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Halloween and Other Events

This past weekend, Hubs and I went to exactly 2 birthday parties, 2 Halloween parties, 2 surprise parties, and 1 outdoor bonfire. (Granted, some of these events overlapped on these qualifications. All in all, it was 4 events in three days.)

Needless to say, we’re a bit partied out. Not that these parties weren’t a good time. We’re just ready to stay home and enjoy the inside of our apartment for a few nights. (But not too many nights because we have tickets to watch Sporting KC win a soccer game on Wednesday night.)

This weekend was busy, yes, but it was also great. For lots of reasons I’m going to share with you. (Order may or may not matter in this list.)

1. The Cardinals won the World Series. Wooooooohooooo! I am a Cards girl, despite living in Royals country now, and was super pumped to watch the games all last week and listen (because we were at the outdoor bonfire/birthday/surprise party) to the big win on Friday night.

(Sorry, Father-in-law, that you had to hear it as well, but just try to see it from my perspective. I’d be excited for you if the Royals were to ever win…unless they were beating the Cardinals, which yes, I know, has happened, but not in a LONG time, ok?)

2. We got to hang out with two groups of friends we don’t see often enough. These were for the two Halloween parties and one of the surprise parties. The other surprise party was for my family, but it also counts as a group of friends we don’t see often enough.

3. Wyatt and I have now reached the point when we have been engaged/married for a year. Yay us.

4. I spent some time in the kitchen with my mom. Cooking with her is more fun now than I ever remember it. (Although I don’t really remember us cooking a lot, so maybe that’s why.) (Mom, we should do this more often.)

5. We got to attend the 3rd birthday of my little cousin. The joy of a little kid at his birthday is so pure and unequaled. It puts life and growing older all in perspective. Plus, I got to hold a sweet baby girl. Don’t tell Wyatt, but I think my uterus might have skipped a beat or two.

6. The chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese chocolate peanut butter frosting I made went over pretty well. Yay. And they looked prettier than the last ones I made.

7. Wyatt sent me this link to a sweet video on Friday. I love “Christmas” lights.

And courtesy of Wyatt: 8. Our costumes were a success because most people knew who we were and we got lots of points for creativity and awesomeness. (Ok, I’m not sure how many awesome points we got, but it was fun!)

So, here’s a picture of us in our costumes, just to make sure you’re all still in the Halloween spirit of things.

Can you guess what we are? Wyatt's name badge would help, but I'm curious to see if you can get it.

And tonight, as we sit at home and wait for any potential trick-or-treaters (Wyatt says we won’t have any. I’m not sure, but nothing so far..) we’re enjoying our festive dinner, courtesy Papa Murphy’s.

I've always wanted to have one of these...Yum and cute.

And I had to take one more picture after Wyatt cut it because it looked evil.

See? It's an evil Jack-o-lantern pizza, now!

So here’s to a Happy Halloween, everyone! Enjoy the candy!

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