Last night…

Last night as Hubs and I fell asleep in our usual “sleeping position,” I dozed off and had some sort of bad dream. It had only been a few minutes so it was pretty early in the night to roll over and change positions but I was awake and needed a hug anyway so I rolled over to face him and gently woke Hubs and told him about my dream, snuggling in his arms with my head near his chest.

Only then, I suddenly felt something super cold and wet on my face.

Yup, I had put my cheek directly in his little drool puddle.

Ick ick ick ick ick!

I quickly picked my head up and expressed my displeasure.

Hubs reached up, felt the wet spot on the pillow and simply said, “Yup.”

He’s such a boy sometimes.

Like a gentleman, though, he quickly flipped the pillow to give me a dry, “clean” side.

And then we rolled over and settled back down to fall asleep again.

Looks like it’s time to wash the sheets!

Does this ever happen to anyone else? Are you or your Hubs a drooler? How do you keep it to yourself and not make a mess?


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Because it’s Saturday morning

Today, because it’s Saturday, and because we had a hard week, I wanted to share this with you guys.


Because it’s cute and sweet and it made me giggle like a 12-year-old-girl.

Hope you like it, too.

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Kissing is good for the mind…and the body

Well, guys, remember my post about kissing?

If not, go read it. Really.

And if so, here’s another one to go with it.

I found this little gem of a tidbit online yesterday that I wanted to share. It’s a cootie calculator!

The cootie calculator is from Kisstixx, a kissing-specialized lip balm company.

Anyway, you should definitely check out this link and do the test. I won’t tell you what it told me I was, but here’s a clue. It wasn’t the first three.

Anyway, here’s what it says all those cooties/bacteria colonies are worth.

“A bacterial colony is a visible cluster of bacteria growing on the surface of solid medium, like your mouth! However, a lot of the bacteria received from kissing is actually good for you, especially your teeth. So keep those lips moving! It’s totally worth it!”

You heard it here, kissing is good for you! And it’s mighty fun, too!

What did you score!

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Kinds of Kisses

Hey guys, how was everyone’s long weekend? Good?


Mine too.

Now that we have that nicety out of the way, let’s get down to what I really want to talk about: kissing.

(What? It’s a serious marriage issue!)

If you’re like us newlyweds, you probably spend a lot of time kissing.

First married kiss!

(insert moment to groan here)

But seriously, most people in a happy relationship do kiss. At least sometimes.

And you’ve probably spent at least a little time invested in thinking about different kinds of kisses you’ve received.

Sloppy versus neat.

Fast versus slow.

Good versus bad.

Open-mouthed versus closed mouth.

(Sorry, Grandma, if that just got awkward, but you guys know what I’m talking about, right?)

When I was a pre-teen, my friends and I would try to describe these various kinds of kisses using our hands and fingers to make the shapes and motions of lips and mouths.

I’ll try to show you.

Take you hands and spread them out so your palms are open and facing each other.

Now close your hands so your fingertips touch the tips of your thumbs.

It should look like a little like eyes. (Confusing since we’re talking about lips?)

Then move your hands in until the points touch each other.

Congratulations, you’ve just made a peck!

For open-mouthed kisses, don’t close your hands all the way so there’s about an inch or so between the tips of your fingers and the tips of your thumbs. You may twist your hands as you bring them together to create a better connection for the kiss, much in the same way a real kiss involves the head tilt.

You can imagine how the other types of kisses went so I won’t make you go through that with me.

But I digress.

Anyway, after that embarrassing memory I just shared with you, let’s get to the point, shall we?

I’ve found that I can tell so much about Wyatt’s mood by his kiss. He has several different methods or techniques, but here are some notable ones I’ve noticed.

1. The normal kiss: This is the neat, short, sweet and simple kiss I get each morning when he leaves for work and each afternoon when he returns. It’s a classic and gets the job done. It’s also the kiss typically reserved for public displays of affection.

2. The preoccupied kiss: This one is very similar to number 1, but with a slight modification. Hubs doesn’t always stop what he’s doing to administer this one. It’s often down half-heartedly, perhaps leaving his eyes focused on the computer screen, TV, or whatever else he’s looking at.

3. The peck: Lips are closed and it’s very, very fast. Perhaps the most common time for this kiss is in front of the guys, or relatives, or when Hubs is busy but not so annoyed by my request for a kiss that I get the preoccupied kiss. Or when one or both of us has morning breath.

4. The angry kiss: Similar to the peck, but Hubs keeps his lips super-duper small and tight and I get a kiss that’s more like a soft punch by his lips than a sweet peck. When this happens, I almost always mention it and try to get a re-do. The re-do is not always better.

5. The slow kiss: This one is long and slow and nice. We’ll not get into too many details here, though. After all, my grandma is reading, remember?

6. The laughing kiss: Smiling plus a kiss. You get the idea.

7. The “I’m trying to bite you” kiss: Hubs does this to be silly. He goes in like a regular kiss and then opens up really wide and shows his teeth as he tries to bite my nose. Have I mentioned how mature my loving husband is?

Just kidding, I love his silliness, except the nostril flairs. Those I will honestly be annoyed about if he teaches our kiddos.

So there you have it, a sample of some of the kisses we share in this household. What kinds of kisses do you share?

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What’s that smell?

So last, night, as I was sitting on the floor in the doorway of our bedroom doing this:

Yup, painting trim is an almost daily task in our house. The carpet makes it especially fun.

I happened to keep getting some pretty unpleasant whiffs of something particularly smelly.

I say that nicely.

What I wanted to say was that, oh my goodness, something somewhere near me smelled absolutely positively disgusting. Flat out: it reeked.

There I said it.

I feel better now.

And I looked all around and decided I didn’t know what it was so it was best not to say anything.

After all, maybe Hubs had, ahem, eaten something that didn’t agree with him and he was now having some…er… smelly after effects. Or maybe I needed a shower really REALLY bad.

Heck, it could have also been all in my head.

Except that it wasn’t all in my head because I just. kept. smelling. it.


And now it sorta started to develop into an actual smell.

It smelled sour.





So I investigated further.

And lo and behold, I found this.


Yup, that’s right. It’s a bag. More specifically, Hubs’ bag.

Hubs’ bag from last Wednesday.


Wet, smelly, lake-water clothes that have been in an ENCLOSED BAG FOR 6 DAYS?!?!



It was bad.

I thought I was going to scream.

I bet you guys thought I was going to scream, too.

But I didn’t.

I did say lots of things in a rather firm voice.

But I did not yell.

Ask Hubs.

He’ll tell you I was pretty calm. Sorta.

All things considering.

He laughed.

I laughed.

And then, to his credit, Hubs got up and and took the bag to the washer. And he did the load of laundry that needed to be done. And we moved on with our night. And our lives.

But you better believe this is a memory I’ll remind him of when we have a son who leaves his sports equipment on the stairs causing Hubs to trip and fall and bruise his tuchus.

I’ll say, “He’s your son. Remember when you left that bag of disgusting lake clothes out for a week and it almost gagged me because it smelled so bad when I found it? Yup, he gets this trait from you.”

And then, of course, he’ll remind me of the time I left the pile of laundry out for 4 days that was almost as high as our bed and that I got so annoyed by that I started talking to it?

What a pair, huh?

And then I’ll help him up and go get an ice pack.

But for now, while Hubs is doing the laundry, I’m going to get an ice cream. And wait for our next crazy-wonderful adventure in this married life to begin.

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It’s been 6 months…how are YOU doing on your resolutions?

Well guys, today is the first day of summer.

(insert mini celebration here)

Yes, I know I live nowhere near the beach, but this photo of my happy little toes in the sand on a mission trip to Myrtle beach in 2008 makes me think of Summer. Plus, it make me happy, and Summer=happy, right?

Here’s another photo from that trip, just because.

And another picture from that summer trip to the beach, this time with my lovely sister. Isn’t it clear how much we love each other? And how much we love summer?!

Are you still celebrating summer with me looking at these pictures? I bet you are!

Disclaimer: This is my Hubs. He doesn’t really look like himself here, but it’s him. And that is not a real tattoo. Just FYI.

Hubs and I are going to celebrate tonight by heading out to a gourmet hot dog restaurant. Beacause like happiness, hot dogs also=summer.

It’s a small thing, but a rare treat because we don’t usually eat out during the week. In fact, we don’t usually eat out at all. It’s part of the “we’re-poor-so-we-try-to-save-as-much-money-as-possible” financial plan that we’re on.

Anyway, I also wanted to celebrate today with a long run, but I’ve been slacking on my morning time management a far as working out is concerned and I have now waited entirely too long and it is approximately 130 degrees outside right now and thus, too hot to run.

(Ok, fine. It’s not 130 degrees outside, but when I’m running in the middle of the day, on the hills around our apartment, in the sun, because there’s no shade, then, yes, I sweat the same amount as I would if it was 130 degrees. So, to avoid becoming dehydrated after approximately 4/10 of a mile, I’ll just stay inside and workout in the air conditioning, with the only fan we own pointed directly at me turned all the way up to full blast.)

Anyway, none of this has anything to do with what I wanted to talk to you about: our resolutions. It’s time for a mid-year checkpoint! Ready? Of course not, because reading my mid-year checkpoint will make you think about how you’re doing on your resolutions, and if you are anything like me, you probably still have some work to do, huh?

Well, let me spare you the pain and suffering of a failed resolution pity-party and let you share my pain and suffering at our failed resolutions.

Ok, I’m kidding. We aren’t failing, but there is a little room for improvement.

Here we go.

In case you forgot, our resolutions are discussed here and here. (What? You don’t have our newlywed resolutions memorized? Shame on you.) (Not.)

1. Take a weekly walk together. Every week. Hubs hates to go on walks, so this will be tougher for him than me. UPDATE: We go on walks occasionally, about every 2-3 weeks I’d say. We do try to do at least one physical activity together each week though, sometimes two or three. Soccer, frisbee, playing catch, even tennis this week, so I think we’re doing okay on this one. I’ll keep working on it though.

2. Vacuum more. This should be easier with my new Oreck! UPDATE: I have vacuumed more since I’ve had the Oreck than I did before I had it. Still not like weekly or even every other week, though. I could definitely have cleaner floors. Again, I’ll work on it.

3. Work on portion control at meals, even when eating out and dishing up bowls of ice cream…we both need to work on this, as we both love to eat and can get carried away easily. UPDATE: We are doing MUCH better about this! Still, there’s room for improvement and we sometimes give in and pig out when we really want to, but on a daily basis, our meals are much more manageable. And I cook less “special” meals all the time now that I’m working more, so that helps too.

4. Buy a house. I realize this is a tough one, but it’s top on Hubs’ list. Wish us luck! UPDATE: Big news people. BIG NEWS. This is the announcement you’ve all been waiting for: We bought a house! Wooooohoooo! After looking through more than 300 houses online and touring 20 or more in person, one failed offer, and lots of frustration and driving around checking our potential areas, we have found a home that we love and can’t wait to move into. It’s not finalized yet, but we’re very much hoping to close in a couple weeks if everything goes according to plan. And we are overjoyed at spending the next several years, maybe even the next 10-15 years there, or longer! Yup, we love it that much! Let the painting, scraping, sanding, and celebrating begin!

(Photos to come later!)

5. Write at least five things that are just for me. I can worry about what to use them for later, if anything. UPDATE: I have written zero things so far that were just for me. I mean, lots of things I’ve enjoyed writing, but none without a real purpose. I have lots of ideas but not enough inspiration. I’m trying. But I’ve got a ways to go. Yikes

6. Run more races. I’d love to do another half…maybe a full 26.2? I’m young now, and my knees and ankles and hips will only get worse, right? I only ran 1 or 2 in 2011, and they were fun, so I’m ready for more. UPDATE: I ran another half! And it was awesome! I also did the Warrior Dash with Hubs and we’re doing the Color Run in a few weeks. I plan to sign up for some fall stuff, too, but no plans for sure yet. I’d love to do a full marathon, but I’m thinking I need to be training better before I take that on. Still, this one is a success so far.

After the Warrior Dash. We were mud-dy! Wowza. But it was fun!

7. Finish reading 8 books that I ALREADY own and have squished into our bookshelf. I’m terrible about buying new books instead of reading ones I already own but haven’t read. UPDATE: I’ve read 2 books on my bookshelf, but I have to be honest and say I’d already read one of them before, so technically, only one of those counts toward this goal. I have another two started, but they are slow going right now. I’m finally caught up on the mountain of newspapers, though, and the magazines are becoming more manageable as well, so hopefully, some progress will begin there soon.

8. Use more coupons and take advantage of price matching. I also need to do a better job of keeping track of how much we spend and save. UPDATE: Success! Last night was our best night yet, saving about 25.5% of our total bill at our weekly grocery trip. I know because Hubs records it all in a spreadsheet for us to keep track of everything. The way we do it is to only buy things we would buy anyway, but use coupons and price matching when possible. So far this year, we’ve saved close to $200 just by taking the time to do this each week before we head to the store. Woo hoo!

9. Find a church home where we really feel connected to. I miss the fellowship I’ve been so used to my whole life. We need to be surrounded by people encouraging us in our walk. UPDATE: Well, we began regularly attending a church up north by our apartment, even feeling comfortable enough there to begin tithing, but now that we’re moving south, this process will start all over again I guess, which is sad. I’m not devastated though, because I’m not sure the church up here ever felt like “home” as much as a “temporary home,” kind of like our apartment. So, to be continued here.

10. Go on another road trip. There’s something so special about traveling with the one you love, and we love the sense of exploring that comes with driving around on our own. Our honeymoon was some of the most fun we’ve ever had and we’re committed to doing this together again as often as we can. UPDATE: Unfortunately, and yet happily, buying our house and doing some renovation work on it will take up a large portion of our traveling budget for this year, so there probably won’t be a big roadtrip unless I find a great job soon. We’re making ends meet and have taken some smaller trips on weekends so far, something we plan to continue, but we’re not sure we’ll have the budget for a week-long awesome trip like our honeymoon last year. Still, I think it still counts if we go anywhere on a roadtrip, as the resolution didn’t specify length, and because we’re so happy about our house that it’s hard to consider this a failed resolution.

Roadtrips give you excuses to eat at great restaurants inside giant malls, like the Mall of America, where we were here, and drink giant, fun drinks full of fruit and rum. Yum.

Ok, your turn now. I think we’re doing pretty well, all things considered. What about you? How are you doing so far? Any advice for my resolutions? And what are you doing to celebrate Summer? Hot dogs? The beach? Tell me about it, really. I’d love to hear from you!

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Towel trouble

There are five hand towels in our bathroom. Why? Because we have a big towel rack and a little towel holder than would look naked with no towel on them.

Last night while we were brushing our teeth, I took that opportunity to explain to Hubs about which towels in there that I use for different things, and thus, which ones I didn’t want him to use to dry his hands after he washes them. For instance, on the big towel rack, the white one with the gray stripes is for my face, the orange one is to dry my hair when I get out of the shower, and the pretty white one with the monogram? Well, that one we don’t use because it’s just too pretty and white.

Hubs was fine with all these things, of course, because he said he didn’t use those towels at all.

I assumed that meant he used one of the two that hang on the small rack near the sinks.


He took that opportunity, right after he took a big swig of mouthwash, to tell me that he uses my bath towel. to dry his hands all the time.

Not his bath towel.

My bath towel.

What a fun surprise that was!

And when the look on my face surprised him and made him laugh? The mouthful of mouthwash came right out of his nose.

And all over the countertop and mirror.

So I sent him to the kitchen to get  a paper towel to clean it up.

Which he did, without much complaining.

Because he’s a pretty smart guy, and a really great husband and roommate.

And I love him for those reasons.

But, if I wasn’t there, I’m sure he would have used my bath towel again.

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In the mood for Easter

Hubs and I have no plans made yet for how we’re going to spend our “first” Easter.

I suggested we dye eggs.

He thought that was a crazy idea.

And it is.

That’s sort of why I want to do it.

But nevermind about that.

It has nothing at all to do with what I want to write about tonight.

Tonight we went to the church I volunteer at to volunteer at the preview night for the big Easter event they have. We were in charge of the preschool-age egg hunt.

Since tonight was just the preview night for church members with kids who will be volunteering at the big community event on Saturday, there wasn’t all that much traffic to our area.

So we took to playing with the giant Easter eggs that were in our room in between visitors.

Hubs proved to be quite clever at spinning the eggs like a top. He discovered this method as a fluke, but I liked it the best.

Of course, before that happened, this happened:

And even before that, Hubs managed to drop the egg on my foot and make a big swollen bruised spot.

You can't see it that much, but it's there. And sore!

(I’m such a delicate little flower.)


(Fine, but I do bruise easily…)

(I would also like to say that these are the little shoes I love so much that Hubs says look like “old lady shoes.” Anyone care to offer an opinion on that matter?)

And he also managed to spin an open egg (half of the plastic egg) into my ankle and make it bleed.

See what I mean? A delicate flower I tell ya!

Clearly, I wasn’t seriously injured.

But still, how many of you can say you’ve had two Easter egg injuries to your feet? In one night?

Then again, maybe I shouldn’t be bragging about that…

Anyway, we still need to decide where we’re spending the holiday.

What about you? Any big Easter plans? How do you divide up time between families? Have you every been attacked by a giant Easter egg? It’s okay if you have, maybe we can form a group!

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” Are you telling me you knew this whole time?”

You can't tell from this picture, but it was super loud and crazy all around us in this picture!

Hubs and I went to our first professional indoor soccer game on Sunday afternoon with some friends. It was fun! Did you even know there was professional indoor soccer? I didn’t before I moved up here to the city. I’m telling you, Kansas City has everything.

Anyway, so we were at the game and having a good time. However, it was pretty long, and the Comets won 21-6, so I downloaded a new game on my phone, based on the recommendation of a friend who was with us and also playing the game.

It’s called Draw Something, kind of a pictionary sort of thing. We were playing it last night on our phones while sitting next to each other.

No, I usually don’t do that because I think it’s a bit lame and I’d rather talk to him if he’s sitting next to me, but it was new and we were learning how to play, so we started in.

My first word was “UFO.” How do you draw a UFO? Is it a light in the sky? A comet? A spaceship?

I drew something that looked like sunshine or a star. No good. So I erased and drew something like that again. Dang it. so I erased and drew a spaceship. Keep in mind I only have 4 colors and I’m drawing with my finger on a fairly small touch screen. Needless to say, it didn’t look great…it wasn’t awful, but it was pretty bad.

Then I sent it to Wyatt’s phone.

He got it and pushed play so it started to play back my drawing…and it started with the first star-looking one. Oops.

So he watched all three drawings and still had no idea. I started to give hints.

“What color is the background?”


“And blue. What has black and blue backgrounds?”

“I don’t know.”

“A black background?”


“Black and blue?”


“What? You’re not even guessing!”

“I don’t know, sorry.”

“Ok, a black background that’s outside…”

“Black that’s outside?”


“I don’t know.”

“Ok, well, it’s three letters and it gives you only like 10 to choose from…”

“I don’t know…”

“Come on! Just try! You don’t even have a guess? It’s a blue and black background…outside…”

“I don’t know!”

“There’s not many backgrounds outside…”


“I mean, really, a blue and black background outside, how can you not know what that is?”


“Come on!”

Hubs starts to laugh and type in UFO.

“I saw it when you started drawing…”


“Well! You were sitting right there!”

“You knew this ENTIRE TIME!??!”



And we were both completely lost in laughs while I playfully tried to shove him off the couch,  while he easily combated my efforts because he’s stronger and knows where I’m most ticklish.


Anyway, that’s how our most memorable conversation went yesterday. What about you?

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“Honey, how’s your belly?” (Another sleep-talking adventure)

On Christmas night, we indulged in a late dinner of delicious, rich, and not-so-healthy appetizers and sweets aplenty at my parents’ house before opening gifts together. When we went to bed, Hubs had a bit of a bellyache.

Now, normally, this wouldn’t have been an issue, but since my sister had been sick the day before, I was concerned it wasn’t the late, heavy dinner, but rather a bug, a contagious bug, a contagious bug that I was sure to get the next day being that I seem to have a less than awesome immune system most of the time.

(Plus, I was sick not so long ago, (remember from this post?), and I did not need or want to revisit it.)

So when I woke up in the middle of the night and rolled over, and Hubs also woke up and rolled over, I asked him, “Honey, how’s your belly?”

To which he answered, “I don’t have one…”

“HONEY, how’s your BELLY?”

“I don’t have one!”

“Honey, how’s your stomach?”

“It’s fine…”

And then I laughed, quietly of course, and went back to sleep while Hubs huffed a bit and did the same.

Do you guys have sleep-talking stories to share? Or is this something we alone are blessed with?

And don’t worry, Hubs isn’t embarrassed by telling this story. In fact, I love when this sort of thing happens, because when I tell him about it the next day, he laughs louder than he usually laughs for anything else. (And I love to hear him laugh because he laughs with his whole self and his entire face lights up. Being the person to make him laugh that way always makes my heart happy.)

You know what they say, “the secret to a life filled with laughter is being able to laugh at yourself.”

Plus, laughter is certainly important in marriage. We’ve bypassed many arguments already in our short few months of marriage just by suddenly recognizing the humor of the situation and beginning to chuckle. Plus, it helps us not take ourselves too seriously, while still maintaining a very serious commitment to making this marriage work.

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