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It’s the last of the A to Z blogging challenge posts, and I’m excited to end with something I LOVE:


Remember when I got those giant zucchinis from my grandma and wanted to use them all up?

Giant zucchini, how I learned to love you. Now I can't wait for more garden-fresh goodies!

Well, that began my love affair, and now, I’m hooked.

Here’s our most recent zucchini adventures.

Try them, they’re yummy!

Steak, with potatoes, zucchini, and red peppers, sauted with Italian seasoning. YUM.

And a bit less healthy, but so yummy, fried zucchini.

Start by slicing it pretty thin.

About a quarter inch works well for this.

Then it’s time for batter.

Egg wash and crushed cracker crumbs are perfect and delicious.

And then time for frying!

Turn then pretty often to avoid burning, especially if you slice them super think and make them more like chips.

We also baked some and they turned out good, but I think I’d use a bread crumb base for those to help them get more crispy and golden faster.

Still, they were delish!

Hubs liked them, too. And how could you not? Zucchini is awesome!

Your turn! How do you love to cook zucchini? 

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Well, guys, I’m a bit late posting, but it was a busy weekend so I hope you’ll forgive me.

My friend, Elizabeth got married on Saturday and celebrating with them took most of our time this weekend,

but, I want to finish up the A to Z blogging challenge today so I end on schedule.

For X, I’m going to (probably) introduce you to a word.

An Xanthippe is a woman who is ill-tempered and often scolding.

We have the word today because of Socrates’  proverbially scolding and quarrelsome wife.

As I thought about this, it struck me how terrible it would be to leave that sort of legacy on your marriage.

When people look at our relationship, I want to make sure that they see a loving, generous, and supportive woman standing beside her loving, generous, and supportive husband. I want to be remembered as a couple that played often, fought fair, and made wise decisions together. And most of all, I want people to see that we love with a love than can only be inspired by the way our Father loves us.

“Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.” 1 John 4:7

What about you? What sort of legacy do you want to leave with your marriage?


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“W”ishes and worries

We’re young and in love.

(It’s all very romantic, sounding, huh?)

And while it’s true that this young love is happy and exciting and sweet and full of hope for the future, it’s also scary and frustrating and a lot of hard work.

Don’t get me wrong, we have big dreams and hopes for our future together.

But we also have bills and big questions and a budget to follow that seems to get smaller every week instead of bigger.

I’ve decided it’s a fine line between wishes and worry.

See, wishes often lead to worry, and the other way around, or at least, they seem to.

For example, when we wish for a house with a big yard, we start to worry about the cost of that yard and paying a bigger mortgage.

It’s not a crippling sense of worry, or a high level of fear. It’s all about a balance.

In fact, the worries help keep me grounded.

Because when I wish for a house with a big yard, I start to yearn for acreage and a pond with a long driveway away from the road and away from neighbors.

And that’s not realistic.

Because yes, it’s free to dream, but no, I shouldn’t focus on things we can’t have because it will make me less likely to be happy with what we find.

But, the wishes are important, because they keep my heart happy when I think about the future. Thinking about the practical things, our needs, usually leads me to dream about the future and how things will be different and better for us as we grow and learn and change and have a family.

So really, it’s all about taking one with the other. I’m a worrier and a wisher, I guess.

Which isn’t such a bad thing if it leads to making better decisions right now for a better future tomorrow. Which will help us get to the future happier, healthier and hopefully with more money in our piggy banks.

You know, the traditional storybook ending.

And living happily ever after, is all we ever really wanted, anyway, right?

What about you? Are you a worrier or a wisher? 

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Last night while we were making dinner, this happened:

Yup, that's parsley...all over the floor...

I didn’t drop it, I swear.

I did put it on the top shelf of the cabinet and then shut the door.

I really did.

Or at least, I almost shut the door.

Too bad the cabinet’s too full and I knocked over some other spices, sending them spinning and tumbling of the shelf…and sending the glass parsley jar to the floor.

Where the lid popped off and allowed parsley to go pretty much every-which-way all over the floor.

But we didn’t yell, or curse, or cry.

(You knew Hubs didn’t cry, I’m sure, but I wanted to make sure you knew I wasn’t crying either…)

I did stand there silently for a bit just looking at it.

I stood there so long, in fact, that Hubs had to say, “Well, pick it up.”

So I did.

And I kept cooking while Hubs got out the sweeper and cleaned it up.

I was bummed, sure, but proud of us for avoiding an argument. Or in my case, a meltdown.

We know not to cry over spilled…parsley.

Your turn! What’s the most recent thing in your marriage that could have been an opportunity to produce anger or frustration? How did you respond?

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“M”LS…and running

This morning I ran the half marathon I’ve been training for.

I was worried about rain but the weather was great!

A little humid in miles 1-3 but I settled in and we had a great day.

I have been sick all week so I was worried about how I would hold up but it was actually a great run!

sure, I’m sore now, but I also feel proud and strong and happy.

Plus, I got to spend time with my friend jill, who came up from springfield to run it, too.

And now we’re tailgating… in the rain… (Well, I’m in the car blogging on my phone while the boys stand out in the rain…) before the sporting kc game.

We sure do love soccer!

I love seeing him so passionate. It’s part of why I fell in love with him. It’s why I’ve liked soccer since I first saw him play…and first saw him run across the field to dive in a giant mud puddle after a rainy soccer game.

I think Hubs likes seeing me passionate, too.

That’s why his face lit up when I surprised him by making it to the finish line this morning about 10 minutes before he expected me to. And why he got so excited when I was smiling and waving at him.

It’s awesome to have someone to be passionate with. To have adventures with.

Well, I’m off to go have fun in the rain. Let’s go SKC!

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“K”nowing what to do…

I’m fond of saying, “…back when I was young and dumb…” to refer to decisions and choices and habits I had when I was younger.

Younger meaning a couple years ago.

Maybe back to high school age…but still, it wasn’t all that long ago…

Either way, I joke that I’m older and wiser now.

And in a way, I guess I am. Hubs and I have grown up a lot in the last few years. We’ve made big decisions, we’ve planned a wedding, graduated, gotten jobs, got married, gotten more jobs, decided to quit jobs, selected and rented an apartment, managed a budget, learned to live together, moved away from friends and family, lost loved ones, gained new friends…

…it’s been a big year.

So, yes, we are wiser now.

But we still have a lot to learn.

We’re currently in the process of selecting a house and we are realizing just how hard it is to make these decisions that will affect us, majorly, for the next several years of our life. It’s a big commitment.

And it’s hard.

In the end, I guess we’ll never really “know” what to do.

But we will know all we can know.

That we need to talk about it, think about it, pray about it, and talk about it some more. And when we can be at peace with decision, we’ll know it’s right.


What about you? What sort of things do you “know?” And how do you know that you know you know?

(Awesomeness bonus points if you know what that reference is.)

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Hubs and I don’t like to fight.

We don’t thrive on the drama.

We don’t enjoy feeling angry or upset.

But that doesn’t mean we’re always intentional like we should be.

Let me put it this way:

just because we aren’t intentional about picking fights with one another doesn’t mean we don’t have to be  intentional about trying to avoid it prevent them.

Here’s an example.

Last night was a grumpy one for me. I’m feeling a little sick and trying to fight it off but I was tired and feeling a little overwhelmed by some big decisions in our life right now.

So I reacted poorly when Hubs sat on the couch playing on his computer while I put away three loads worth of laundry.

I didn’t mean to get angry…but that felt justified so I didn’t stop it. Then I said something negative, got huffy, and went to bed.

He reacted negatively to this, defending his actions by citing times he feels I ignore him when I’m on my computer.

And then we were fighting…right before bed…which is the worst time to fight.

If we had been more intentional about the incident, the fight could have been avoided.

I could have asked for help with the laundry instead of silently allowing myself to get more and more upset…when I knew he had no idea I was angry.

He could have called me on my negativity when I snapped at him instead of casually throwing out incidents in our conversion that felt like attacks to me in my already agitated mindset.

We’re still learning, but we’ll try to work on this more.

There are other aspects where being intentional is important too but this is enough for one night.

What about you? What things are you intentional about? What should you be more intentional about?

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For the past few nights, we’ve had unimpressive dinners.

It’s not that we’ve planned this.

We’ve just been busy with volleyball, house hunting, planning a bachelorette party… all that good stuff.

Sunday night, it was so hot in our apartment, we had only tuna salad.

Monday, we had chicken helper. It was pretty good, but Wyatt cooked that meal, so the credit goes to him.

Tuesday was steamed vegetables and leftovers, for me. Wyatt had a PB&J.

Tonight was peanut butter sandwiches before we went out house-hunting…and Chinese food after. (A rare treat because we don’t usually eat out on weekdays.)

We’ve had a busy week.

Remember when we used to cook delicious meals all the time?

Anyway, I’m hoping to do better next week, and every week after we find a house and move into a place with a nice, big kitchen…

Not that I think we’re going to have a house any time soon…

… But hopefully soon.

What about you? When are your dinner hits and misses? What’s your go-to, “don’t-have-time-for-dinner” dinner?

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Last night Hubs ate the last of a bag of chips as he was making dinner.

That was all fine and good until I decided I wanted chips and a beer as my late-night snack of choice while we watched tv.

So I worked on some things for awhile until it was time to relax for the night. Then I asked him to bring over the chips when he brought over the two beers.

And the chips were gone.

I was a little miffed.

Okay, a lot miffed.

Chips are a big deal to me…and a special treat in our house.

There was laughing from both sides… and some real frustration on my part.

But alas, the chips were gone.

I realize now that it wasn’t that he ate the chips, it was that I didn’t know he ate the chips so I was still looking forward to eating them.

It’s all about communication. Which is another good “c” word.

What about you? Any chip disasters in your house? Any communication fails?

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