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First Annual Champagne Friday

Ok, I know Tuesday nights might be a little late for a weekend recap post, but that’s okay, right?

It’s still worth sharing, I think.

And here’s why. Hubs had a long work week last week. In fact, he had to work late Friday night. (Remember me asking for advice about that?)

Friday night, this happened.

I made homemade pizza for the first time ever and I’m not too modest to say it was awesome.

I even made the sauce and grated the cheese all myself…Not to mention “rolling” out the crust. I usually reserve dough tasks for Hubs because for some reason, he just seems to be better at it.

But…he had to work late on Friday and I was hungry and didn’t want to wait for him to get home to get started so I set off on my own. And it was awesome.

Then, since we were having such a grand Friday night, we dubbed it our first annual Champagne Friday.

We added frozen fruit to our champagne and it was LOVE-LY! Even Hubs said so, and he’s usually a dark craft beer kinda guy. Also, that’s the wooden Sudoku game I got for Hubs 2 years ago that we JUST played for the 1st time.

Think Champagne Friday is not a real holiday?

Well, you’re wrong.

It’s real and you should celebrate it, too.

I realize annual means once a year. I doubt this new holiday will only be celebrated once a year at our household…but…it just sounds better, so I’m sticking with it.

Anyway, so that’s how we spent our lovely Friday date night in.

On Saturday, Hubs made breakfast (I know, what a guy…who says romance stops after the wedding??) and then we cleaned out the garage.

It sounds awful but it was actually awesome. It was soo needed and now it looks a million billion times better in there.

Then we planted 36 tulip bulbs and I told them sweet things to encourage them to grow pretty and strong and not die over the winter and stuff.

And then we went shopping to buy our own nativity set with a 30% off coupon we got in the mail for Hallmark. That was a fun and still slightly too expensive shopping trip. I swear, I could be happy buying about 50% of everything inside a Hallmark store either for myself or as gifts for someone else. It’s the best. I did buy a small Christmas gift for one of our mothers, though, and I refrained from buying the new Peanuts Christmas movie. Yes, there’s a NEW ONE AGAIN THIS YEAR! I’m so excited! I also refrained from buying the Winnie-the-pooh nursery picture…being as that we don’t have a nursery or a baby yet…

Then we went out to dinner and had a fabulous time.

Sunday brought a new church to try (it was just okay) and then a walk in the glorious fall weather before watching the SKC game…which sadly, didn’t go as we’d hoped.

Still, all in all, it was a great weekend…and I’d like to attribute it to the great start we got on Friday with the champagne. Something about that fun, bubbly drink just says “Celebrate!” and that’s exactly what we did all weekend.

What were we celebrating?

Well, nothing really.

Or rather everything.

After all, we have each other. We have our families and friends. We have this home we love so much. And we’re young and in love and happy to celebrate on a random Friday night for no reason. And I hope we never lose that attitude. Even after the babies and the soccer leagues and the PTA meetings wear us down…even when we find we may not remember how young and carefree we once were…even when we’re old and tired…

I think that’s part of why being a newlywed is so special. It’s just that attitude of being free and willing to have champagne for no other reason than that simply having it with each other is reason enough.

What about you? What are you celebrating lately? What’s your favorite way to cheer up after a long work week and start your week off right?


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Right now…

Right now I’m sitting on my couch wearing workout clothes, but I haven’t worked out today.

Right now I’m finding other things to do than make the work calls I need to make because it’s Friday afternoon and I’m just not motivated, even though I have a mid-week deadline next week and still need a lot of information to make it.

Right now there’s a pile of clean laundry in our bedroom that keeps getting bigger. I’ve started to walk by it and say, “I’m going to fold you today,” sternly and point at it. But it’s still not folded. It’s been two WHOLE days, people. Yikes.

Right now I’m hungry only an hour and a half after lunch because for the second day in a row all I ate was some homemade vegetable lo-mein noodles that are no where near as good as the stuff I’m craving. (Shout out to that little place in Fayette, where I went to college, that had the best Chinese food in the entire world, apparently.)

Right now I’m staring at a pile of coupons I just cut out that need to be sorted and put away. There’s also a pile of grocery ads I need to go through to price match our grocery list for this week/month.

Right now I’m wishing Hubs was home. Today’s not an anniversary or anything, I’m just feeling a little sentimental and lonely as I think about how much a love that man.

This table is no longer in our living room, but even when it was, this home has been a happy one. We’re so blessed.

There’s a glimpse into my house on this Friday afternoon. What’s up in your corner of the world? Come on, tell me. I told you about the pile of laundry I’ve started talking to…

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Friday’s Food for Thought: Love in a Tutu

Husbands and wives share a special bond and usually that special bond includes inside jokes and secret little ways to cheer each other up and make each other smile. If the face of wife Linda Carey’s battle with breast cancer, Bob Carey is bringing those special little moments from their private lives to the rest of the world in a very vulnerable, yet comical way.

It’s clear the dedication and love he has for his wife. It’s clear the good they’re trying to accomplish in the lives of others battling this disease. It’s clear that they’re story is special. In fact, it’s so special, it’s now a full on movement to try to raise money in the fight to find a cure.

all images from the Tutu Project website

Bob writes on his website, “During these past nine years, I’ve been in awe of her power, her beauty, and her spirit. Oddly enough, her cancer has taught us that life is good, dealing with it can be hard, and sometimes the very best thing—no, the only thing—we can do to face another day is to laugh at ourselves, and share a laugh with others.”

all images from the Tutu Project facebook page

Here’s the Today show interview. Check it out. Try not to feel a little bit better after watching this. I dare you.

The Tutu Project

all images from the Tutu Project's facebook page

 It begs the question of what we would be willing to do for our spouse if they were ever in need of just something small to make them smile…or in need of something bigger. Something to save their life.

Rock on, Tutu Man. Thanks for showing us all a little bit of the love you have for your dear wife.

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Friday’s Food for Thought…”Love” letter edition

A few days before his 26-year-old son, Michael, got married, future-President Ronald Reagan sent him a letter of advice on love and marriage. This was in 1971.

It’s a pretty great letter, full of wisdom, so I wanted to share it with you guys. I’d love to know what you think, so you know the drill – got something to say? Leave a comment! I’ll talk back, I promise!


Photo from:

Michael Reagan
Manhattan Beach, California
June 1971

Dear Mike:

Enclosed is the item I mentioned (with which goes a torn up IOU). I could stop here but I won’t.

You’ve heard all the jokes that have been rousted around by all the “unhappy marrieds” and cynics. Now, in case no one has suggested it, there is another viewpoint. You have entered into the most meaningful relationship there is in all human life. It can be whatever you decide to make it.

Some men feel their masculinity can only be proven if they play out in their own life all the locker-room stories, smugly confident that what a wife doesn’t know won’t hurt her. The truth is, somehow, way down inside, without her ever finding lipstick on the collar or catching a man in the flimsy excuse of where he was till three A.M., a wife does know, and with that knowing, some of the magic of this relationship disappears. There are more men griping about marriage who kicked the whole thing away themselves than there can ever be wives deserving of blame. There is an old law of physics that you can only get out of a thing as much as you put in it. The man who puts into the marriage only half of what he owns will get that out. Sure, there will be moments when you will see someone or think back to an earlier time and you will be challenged to see if you can still make the grade, but let me tell you how really great is the challenge of proving your masculinity and charm with one woman for the rest of your life. Any man can find a twerp here and there who will go along with cheating, and it doesn’t take all that much manhood. It does take quite a man to remain attractive and to be loved by a woman who has heard him snore, seen him unshaven, tended him while he was sick and washed his dirty underwear. Do that and keep her still feeling a warm glow and you will know some very beautiful music. If you truly love a girl, you shouldn’t ever want her to feel, when she sees you greet a secretary or a girl you both know, that humiliation of wondering if she was someone who caused you to be late coming home, nor should you want any other woman to be able to meet your wife and know she was smiling behind her eyes as she looked at her, the woman you love, remembering this was the woman you rejected even momentarily for her favors. 

Mike, you know better than many what an unhappy home is and what it can do to others. Now you have a chance to make it come out the way it should. There is no greater happiness for a man than approaching a door at the end of a day knowing someone on the other side of that door is waiting for the sound of his footsteps.


P.S. You’ll never get in trouble if you say “I love you” at least once a day.



I found this letter at

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Friday’s Food for Thought: Facebook style

Today, Facebook has certainly become a household name. Almost everyone I know has a page, and I’d estimate that about 90 percent of those actually use it to communicate and keep up with their friends, both real and Facebook-style.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what role the social network plays in relationships.

For us, we don’t interact on Facebook very often because Hubs rarely checks his. (We do tweet at each other fairly often, though!)

But for this couple, Facebook means a lot! They met and married all because of an online search. It’s like a dating site…for free!

I mean, my sister and her husband has their first interaction on Facebook because I suggested she might like him and she looked him up and added him as a friend. You never know!

And what about couples who share an account? My parents do that, though most postings and/or interactions come from my mom. Dad’s more of a silent “lurker,” but when he does leave a comment, he usually signs it, “dad,” so we know who we’re talking to.

This wedding photographer dislikes the trend and talks about it here:

It works for them, and they definitely don’t need separate accounts, but a lot of my younger married friends still have both, and sometimes leave cute messages on each others’ pages.

But what about the darker side? Stories of cheating significant others caught by incriminating wall posts and messages fill magazines. It’s certainly a real temptation based on how many stories are out there. I’m not going to post one, I think we all know how those stories go, so there’s no reason to dig up the dirty details. I think we all agree that it’s technology that needs to be treated with respect, care, and caution. There’s no way you should do things online you wouldn’t do in person. And if you’d do those sorts of things in person? Well, the relationship is already in need of some seriously healing.

I guess my main question is what role Facebook will play in our marriage as we grow older. Surely, I’ll still use to connect with the friends and family we moved away from. Hubs? Well, I’d guess that his page will eventually be deleted…

What about you? Are you and your spouse on Facebook? Why? Will you stay that way? Any pros and cons?

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Friday’s Food for Thought: Real meaning of MPH…

Ok guys, it’s Friday’s Food for Thought time!

Are you excited?



(If the answer was no, I ignored you…)

Anyway, I saw this video on Facebook, posted by a couple-based blog I liked a few months back to try to win some sort of giveaway.

The background of the story is that the couple is traveling a long way in a car with no radio after staying up all night studying for finals. Clearly, the girl’s poor brain is fried.

They are a young married couple, both college students, and I think their story is really cute.

Here’s the video.

Why do I like this video so much?

Because I relate to it.

We all relate to it.

We all have moments when we just DO NOT and CAN NOT understand a concept our spouse is trying to explain to us. (It doesn’t have to be a spouse, it could be a friend or family, but often times, the emotional stakes are higher when it’s a spouse.)

It happens all the time with Wyatt and I. He’s very analytical. That’s what he does for a living. He’s a business analyst. Seriously. He’s good at math and numbers and formulas.

I’m good at writing and words and reading comprehension.

It’s not that we can’t understand other concepts, it just takes more effort.

(We also understand the kind of conversation that happens when you drive more than an hour in a car with no radio…since Hubs had his radio stolen  months ago.)

The problem with this video is that it went viral. The husband never meant for it to go viral. He posted it online to show their friends and family.

It just so happened that a few months after he posted it, it went crazy, as things on the internet can do.

I don’t think he mean any disrespect for her. I think they’re a young couple that have a friendship-based relationship. We tease our friends, they tease us. It’s part of the things that make up a friendship, right?

And they seem to still be happily married… and they’ve made some money off of the deal, right?

Check out the news story here:

or here.

And it’s always positive when a couple is able to get past an argument by realizing marriage is so much more than emotions.

“I realized our marriage is deeper than that…” she says.

So true.

So, let’s hear it. Do you think he’s a bad guy for posting this? Do we believe they are just having fun and teasing? What about in your relationship, has something like this ever happened to you?

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Food for Thought: Absence makes the heart grow fonder…

…or forgetful.

(Name that movie…)


Well, I can tell you now that Hubs has been gone all week for business. It was awful.

Ok, it wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t fun.

It helped that my mom came up and visited. But still…

I picked him up at the airport and his first request was to take a shower. So we came home and he took a shower while I made meatloaf and macaroni and cheese.

Now we’re hanging out on the couch, all happy.


What do you think? Does absence make the heart grow fonder? Or forgetful?

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Friday’s Food for Thought: Way to go, Jim.

Last night, Hubs and I sat and watched the Office.

I wanted to post it but it’s not online yet, so here’s a brief description:

Jim is away on business. There’s a girl there that’s normal and fun and they hang out and get along. And at first it seems normal and fine. Until she shows up at his hotel room door saying the thermostat is her room is messed up and asking if she can hang out with him.

He does his best to keep his distance and get rid of her, but finally, he confronts her, saying he’s a happily married man. She insults his judgement and acts like he’s totally out of line for saying it. And then proceeds to be even more inappropriate.

And he finally tells her to leave, and gets Dwight to come drive her away.

As I watched, I couldn’t help but ask Wyatt what he would do if that happened.

He couldn’t help but laugh and laugh and laugh.

He assured me it would never, ever happen. But I pressed on, and we established that I would be totally fine if he went down to the lobby and reserved another room and locked her out of it. I wouldn’t care at all, no matter what it cost. Even if the only room available was the penthouse suite.

Marriage boundaries are something I’m super passionate about. Maybe because I’m old fashioned. Or maybe this never goes our of style…

Obviously, the show was a crazy example of something that will likely never happen in real life. But the principle is the same. Marriage is sacred and should be treated carefully and respected by all. If there’s a threat, it needs to be addressed.

And it’s not the first TV episode that’s inspired some good conversations. I may not like being lazy at night, but I enjoy any conversation that ends with laughter and smiles.

What do you think? Are there other examples that have inspired similar conversations in your marriage? I’d love to know your thoughts on this!

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Friday’s Food for Thought – Victoria Secret Edition

Ok guys, I know this might be a bit old news, (I wanted to post it last week but it was marriage week, so I post-poned it) but I thought it was worth mentioning because it caused me to think.

Here’s the back story:

Kylie Bisutti, formerly a Victoria Secret model, decided to leave her career as a lingerie model because she became convicted that she wasn’t honoring her husband, or the Lord, with her body in the way she thought she should.

I think she is brave for coming out to admit that in a world where the media is likely to judge her for her decision.

I also think she has the right to choose for herself what was best for her.

However, I think the main reason this is interesting is because the media made such a huge deal about it. She’s done interviews and had multiple news stories covering her decision.

But, I think it’s great that if she decided her career was harming her marriage, she did something about it.

What do you think? What’s the real story here?

I think her decision was admirable but I’m not sure it was right that she got so much attention.

Check it out, I’d love to know if you had heard this story or what you thought.

P.S. I know I posted this on Saturday. Please forgive me?


Good, thanks.

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Friday’s Food For Thought: Marriage Week

Hi guys!

Thanks for stopping by for Friday’s Food For Thought!

Sorry it’s almost Saturday now…hopefully you’ll forgive me. I got called back into work tonight (after I left there at 2.)

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that it’s National Marriage Week this week.

This is the logo from their website. Go check it out.

It runs February 7-14, and according to their website, the focus is a “collaborative effort to encourage many diverse groups to strengthen individual marriages, reduce the divorce rate, and build a stronger marriage culture, which in turn helps curtail poverty and benefits children.”

I haven’t been to any of their events, but I’m sure there are some good ones. If there’s one in your area, you should go and report back. Consider it an assignment!

Just kidding.

But if you do go, I’d love to hear about it.

Anyway, I certainly think it’s a good idea to make it a focus for churches for step up and take responsibility for teaching their members what it means to work at a marriage. Of course, in an ideal world, that wouldn’t be an issue. In an ideal world, we would all love perfectly.

But, even if great relationships, there’s struggles and times when it’s easier to “fight or flight” instead of taking the time to work something out. I’m not saying there aren’t cases when things have simply gone too far and no amount of work can take back all the hurt and brokenness. What I am saying is that we need to do what we can to help each other not reach that point.

There looks to be some resources for sale through their site, and a calendar of events that can be searched by location. I’d love to know if any of you have heard of this before. I happened to hear it mentioned on the radio and wasn’t sure what it was so I googled it and found this!

I think one of the coolest parts is their promotion of “Date Night Challenge,” through Focus on the Family.

It’s the idea for couples to go on three dates in three weeks, in an attempt to form a habit and hopefully strengthen or rebuild relationships. Dating is so important! Why do we all remember our own pre-wedding days with our spouses so fondly? Because during those times, we’re SO committed to making the other person happy, giving them a reason to love us, and just enjoying the more limited (and precious) time we had together. Life gets in the way easily, so it’s hard to make time. That’s why this little jump start to dating seems like a fun idea!

Check it out here.

What do you think? Is marriage week a good thing? Can it work? How SHOULD we be working on our marriages?


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