6 thoughts on “House: Warmed

  1. Donita

    Your house is definitely “warmed”. I can feel the warmth everytime I am there. It was especially present during the party when all the family was there. I could see and feel the pride that you both have in your “home”. I can’t wait to spend some holidays there with you and help you make new traditions! Even though we gave you guys a hard time about all the “changes” you have made…I can honestly say it is now “your” home. It screams M+W when you walk in the door and I love everything about it.

    • Thank you! We are so excited and happy to be here and I’m so glad you think it “looks like us.” That’s exactly what we wanted! We can’t wait for more visits, too! And thanks for all your help!

  2. Love this post! We bought our first house in April and have been *slowly* remodeling it as well. It’s definitely a work in progress! I’m always trying to find cheap ways to decorate it, where as the husband is all about painting the interior and exterior (he paints for a living…I got lucky!), fixing up the yard, and wanting to replace all the flooring (he dreams bigger / I’m the cheap one!).

    I love that you talk about how you love your family and friends, and want to have more than two kids because of that. I’m in your same situation lol (I want a big family SO bad, I love all the different personalities everyone would bring!) – I want 4 kids and husband *originally* wanted 2 AT MOST, but now that we have one I think he’ll end up being ok with three, which makes me happy πŸ™‚ I’m sure your husband will have a change of heart once he meets his first beautiful baby (and realizes that you’re the main caretaker LOL…like me!)

    • Ha! I loved this comment! I’m not sure I really want more than 2 kids, but it’s certainly tempting. I think we’ll just have to follow God’s direction on that one when we get to that point in life. Glad your hubby’s coming around for you, though! And yes, a house is always a work in progress!

  3. I think our house started really feeling like “ours” when we started covering the walls with pictures of us and our family and putting the little momentos from our life around here and there. Its like putting the holes in the wall and hanging up those smiling faces is really leaving a mark. πŸ™‚ Now anyone who walked into our home would know exactly who lives there and what our personalities are like

    • I so agree! Hubs even told me how much he felt more at home with things hanging on the walls. So true! Good luck as you keep making memories and leaving your mark more and more on your home! Isn’t it a great adventure?

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