got there. And it was already basically 10:00 so pretty much no progress got done last night either.


But tonight will be better, because it’s a new day and because I’m sitting on our deck enjoying the beautiful weather and thinking how blessed we are to live here at all, no matter if we get all these projects done before our party or not.

So, what about you? Anything new in your life? Ever needed a jump at a really, REALLY inconvenient time before?

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Making Up and Making Peace

Hubs and I had our first “real” fight on Monday night. It started so simply. He made a joke that struck a very personal chord with me. I knew he didn’t mean anything by it, but I got upset anyway and pouted for about an hour.

(insert regret here.)

And then when we went to bed, I tried to apologize for my reaction. He was already too tired and had moved on, so he didn’t reply to my attempt at making up like I wanted him to. In fact, he didn’t say anything. So I laid awake for over an hour stewing, switching back and forth between being mad at him, being hurt, and being torn as to what to do about it. So I did nothing.

Except listen to him sleep. Actually listen to him snore. He snored a LOT, and loud. But I didn’t wake him up because I wasn’t sleeping anyway. And even though I was angry, there was no reason to wake him up. He was already way too out to have an intelligent conversation (judging from the seemingly foreign language he sputtered out at some point…) and I knew he’d be tired in the morning anyway, so I just let him snore, and by the time I was ready and able to fall asleep, he’d rolled over and quieted down.

But the next morning, I was still angry. As he got ready to walk out the door, we said our goodbyes and had a quick kiss, but then I told him he hadn’t said anything to me when I’d tried to apologize. His response? “I know.”

And then I was really hurt and angry all over again.

And he had to leave for work, so I was left sitting there on the couch with all day to think about what had happened and what it meant and what to do to fix it. I was tired of being upset. I wanted to make up and move on.

I sent an email, and he replied, and to him, that was probably all that was needed. I still wasn’t satisfied. I needed some sort of closure.

So I planned my peace offering.

I went to the store and had dinner ready and waiting when Wyatt got home.

Blue cheese and bacon burgers, with fried potatoes. I knew it was a meal he’d really love. He’d been talking about burgers like that for awhile.

How could he stay mad at me with a burger like this? Yum.

And I think it worked, because he complimented me, the meal, and helped do the dishes. For all practical purposes, everything was back to normal.

For him.

Because I still needed that verbal closure.

So I brought it up again. And we talked about it a little bit. And honestly? I’m still not sure anything was said that really made me feel better, but I sensed it was over, and happy or not, I moved on, and we had a nice night. We didn’t do anything super sweet. Actually, he played video games and I worked around the house or read all night. But we were content and it was fine.

So my question now is this. How do you get that verbal closure when the argument seems to just fizzle out like this? Sometimes it comes naturally, but in an argument like this, where there was no yelling, no crying, no major issue, I’m not sure how it really comes by itself. Wyatt and I barely ever fight, and when we do, it’s usually short and to the point. We always try to fight fair, and while we’re good at arguing and maintaining the peace in tough situations, I’m just not sure we know how to really resolve something like this.

What about you? Is there a way to make up easily and “once and for all?” I hate dragging things on for no reason, but I’m not sure how to get that closure when there’s no big culmination to the argument. Have you ever felt this way? What works for you? 

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