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Kissing is good for the mind…and the body

Well, guys, remember my post about kissing?

If not, go read it. Really.

And if so, here’s another one to go with it.

I found this little gem of a tidbit online yesterday that I wanted to share. It’s a cootie calculator!

The cootie calculator is from Kisstixx, a kissing-specialized lip balm company.

Anyway, you should definitely check out this link and do the test. I won’t tell you what it told me I was, but here’s a clue. It wasn’t the first three.

Anyway, here’s what it says all those cooties/bacteria colonies are worth.

“A bacterial colony is a visible cluster of bacteria growing on the surface of solid medium, like your mouth! However, a lot of the bacteria received from kissing is actually good for you, especially your teeth. So keep those lips moving! It’s totally worth it!”

You heard it here, kissing is good for you! And it’s mighty fun, too!

What did you score!

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Kinds of Kisses

Hey guys, how was everyone’s long weekend? Good?


Mine too.

Now that we have that nicety out of the way, let’s get down to what I really want to talk about: kissing.

(What? It’s a serious marriage issue!)

If you’re like us newlyweds, you probably spend a lot of time kissing.

First married kiss!

(insert moment to groan here)

But seriously, most people in a happy relationship do kiss. At least sometimes.

And you’ve probably spent at least a little time invested in thinking about different kinds of kisses you’ve received.

Sloppy versus neat.

Fast versus slow.

Good versus bad.

Open-mouthed versus closed mouth.

(Sorry, Grandma, if that just got awkward, but you guys know what I’m talking about, right?)

When I was a pre-teen, my friends and I would try to describe these various kinds of kisses using our hands and fingers to make the shapes and motions of lips and mouths.

I’ll try to show you.

Take you hands and spread them out so your palms are open and facing each other.

Now close your hands so your fingertips touch the tips of your thumbs.

It should look like a little like eyes. (Confusing since we’re talking about lips?)

Then move your hands in until the points touch each other.

Congratulations, you’ve just made a peck!

For open-mouthed kisses, don’t close your hands all the way so there’s about an inch or so between the tips of your fingers and the tips of your thumbs. You may twist your hands as you bring them together to create a better connection for the kiss, much in the same way a real kiss involves the head tilt.

You can imagine how the other types of kisses went so I won’t make you go through that with me.

But I digress.

Anyway, after that embarrassing memory I just shared with you, let’s get to the point, shall we?

I’ve found that I can tell so much about Wyatt’s mood by his kiss. He has several different methods or techniques, but here are some notable ones I’ve noticed.

1. The normal kiss: This is the neat, short, sweet and simple kiss I get each morning when he leaves for work and each afternoon when he returns. It’s a classic and gets the job done. It’s also the kiss typically reserved for public displays of affection.

2. The preoccupied kiss: This one is very similar to number 1, but with a slight modification. Hubs doesn’t always stop what he’s doing to administer this one. It’s often down half-heartedly, perhaps leaving his eyes focused on the computer screen, TV, or whatever else he’s looking at.

3. The peck: Lips are closed and it’s very, very fast. Perhaps the most common time for this kiss is in front of the guys, or relatives, or when Hubs is busy but not so annoyed by my request for a kiss that I get the preoccupied kiss. Or when one or both of us has morning breath.

4. The angry kiss: Similar to the peck, but Hubs keeps his lips super-duper small and tight and I get a kiss that’s more like a soft punch by his lips than a sweet peck. When this happens, I almost always mention it and try to get a re-do. The re-do is not always better.

5. The slow kiss: This one is long and slow and nice. We’ll not get into too many details here, though. After all, my grandma is reading, remember?

6. The laughing kiss: Smiling plus a kiss. You get the idea.

7. The “I’m trying to bite you” kiss: Hubs does this to be silly. He goes in like a regular kiss and then opens up really wide and shows his teeth as he tries to bite my nose. Have I mentioned how mature my loving husband is?

Just kidding, I love his silliness, except the nostril flairs. Those I will honestly be annoyed about if he teaches our kiddos.

So there you have it, a sample of some of the kisses we share in this household. What kinds of kisses do you share?

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Wintery, wandering thoughts

Right now, I’m sitting at home after a long afternoon and night at work, eating a late dinner and waiting for Hubs to get home from his soccer game. It’s a bummer I wasn’t able to go because I like to go and watch him.

Sharing in the things he loves is one of my favorite things to do. He’s my best friend, after all, and I love to see him happy.

I do, however, wish he would get home soon because it’s very cold, windy, snowy, and icy outside, so I want him to get home safe and snuggle up with me to keep me warm.

I’ll admit it, I’m a worrier when it comes to the weather. When there’s bad weather, I just want to be at home with those I love. There’s nothing that made me more upset than wondering if Wyatt was making it home safe after a night together when it was snowy or storming. And I would get so bummed out if bad weather prevented us from hanging out.

In fact, I’m sort of looking forward to the first time we’re snowed in together for a big snow, just because I’ve always wished he was with me instead of away from me at times like those.

But, I digress.

Well, actually, this post isn’t really about anything other than my wandering thoughts.

Wishing Hubs was home, wondering if he had a good game, hoping he’s safe, thinking about snuggling in our warm bed, hoping snow doesn’t blow in our windows, feeling thankful that my job is so close to our apartment so I don’t have to worry too much about the weather…

…you get the idea…

Oh…the door.

He’s here!

(Time out while we kiss…)

Just kidding.

Not really.

It’s times like these that I realize how newlywed-y I really am. Other times I feel like we’ve been together forever. But, I’m always so happy when he gets home. I almost feel like a puppy or something. I can’t wait to jump on him and lick his face, I mean, kiss his face.

Ok, I’m clearly in an odd mood…so I’ll sign off and go find someone else to bug. I bet you can’t guess who…


By the way, you guys were so helpful about offering advice and encouragement about house hunting on this post.  Thanks so much for reading and leaving comments! I love getting feedback and so appreciate you all sharing your stories with me!

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