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Trying to do it all…

I’m trying to do a lot of things.

1. Be a good wife. I get emotional and sometimes I cry or snap at Hubs. I get annoyed at the piles of laundry he hides on his side of the bed. I get tired of doing dishes. I get frustrated that we don’t have enough storage for all the stuff I want to put in our kitchen cabinets. I also leave my makeup and stuff on his side of the sink. All that is true.

But, it’s also true that I love Wyatt intensely, and I’m passionate and excited about our future together, despite the fact that I sometimes mess up. Ok, I mess up a lot.

2. I’m trying to have a career I love.

Yes, I’m working three jobs right now, and I like each one for different reasons. Yes, Job#1 means not all of my “time at home” is “free time.” That’s okay because it gives Hubs some “TV/Video game time” and I love the work and am learning a lot. Yes, Job#2 makes me want to scream sometimes because there’s an endless amount of people that walk through the door, and the phone NEVER STOPS RINGING, but I enjoy the people I work with and I’m learning to let go of the things I can’t change and disconnect from work when I go home, things I’ve never been very good at. And yes, Job#3 is a drive, and pays not so much, and is frustrating, but I’m confident it will help me get where I want to go someday down the road. I’m learning a lot, and getting more and more practice.

They all have pros and cons, but overall, I wish I didn’t get tired and frustrated as easily as I do because  I’m really very thankful for each of them for different reasons.

3. I’m trying to plan a bridal shower for my best friend. This is such a fun task, but it’s harder because I’m no longer living in the town with the people I’m trying to work with. Thank goodness for the internet.

4. I’m trying to keep our apartment clean. I dislike dusting, and out apartment’s vents must be full of years of dirt because there is a layer of dust on our furniture only minutes after I wipe them down. I also try to stay caught up with laundry and dishes and mail and grocery shopping and…

I know I can’t wait to have a house, but it’s crazy to think how a bigger house will tend to mean a bigger mess. Good thing Hubs is helping me out more and more.

5. I’m trying to get in shape to run a half marathon this Spring. Yikes. The cold and rain aren’t making this easy.

6. I’m trying to eat healthier. I know Hubs and I both can use more veggies in our daily meals. We can also use less excess sweets and salt. My how I love sweets and salt! (Not necessarily together, but together is also tasty!)

I know that eating salad at home would be a good way to do this. Sadly, I hate buying lettuce. The bagged lettuce is expensive, but the head lettuce wilts so quickly! I’m at a loss as to what to do. I wish there was a magic kitchen gadget that would make washing and storing lettuce easier.

7. I’m trying to adjust to life in the city, away from my family and friends. Don’t get me wrong. I love our little apartment. I like living in the city. It’s great that we have friends (and family) near us in the city. But there’s a lot of people that I find myself missing pretty often. I’ve lived in one place my whole life until now and it’s hard to adjust to not being around the same people and places.

8. I’m trying to save as much money as I/we can. I price match at Walmart. (Yes, I’m one of those but I do go as quickly as I can at the check out!) I also use coupons when possible. I look for deals and I don’t go in Hobby Lobby or Pier 1, ever. I also try to avoid shoe stores.

Hubs does a good job of this as well. He’s actually even thriftier than me.

With all this trying, it’s easy to see why I get discouraged when there’s so much “trying” and not as much “doing.” I wish things would move faster sometimes, but I don’t want to wish any time away from this first year.

This whole year of marriage has been a huge learning experience so far. And not because I’m learning to love Wyatt more or learning to live with him, thought that’s true, too. But I’m growing up a lot and learning a lot about what I want, what we want, what we need, and what our future will look like together.

But, I’ll keep trying. And right now I’m going to try to figure out a way I can take a nap, workout, shower, and get ready for work all in the next hour…

Wish me luck!


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Today was a big day…

Today was a big day.

It was my first day at my “new job.” Yes, I have a new job. In case you missed it, that’s job number three.

Yes, I went from no job to three jobs in about four months.

It’s not necessarily the best thing ever, but it’s still a good thing.

I’m not complaining, because I’m certainly thankful for the income, and even more thankful for the opportunities. I’m learning and growing and hopefully going down a path that will lead me to somewhere even better in the future. It’s just an internship, but it’s something.

So even though today was a big day, it was also just a small step.

And instead of trying to tell you everything that happened today, I’ve narrowed it down to the top seven most note-worthy things.

1. I started a new job at a new company. I’m now a staff writer. It sounds so official. It’s pretty exciting to see my email signature with that as my job title. Silly? Sure. But I’m happy to admit it.

2. I met a lot of people today. I don’t remember all their names, even though I tried. I do remember several though, and there’s name plates on the cubicles, so that’s something, right?

3. I “commuted” to work for the first time today. It wasn’t fun, but it was okay. It’d rather not have to do that, but living in the city will probably make that an impossible goal. Thirty-some minutes isn’t that bad.

4. They spelled my name wrong on my email address. They fixed it, but still, it was an ironic start to my day. And a pretty humbling experience in the middle of the “I got a job! I matter! I must be good at this if they hired me, so just keep believing I can learn this stuff!” pep talk I was giving myself all day. I emailed Hubs with my “new” name and he said I looked German.

5. Hubs made dinner, and it was ready when I got home. It was delicious. He also ran the dishwasher, unloaded the dishwasher, cleaned the kitchen, and all that other awesome stuff. He’s the best. Reason  #45 that husband roommates are the best.

6. I got a freelance job today. It means I’ll have a busier night tomorrow, since I didn’t really start it, yet, but I know Hubs will step up and help out. He complains sometimes, but the truth is, he’s the best. See number 5 for more on this.

7. Hubs and I looked online for houses tonight. No, we haven’t gone to get pre-approved yet. And no, we aren’t ready to buy. But I’m already even more excited for the future than I was. I love planning my life with him. And dreaming big. No, we don’t need a pool, but if it comes with it, why not? Just kidding, sort of.

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Another Day, Another Interview…

Let me begin by saying that I am still thankful for the job I have. I really am. I don’t dislike it. In fact, sometimes, it’s even sort of fun and enjoyable. But I am not cut out for a career in retail.

So, let me next say that I am thankful for possible career opportunities, even though I’m anxious to be finished with the interview process.

Just to recap in case you’re new here, (And if you are, Welcome!) I’ve been looking for a job as a writer since Hubs and I got married and I moved up to KC. I had a couple of interviews back in August/September, but since then, other than the interview for the retail job I have now, I haven’t had much luck in my job hunt.

Which is incredibly frustrating and discouraging. (If you know anyone who is job hunting right now, give them a hug and a free meal any chance you can, ok?)

But in the last three weeks, I’ve had three interviews.


It feels good to get that off my chest.

I mean, I want to be honest with you guys, but I also don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up (especially mine!) by talking about any opportunities too early.

So, I’ll just finish up this post with a list of things I’ve learned so far in the job hunt process.

1. Having a college degree is helpful, no matter how awful student loans are or how discouraging it is to be working a part-time retail job right after I graduated. If I didn’t have a degree, I would have to leave the “education” part of applications looking a lot more blank on all these applications. Not to mention that I’m actually semi-trained for all these jobs I’m applying for.

2. Going on interviews is not all that fun. Yes, I enjoy meeting new people, and yes, it’s exciting, and yes, I learn a lot with each interview. But no, I don’t enjoy having to wonder if I’m at the right building on the right floor, and if I’m pronouncing everyone’s name correctly, and whether or not I’m saying the right sorts of things when you ask me to tell you “a little bit about myself.”

3. Companies don’t have big enough signs outside their buildings stating their names and addresses. Just saying.

4. All applications are basically the same. And I respect that I still need to fill yours out even though my resume answers almost all the same questions. But it doesn’t mean I enjoy entering all that information in over and over again. I’ll do it, and I understand why you want me to do it, but I won’t miss it after I get hired.

5. Looking for a job and a house is hard to do at the same time. I’m not sure which should be done first, (depending on your priorities…) but I know they shouldn’t be done at the same time.

6. There are a lot of other people who are struggling just like me. It sucks to not have a job that feels totally fulfilling. But until then, we’re all going to keep looking. At least I will, no matter how frustrating and discouraging and emotionally draining it is. You should, too.

7. There are no easy answers to those behavioral interview questions. You know, the ones that ask, “Tell me about a time when…what did you do and how did it affect the end result?” Sometimes I feel like I can rock these questions, and other times I find my thought process to go something like this:

“I can’t think of anything…Quick, think of something! Stop thinking about it so much…but make it be a really good example! And make sure your facial expression doesn’t look like you can’t think of anything! Gosh darnit, I still can’t think of anything. Does he know I can’t think of anything? Stop thinking about thinking about something and start thinking of something!!”

Ok, in all seriousness, it’s not that bad, and I actually do have good answers for some of these questions, and I’m fairly good at thinking on my feet, but still, I will REJOICE on the day I no longer have to worry about these.

8. Looking for a job is hard work, but it helps to have printer. I’m sad to say that my old college printer is dying a slow death (it’s currently in a “false paper jam” coma), and Hubs and I are the proud, albeit slightly annoyed and angry, owners of a new all-in-one wireless printer! It’s awesome so far. But I have terrible luck with printers (Sorry, old buddy that got me through college. If the HP tech guy had said he could help, I wouldn’t have given up on you. You haven’t gone to the garbage yet, so there’s still some hope, right?), so I’ll keep you posted.

9. Talking about how the job hunt is going is both helpful because it shows me that people care and are interested, but also a bit painful because there just isn’t all that much to report and sometimes it’s hard to seem super positive when I’m really just tired and don’t want to think about it. I’m pretty positive and upbeat, but still, it’s just a drain sometimes. However, I do appreciate all the well wishes and support, and I accept gifts and chocolate if you ever want to send a “job hunt” care package my way.

Just kidding.

Sort of.

10. It helps to know people. I don’t know anyone up here in the industry I’m currently seeking work in, but I am going to promise, with all of you as my witness, that someday, after I have a job and am successful (at something! whatever it will turn out to be…), I will do whatever I can to help anyone I know that needs a job in the field I’m working in.

11. Being a newlywed without a job is HARD. We have bills, we want to buy a house. It’s stressful to try and figure out finances when one half of the couple isn’t working. It’s also a lot of pressure to put on myself that we’re sort of waiting to buy a house, something we both want very badly, until I have a job, or some sort of idea of where I might end up, career-wise. I’m thankful that Hubs is so encouraging, but I won’t lie. I’m pretty hard on myself sometimes because I want so badly to see us move forward with our dreams. Yes, we’re happy here, and yes, I’m trying to not rush God’s plan for our lives, but it’s still hard. Just hard.

12. Post-interview glasses of wine or bottles of beer seem like a good idea. Too bad all of my interviews are usually in the morning….

What about you? Any job hunt tips? Any job offers for a magical, secret dream job you’d like to offer? Is anyone else dealing with this right now?

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A new adventure to tackle…work.

First of all, THANKS for all the great Christmas feedback! You guys have given some great advice on the questions I asked yesterday. If you have other insight, please share it! It’s not too late!

Next, I think it’s time I reveal that I am no longer unemployed! Woo hoo! Actually, I haven’t been unemployed for awhile because I’ve been doing some part-time freelance writing (writing is my passion, and getting paid to do that is such a blessing!). But today was my first day of training at a new part-time position close to our apartment. I won’t go into too much detail yet, but it’s a specialized retail position and I think I’ll really enjoy my time there.

Is it my dream job? No, I already told you that writing was my passion. But I am excited about this opportunity to learn new skills and make some money to put into savings (Hubs and I are hoping to buy a house in the next year or so…) and I really do think I’ll have fun with this. And it will get me out of the house so I’m not stuck inside during the cold and snowy winter months when I can’t go running and I have cabin fever. Plus, it does fall into the category of giving me experience in an area I’d eventually love to write about, so if nothing else, I can use this as training for a possible future opportunity, right? Right.

This is my "I just got hired" face!

As you can see, I’m pretty upbeat about the whole thing, though I admit, I was so used to being rejected and ignored that when they hired me, I was a bit shocked! In fact, I drove to the bank and then to Wal-mart totally hyped up and dazed, just wishing 5 o’clock would get here so I could tell Wyatt about it.

I’m super thankful for the opportunity and while I felt a little like I was “giving up” on my dreams of being a writer, I have realized I shouldn’t see it that way. Not only am I still doing the freelance work, I’m also going to keep looking for something more permanent and in my career field. I know I have a lot to learn and a lot to offer someone in the future. So I need to continue to seek that out while taking advantage of this opportunity right now.

(P.S. Did anyone notice how green my eyes look in that picture above? Wow. I thought they were turning a bit darker, but maybe not. And the flash doesn’t show the yellow, but trust me, the yellow sunflowers are there, just ask Hubs.)

Sorry for that aside.

So, because of this new job, Hubs beat me home from work today and had the oven all preheated for dinner (leftovers from this night. Yum) I have a feeling that if I’m not home during the day, we’ll need some adjustments. I’ll have to get used to doing more housework at night when Hubs is here, and Hubs will have to start doing more of that, too…If he wants clean underwear to put on every morning.

(I joke with him that the laundry fairy visits his dresser during the day to fill it up…but if the laundry fairy is busy at work, those visits might get fewer and far between!)

It’s not that I mind doing the housework, I really don’t. I like being able to serve our little family in that way. It’s my way of staying busy and “doing my part” since I’ve been home all day anyway. And I’m sure Hubs will have no problem doing more around here. After all, before we got married, he was used to doing all that for himself anyway. In fact, I’m actually kind of excited to settle into this newer pace in our relationship. I think it will feel more long-term, since the whole time I’ve been home has been a little like I’ve just been waiting for my “real” life to start. (Not that being a housewife hasn’t been “real” life, or won’t someday be my “real” life again, but as a newlywed with no kiddos, I’ve just been expecting to go to work someday. And that someday finally came.)

And, now that I’m home from work and dinner is done and Hubs is settled in on the couch, I think I’ll get up from my lap top, do the dish (yes, just one, aren’t leftovers nice?) and then make some hot tea, and find a new craft to do tonight. Anyone have suggestions for cheap, easy Christmas crafts you like to do?

Before I do that, though, I wanted to mention the chance to vote for me to win a Top Ten Marriage Blog Award over at Stupendous Marriage. It’s an honor to be nominated and I’m very grateful for all of the readers and support I’ve gotten since July. It really is great to belong to this blogging community of people committed to and interested in marriage, or just those that like to follow along with our adventures in figuring out married life.

So thanks for reading! And if you like it here (I hope you do!), I’d appreciate if you’d go vote! It’s pretty quick and easy. Just go here. and follow the instructions. Or click the little blue and green Top Ten Finalist button on the top right of the page. Thanks in advance!



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