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“A”dventures in the big city

Hubs and I have only lived in the city for a year or so. (For him, I’ve been there even less.)

And it’s a big city. That means we don’t know where everything is.

And we sometimes get lost.

And by “get lost” I mean miss the exit because I haven’t been able to read the GPS instructions (or I stop paying attention) and miss the road we’re supposed to turn on so Hubs has to make a U-turn. Which he doesn’t mind to do.

I don’t like doing it, though.

However, I don’t mind being lost and missing roads. It makes me feel like we’re exploring.  I just mind making U-turns really quickly when there’s a semi coming at us.

The past weeks of driving around looking around in neighborhoods for houses that are for sale.

Let’s just say we’ve made a lot of U-turns lately.

What about you? Ever get lost? Does it bother you? If it does, how do you get over it?

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What Hubs thinks…

Tonight I asked Hubs what was an issue in our marriage. I wasn’t trying to start a fight, I just needed something to blog about tonight.

Here’s the things he listed, in order of how they occur throughout the day.

1. “You waking me up before my alarm.”

2. “There’s hair on the bathroom floor. It’s everywhere, seriously.”

3. “You always put my coat away. I just want it left out!”

4. “The sheets are always messed up before bed.”

5. “You always want to stay up and talk when it’s bedtime.”

Ok, those are all fair complaints, but since we’re trying to learn and figure out all this marriage stuff, we didn’t just leave it at that. We both had to talk it out, at least a little bit.

Here’s my side of the matter:

1. When I took this internship and set my hours, he suggested I go to work at 7:30 to avoid bad traffic. I know he did this because he loves me and wants me to get to work safely without me having to freak out on the way there every day. He offered to get up and cook me breakfast. I declined because I know he was just trying to be nice and that he didn’t really want to get up that early. He would have, but he didn’t really want to. I am sorry that he has to wake up with my alarm, but there’s not much I can do about it. And the reason I go and wake him up a few minutes before his alarm goes off? I know he’s already hit snooze twice and that it’s time for him to get up. Plus, I’m tired of being up by myself and want him to get up and say goodbye to me. I understand why he doesn’t get up before then since I’m in the bathroom, but still, it’s a part of our morning routine that I don’t see changing too much in the future.

2. The hair is a problem. I understand it’s icky and awful. But because it’s icky and awful, I don’t like to clean it. I do clean it, just not every day, because that would be crazy and take way way way too much time. I’m sorry, but unless a chop it all off, it’s a part of living with a girl he’ll have to get used to.

3. I put the coat away because we have a coat closet. We’ll figure out a system eventually…maybe.

4. Let’s go back to number 1. Who’s the last one out of bed? He is. I understand that a freshly made bed is better, but we’ll have to work out a plan for whose responsibility that is. That will be a discussion for another day. He says I don’t always get up first. It’s true that I don’t, but I usually do, so I don’t see how that helps that much…

5. I want to stay up and talk because it’s a time of the day I’ve looked forward to spending with him for the past six years. It’s important and special and my favorite time of the day. In my opinion, he doesn’t mind as much as he says he does. I know he’s sleepy. I’m sleepy too, but to me, it’s worth it.

And where the conversation ended?

If these are the biggest issues in our marriage, I’d say we’re doing pretty well so far. It’s a learning experience, sure, hence the ease at which he came up with this list and how quickly I formulated my responses. The big picture is that we know these are little things and we treat them as such.

Do we need to discuss some of these things more? Probably. We should think about making the bed more regularly, and vacuuming the hair off the bathroom floor.

And I’ll eventually learn that I don’t have to talk to Hubs at the end of the night for fifteen to thirty minutes in order to savor the moment and the fact that we’ve made it this far together in life and love. It’s been a long time since I wasn’t even allowed to go on “car dates!”

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Old news on a new day

This morning on my way to work, I got stuck in traffic for a few minutes because of a wreck. This made me think about two things:


1. I had been grumpy because my car was frosty and I had to scrape all the windows. It took several minutes. And judging by the fact that the emergency response people were just getting to the scene, it happened several minutes earlier. Maybe even in the few minutes I had been scraping my windows.

I said a silent little prayer thanking God for the frost. Even though I was a little late for work.

It’s not a new thought that sometimes things like this are “meant to be.” In fact, I used to think about this a lot when I was stuck behind a tractor or some other slow-moving vehicle.

Which brings me to my next point:


2. I don’t want to live in the city forever. I’m a farm girl, a country girl. Living in the city is fun for awhile because we can get Chinese food delivered and drive less than a minute to get to Wal-mart. It’s handy because Wyatt’s job is here, and mine will hopefully be here someday. But I can’t see myself being happy living here for the rest of my life. It’s too busy. Too crazy. There’s sirens all the time and traffic makes me nervous. And more than that, there’s no stars.


I know none of that is new news. but it hit me pretty hard at 7:00 this morning.


So what does this mean?

Well, it means that we probably won’t be settling into the home we’ll grow old in when we buy this first house. I guess I didn’t expect to do that anyway, but I’m more sure of it now.

It also means that Hubs and I will have some long, hard difficult decisions about are life, family, and career at some point down the road.

But again, I expected to do that anyway.


So, boys and girls, what did I learn today?


Well, not much. But a good reminder never hurt anyone.


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A night on the town…on my own.

Last night was the first time since being married that I had plans, in Kansas City, without Wyatt.

(Kind of makes me sound like a stay-at-home loser, but I’m okay with that…I think.)

It wasn’t something I’d really thought about, I just haven’t had an opportunity, but as I was getting ready to leave, I realized this was a big step. Not because I felt I didn’t want to get out and have a night with the girls, but because going out without Wyatt means I have to drive there myself.

Uh oh.

If you’ve been following along, you know I tend to dislike driving anywhere that I don’t know where I’m going.

Want some examples? Try reading this onethis one, this one, or this one (my favorite).

Needless to say, I am very much a country girl living in the city. I’m a lot more used to gravel roads and roadkill than interstates and road work.

So when I accepted the invite for a birthday at the Plaza, I admit, I needed a pep talk from Wyatt before I felt ready to leave. He insisted I could make it, and while I doubt his confidence in me, he never wavers (though he does get annoyed),

But I had my cell phone with me, which means I had my GPS. Oh, my trusty GPS.

Except that my phone died when I got there.

Oooh boy.

I headed out of the parking garage…which, as a side note, creep me out, though this one was well lit and had lots of in and out traffic, both on foot and by car.

I walked into the restaurant, hoping I’d see a familiar face. I didn’t know who was coming or how many, and the hostess said, “I don’t think I’ve sat them…” so I commenced to waiting to see if someone I knew walked in. In the meantime, I tried my best to remember how I’d gotten there so I could get back home.

Eventually (only a few minutes, but when you’re alone with no phone, it makes you worry with every minute that the plans got changed and no one was coming) they all got there and we had a great meal at the Cheesecake Factory.

And then it was time to go home. On my own, with no phone.

I borrowed a friend’s cell to call Wyatt to give him a head’s up that if I didn’t show up, he should come looking, and then headed out.

And you know what?

I made it.

(Surprised I’m not writing this from a random computer while still lost somewhere? I thought so, but don’t worry, I’m fine.)

True, I made a wrong turn early on, but I immediately realized it and quickly made my way around the block to get where I needed to go. And true, my cell phone did manage to come back on enough I could have made a very short call if I’d needed to. But I’m still considering this a victory.

Not only did I have a fun night out with some great girls, I made it there and back without much help.

I’d say that’s cause for a celebration.

Any ideas?

I’m thinking a slice of their 30th Anniversary chocolate layered cheesecake sounds like the perfect plan. Too bad I didn’t buy any last night. (I managed to not give in to their 7 dollar slices…)

But the silver lining in not having cheesecake here to enjoy? I know I could get myself there again if the cravings get too overwhelming.

I mean, who wouldn’t face the traffic for a slice of that goodness?




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Not Lost

Today I had to make my way to Liberty to get an estimate for our car repair after our fender bender a few weeks ago (Yes, we are dragging our feet a little in this process).

As usual, I was nervous that I would get totally lost, stranded, and well, have to call my husband at work to come rescue me.

(Which wouldn’t be SOO bad, except that I’d NEVER hear the end of it.)

And of course, that would be a worst case scenario. Most likely, I’d just be really, really late to whatever I was trying to get to.

You’d think that after close to 3 months, I’d be getting better at this driving in the city stuff, but really, as I drive around, I still don’t get the feeling that I really live here. I mean, our apartment feels like home, and I’m getting better at finding my way around the strangely unfamiliar set up of our local Wal-Mart (you’d think they would be more similar from town to town…), but overall, I think I still feel like I’m visiting, or just pretending to live here.

Is that weird?

But today I made it there and back, no problems. At all. I was even feeling confident enough to disagree with the directions on the gps, and go my own way. Go me.

(On a side note, thank goodness for GPS. I’d like to hug whoever invented that wonderful little piece of technology.)


Of course, that doesn’t mean I’ll be any less nervous the next time I go out, so I’m sure there will be more “lost” posts in the future.

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