Our story

We’re newlyweds.

We met when we were young, Wyatt asked me to be his girlfriend when I was fifteen and he was sixteen. That was day 1. He asked me to be his wife on day 2,211, and we walked down the aisle on day 2,464.

Now, we’re counting up to day 20,747.

(Math heads, have a ball with that one…)

Anyway, if you want more of the story that led us to where we are now, read this post. And if you want more of the story of where we’re heading in the future, keep visiting, subscribe, and make yourself at home!

That’s what we’re doing, with married life, that is, because it’s certainly an adventure.

We love to laugh, we love each other, and we love this new life together, so we’ve got that going for us. We also take our marriage seriously, in that we are committed to living out the vows and promises we gave to each other on July, 9th, 2011. We believe in the sanctity of marriage and we’re in it for life. So, you’ll see us struggle together, snuggle together, and make a life together.


7 thoughts on “Our story

  1. I just wanted to tell you that you and your husband are adorable šŸ™‚ I’m newly engaged and am very much looking forward to married life (we’re living together so I’m getting a taste of it!). I identify with your thoughts on valuing the sanctity of marriage and taking your marriage vows seriously. That’s exactly how I feel, and it’s unfortunate that more people don’t understand that before getting married. I’m looking forward to following you so that I can get more a sneak peak into what’s in store for me and my hubby to be!

    • That’s so great! Congratulations! I’m super happy for you and I’m excited to share more of your story! Thanks for stopping by and reading! And taking the time for a comment! I wish you a lifetime of happiness and humor. (The humor is important, trust me.)

      • We’re a couple of goofballs most days, so luckily I think we’ve got that part down! And thank you for the well wishes, it really is such an exciting time šŸ™‚

  2. Your wedding pictures are absolutely gorgeous!!!

  3. brb

    beautiful picture on the dancefloor šŸ™‚

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