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Color Me Happy, just because

On Sunday morning, Hubs and I got up extra extra early to go run/walk a 5K in this crazy heat.

At the moment the alarm went off, we were both thinking it was a pretty bad idea.

But by the time we got done, we were feeling a heck of a lot happier. Probably because we looked like this:

Love the crazy colors in this photo. Love how fun this was. Think our teeth look a little weird…

By the time we got home, Hubs looked like he’d been through some sort of weird color war.

It’s like he’s wearing camo paint…in multi-colors

I looked pretty colorful, too.

Super messy morning…keep in mind I’d already washed my face once by this point

Yes, we got some stains in our hair and on our skin, but that’s okay. I’d say it was worth it.

MOST of that came out in the shower…

So what newlywed lesson did I learn in all this?

Well, I don’t know. Maybe just that sometimes it’s okay to do something totally crazy for no reason.

What about you? What wild, fun, or crazy thing have you done lately, just…because?

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