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How we’re doing on “happily-ever-after:” The Anniversary Post

I can’t believe it.

Really, I can’t.

But it’s true.

Hubs and I have been married for a whole year.

Crazy, isn’t it?

I mean, considering the fact that we dated for 6 1/2 years before we got married, so much more has happened in the past 366 days. (It was a leap year, after all, so we got an extra day in our first year of marriage.)

Anyway, a year ago, we stood in front of friends and family and promised some really beautiful things to each other. They were promises we wrote specifically for the each other, in addition to the more traditional vows that our minister personalized for us.

I just read through them again, as I’ve done several times over the past year, and my eyes filled up with tears of overwhelming joy and humility as I realize how amazingly blessed we are to have found each other so young… how extraordinarily happy I am that I got to marry my best friend.

For some more wedding-related memories, read this post here and this other one here.

And for what I’d learned at the 6-month mark, read this one.

Last year, we promised to figure out our own way to happily-ever-after as we write our love story each day. Here’s how I think we’re doing and what we’ve learned:

1. Being together is so much better than being apart. After doing the distance thing for nearly our entire season of dating, we are so thankful that we are now committed to the “Where you go, I will go,” attitude toward marriage that we’ve chosen. Sure, there will be short periods of time when we have to be apart, and it will be awful, but we’re committed to making a decision together if ever there is a circumstance that would require longer-term time away. Maybe that would be a job change, or something, but if one of us goes, the other goes. No questions. We know that every relationship is different and that what’s right for us doesn’t make sense for everyone, but it’s something we decided before we were married and we continue to be passionate about this decision.

2. I struggle with housework because I’m still learning to balance my time as I work from home. Right now, I’m blogging while Hubs does the dishes. Yes, it’s our anniversary and we’re working towards getting ready to go out to celebrate tonight, but there’s still dishes that need to be done as we enter this busy week. Should I have done them already since I was home all day? Maybe. But did I skip my much-desired workout today because I was so busy with work stuff? Yes. It’s not that I don’t do anything house-related during the day (I did 2 loads of laundry), it’s just that I feel guilty when I come home and there’s so much messiness around me after being here all day. It’s something to work on for next year for sure.

3. Hubs is awesome at being handy. I’ve learned to trust his judgement about things like cars and house repairs. He’s also awesome at Excel and everything else job-related. I so respect him so much as he settles into work and provides for our family. Sure, I’m working, but as a freelancer, my pay is unsteady and usually weeks or months after I spend the time researching and writing. Not so great at helping pay the bills each month. It’s amazing to watch him become a man that I’m even more in love with every day.

4. Our families have been so supportive as we’re settling into marriage. We are constantly blessed by their help, advice, encouragement, and testimonies of what it means to make a marriage work over time. We are blessed with parents and grandparents who truly love one another and whose stories inspired us and shaped the way we view love. As a celebration of that, we made this video to be played before the start of our wedding. It’s just as special now, and I wanted to share it with all of you.

And finally, the biggest lesson or reflection I’ve had thinking back over our year together:

5. This is life. It isn’t something we’re going to ever “Get.” It’s not something we’ll ever fully learn to be good at. We’re going to mess up and lot, laugh a lot, and keep on waking up together every morning by opening our eyes to see the one we love.

Sure, we’re getting better at specific things like fighting fair and sharing the bed, but we’re still just going to have to keep working though every day, no matter how fun or frustrating it may be. We’re blessed to have been given this relationship to share our struggles and joys, and I’m blessed to share it with you. But no matter how hard I try, some days, or weeks, or months, there just isn’t going to be an major “lesson” or achievement in our relationship. Sometimes, life is more about making it together than what where we’re actually going.

However, I can tell you one thing about where we’re going. It’ll be our own little version of paradise, wherever and whatever that means, because we’ll be going there together.

Congratulations to all the newlyweds who read my blog. Whenever your day is, I hope you take some time to think about things you’ve learned or come to realize in your marriage so far. Maybe it’s a communication technique you’ve finally “mastered.” Maybe it’s something to work on for next year. Maybe it’s something you never realized about your hubs that you just adore. Tell me. I’d love to hear!

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Friday’s Food for Thought: Real meaning of MPH…

Ok guys, it’s Friday’s Food for Thought time!

Are you excited?



(If the answer was no, I ignored you…)

Anyway, I saw this video on Facebook, posted by a couple-based blog I liked a few months back to try to win some sort of giveaway.

The background of the story is that the couple is traveling a long way in a car with no radio after staying up all night studying for finals. Clearly, the girl’s poor brain is fried.

They are a young married couple, both college students, and I think their story is really cute.

Here’s the video.

Why do I like this video so much?

Because I relate to it.

We all relate to it.

We all have moments when we just DO NOT and CAN NOT understand a concept our spouse is trying to explain to us. (It doesn’t have to be a spouse, it could be a friend or family, but often times, the emotional stakes are higher when it’s a spouse.)

It happens all the time with Wyatt and I. He’s very analytical. That’s what he does for a living. He’s a business analyst. Seriously. He’s good at math and numbers and formulas.

I’m good at writing and words and reading comprehension.

It’s not that we can’t understand other concepts, it just takes more effort.

(We also understand the kind of conversation that happens when you drive more than an hour in a car with no radio…since Hubs had his radio stolen  months ago.)

The problem with this video is that it went viral. The husband never meant for it to go viral. He posted it online to show their friends and family.

It just so happened that a few months after he posted it, it went crazy, as things on the internet can do.

I don’t think he mean any disrespect for her. I think they’re a young couple that have a friendship-based relationship. We tease our friends, they tease us. It’s part of the things that make up a friendship, right?

And they seem to still be happily married… and they’ve made some money off of the deal, right?

Check out the news story here:

or here.

And it’s always positive when a couple is able to get past an argument by realizing marriage is so much more than emotions.

“I realized our marriage is deeper than that…” she says.

So true.

So, let’s hear it. Do you think he’s a bad guy for posting this? Do we believe they are just having fun and teasing? What about in your relationship, has something like this ever happened to you?

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Wedding season begins again

Today we received the invitation to my best friend’s wedding. (No matter what, I always think of that movie when I say that.)

It’s so exciting!

It’s also crazy that we’re old enough to get married. It seems like not that long ago we were riding the bus to math tournaments and talking during band class.

(It’s okay that I admitted we were a bit nerdy in high school. I’m not ashamed. She isn’t either, I’m sure.)

I can’t help but be a little jealous that she’s about to have the happiest day of her life and I already had the happiest day of my life.

Ok, just kidding.

I know I’ll have lots of other happiest days of my life. Finding out about pregnancies, births (minus the pain part there), buying a house, getting a real job, anniversaries, when our kids have big moments, grow up, and have the happiest days of their lives…

But I do sometimes miss all the beautiful, wonderful, fun things that go along with having a wedding. Of course, I’m her matron of honor, so I get to help, but I live two hours away, so I don’t get to help as much as I’d like…

And I can always look back on how amazingly special and awesome our wedding day was.

I know I shouldn’t be jealous of her special day. And really, I’m more happy than jealous. If I had to say, I’d say I’m 96.7 percent happy and 4.2 percent jealous. That’s not terrible, but I wish I wasn’t at all jealous. But I’m honest with you guys so I know you can handle it. (You might even have advice!)

Seriously though, I’m very, very, very happy for her! And proud of her. She and her fiance did the distance thing like Hubs and I did, though for them, it was a longer distance for a shorter amount of time. (It was long enough, though!)

We know what it’s like to learn to say goodbye and goodnight over the phone, and to wish more than anything you could have a real hug, and to count down the days, hours, and minutes until the next phone call, next visit, next moment alone for a sweet, special kiss…

Now, I can’t wait to watch her get married to her best friend. And it’s even more special to me because I know what it feels like to marry my best friend. And because I’m proud and honored to be a part of her special day! I know their marriage will be a happy one, and I’m so excited to see where the future takes us both.

So, in honor of her wedding, and my own wedding, and how life moves us on to bigger and better and happier and harder things, here’s some great memories to share with you.

This was about 6 years ago. We look pretty much the same though. Kinda.

We have lots of silly fun when we're together. Again, this was a long time ago...I still wear that hat though...


Aren't they cute and happy...four years ago!

We love dressing up. I think we both still have these dresses. We should wear them to the wedding! No? Ok...I won't wear white...and she won't wear black.

These two love birds are always into something.

Hard to believe we're all grown up now...

To all you other best friends of mine out there, I’ll be happy to post about you before your special day. So get on it, girls!

Just kidding.

But seriously, when your time comes, we’ll party it up for you, too! Woohoo!

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STILL in the Christmas spirit…

Today, Hubs and I both have the day off work. What have we done so far? Well, we’ve  had breakfast, cuddled on the couch, and googled what else we wanted to do today.

We’ve found a restaurant we want to try tonight, as well as a fun afternoon and evening of stuff to do in this city. We’ve lived here for more than five months and we still haven’t done a lot of stuff in the city. I mentioned awhile ago that while I love our little apartment and I like living up here with Hubs, the city doesn’t really feel like our permanent home. It feels like we’re visiting or something.

So, I have a plan that if we explore more and find more places that we like to go, we’ll feel more at home.

That may not work, but it’s worth a try, right?

Anyway, now that I’ve rambled for awhile about something unrelated to the topic of this post, I’d like to begin talking about the reason I sat down to write in the first place.

How long is it okay to leave my Christmas tree up?

I still enjoy it, and I don’t want to put it away because I’m still hanging onto the last few shreds of Christmas spirit I can muster up. Why? Because it’s a fun time and I like how festive our apartment ended up looking. Also, I don’t want to have to focus on packing everything up and trying to find a place for it in our apartment. I think we’ve decided we’re going to store our decorations in my parents’ basement until we have more room someday. (Sorry, Mom, and thanks!)

We took down the outdoor lights while the weather was so nice a couple days ago, and we still have the lighted snowman in the window, but he’s on the inside, so we can take him down comfortably even if it’s freezing and snowing outside.

As for all the presents, we’ve done a pretty good job of “moving in” all our new goodies, but there’s still the bigger stuff that needs to find a home in our already-full apartment.

Hubs gets frustrated at this easily, as he thinks we have too much stuff. I tell him to try and imagine what it will be like when we have a whole house to fill up and we have several empty rooms… (resolution number 4 will be both scary and exciting…)

This is a point of contention for us. I like things tidy and neat (despite the state of my closet and bedroom floor sometimes) and I don’t love having a lot of stuff sitting around cluttering up our counters and shelves. However, I also like having stuff on hand when I want it. For instance, I like to know that I have enough cups and dishes for a full dinner party…if the opportunity ever presents itself. Hubs would be fine if we just had 2 cups and 2 plates.

Ok, not really, because we did only have 2 plates for awhile and we both got a bit tired of washing them all the time.

Hubs just keeps reminding how “un fun” it’s going to be to carry all this great stuff out of here and into the next place we’ll live. I know he’s right, but we have plenty of friends and family that will help us with that, right?


Hey, where did everybody go?


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Whose toothbrush is it anyway?

Remember yesterday when I promised I’d show you pictures of our beautiful tree and our apartment all dolled up for the holidays?

Well, I will, but first I want to tell you a story.

One time last week, when Hubs and I were getting ready for bed, I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I got there first so I selected my toothbrush out of the container and added the toothpaste and started brushing.  At least, I thought I selected my toothbrush…until I went to hand Hubs the pink one and we both looked down at that brush and then up at the blue brush that was currently hanging out of my open mouth.


Then I started laughing, and a minor choking incident may have occurred. Remember a long time ago, when I wrote about that happening in this post?

And you know what else? I made a quick decision, shrugged, and just kept brushing while Wyatt rolled his eyes and grabbed the pink one. At that point, it didn’t really matter I suppose. And in all reality, we’ve certainly shared enough spit in other ways for this to not really gross us out. But kissing is different than a toothbrush, right?

Either way, it made me think of this, starting at 2:55 and going until 3:52, but watch the whole thing, really:

Anyway, sorry for this random interlude, I just needed to share.

Hope you enjoyed the laughs!

(Oh, and check back for Christmas photos! I promise!)

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The way we spent last night…

For those of you that don’t know…Call of Duty Modern Warfare Three (COD MW3) came out yesterday.

It’s a big deal, trust me.

Hubs even wrote it on our calendar. Granted, he doesn’t play video games that much. (Thankfully.) But he informed me that would change for awhile when this game came out. I was prepared. As much as I could be.

I mean, do I love that he spent all last night like this?

oh boy...

But I knew when I married him (and WAY before that) that this was part of the package. Ok, that makes him sound like a big gamer nerd, and really he’s not. But love it or hate it, I love him. And loving him means letting him do this when the mood strikes.

And I don’t mean “let” him do this, just to avoid a fight. I mean, trying my best to be supportive of this hobby I don’t share. (The first video game I played was when I was in college and Wyatt tried to start me with Halo2. Bad choice. He finally got so tired of me being lost and falling off the game surface that he told me to just ride along on a tank with him. I even fell off that a couple of times. I just don’t have the muscle memory to make my fingers remember which buttons to push and when.)

Anyway, yesterday I was super nice and did everything I could to earn my “Awesome Wife-Merit Badge.”  I waited in line at the game store to pick up the game so it would be there when he got home from work. I bought Mountain Dew even though I don’t encourage Wyatt to drink soda and it costs more than what I drink…water. I made him a BBQ beef sandwich and chips so he could eat dinner while he played. And most importantly, I put on headphones and parked myself in the dining room where I didn’t bother him all night.

Tonight we are going to play soccer at 8:30, but until then, I’m sure he’ll want to play again. And though I’m trying to be okay with it, I feel a bit of annoyance starting to creep in.

Is all this silly? Probably. Is it temporary? Absolutely. Because Wyatt doesn’t play video games every night. And I’m not going to buy Mountain Dew all the time. But I’ll let him have his fun for now.

After all, he’s agreed to watch every episode of FRIENDS with me, from season 1 to season 10, all in this first year of marriage. (We’re currently on the beginning of season three. We’ve got a long way to go.)

I probably better let him have a few more nights of video games to make up for it, huh?

I’ll go get him a mountain dew…

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Dinner with Friends, and more…

Last night, Wyatt and I had the blessing of having my best friend and her fiance over for dinner. It was our first time cooking for others in our little apartment (other than breakfast or dessert of something small like that) and I admit I was a little nervous because we don’t really have an open kitchen so it’s hard to talk to people while we’re cooking. Still, it was super fun to have them over for good conversation and good food.

(Is it wrong for me to call my own food good like that? I don’t think so…)

We had burgers topped with blue cheese butter (that I made), bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes, twice baked potatoes, and baked zucchini fries. (You’ve seen several of these recipes before, so I’m not going to worry about pictures and recipes, except for this one.)

Pumpkin cupcakes with maple cream cheese frosting. Oh. My. Yum.

I used the last of my fresh pumpkin I roasted (read about that adventure here) instead of the canned puree that the recipe calls for. And I didn’t use toffee bits to top them, I used a little pumpkin cookie mix I had leftover from the crust of the four layer pumpkin dessert I made and some pumpkin pie spice. I also substituted the ginger and nutmeg with pumpkin pie spice.

And I admit I used canned cream cheese frosting and added, real maple syrup (more than it called for), vanilla, and a pinch of salt to make my frosting. I wanted to make the real stuff, but I already had the cream cheese frosting and I wanted to get it out of my cabinet. Don’t judge me.

Also, I used my little mini cupcake maker I got last year from Christmas.

How cute, right?

It makes the cupcakes a bit more dense, but still pretty good.

They take only a few minutes to bake, but you have to check them because they don't cook evenly.

But they are super yummy when they come out. And hot. Watch out, they’ll burn you.

Like little muffins, but cake.

And I got to use my pretty serving platter. Liz, my best friend, said they looked like something from Martha Stewart. I don’t know about that, but it made me feel good, none the less.


Needless to say, I’ll be making these again. Maybe for my family for thanksgiving, if they’re lucky.

Oh, and in case you haven’t had enough of Halloween yet, I wanted to show you some more pictures of our Halloween parties.

Here’s my friend Liz and her fiance. At Halloween party number 1.

They’re Jack and Sally from Nightmare before Christmas.

At party number 2, Drew Woolery, our host, had a photo booth set up. So there were tons of crazy awesome pictures. Here’s some to share with you guys. (Thanks, Drew, for letting me post your photos!)

Good times with good friends.

It was a fun time.

I like the Ms. Frizzle outfit. Nice!

Perhaps a bit too much fun for the little one…

Poor thing! All those shirtless guys!

There was lots of creative costumes.

Mr. and Mrs. Pacman.

And of course, your newlyweds…

Our clue characters made another appearance.

Anyway, I have more stuff to share with you guys, so be on the lookout for more posts to come soon!

Don’t forget about the opportunity to ask us questions (Yes, US, Wyatt said he would answer questions, too!) so we can all get to know each other better!

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