Last night…

Last night as Hubs and I fell asleep in our usual “sleeping position,” I dozed off and had some sort of bad dream. It had only been a few minutes so it was pretty early in the night to roll over and change positions but I was awake and needed a hug anyway so I rolled over to face him and gently woke Hubs and told him about my dream, snuggling in his arms with my head near his chest.

Only then, I suddenly felt something super cold and wet on my face.

Yup, I had put my cheek directly in his little drool puddle.

Ick ick ick ick ick!

I quickly picked my head up and expressed my displeasure.

Hubs reached up, felt the wet spot on the pillow and simply said, “Yup.”

He’s such a boy sometimes.

Like a gentleman, though, he quickly flipped the pillow to give me a dry, “clean” side.

And then we rolled over and settled back down to fall asleep again.

Looks like it’s time to wash the sheets!

Does this ever happen to anyone else? Are you or your Hubs a drooler? How do you keep it to yourself and not make a mess?


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4 thoughts on “Last night…

  1. LOL love this post!! I only drool if I fall asleep on the couch for a nap, which isn’t often. Same with my husband, actually. He SNORES though which is even worse!! I’m such a light sleeper so I’m constantly being woken up by either him or the baby. I honestly don’t think I’ve gotten a full nights rest in over a year lol! **No wonder I can be moody!**

    • My Hubs snores, too! But usually only if he’s on his back. And I’m getting used to it. I imagine I’ll be the one waking up with the baby eventually though because I swear he could sleep through a hurricane! Thanks for sharing your story! Happy Friday!

  2. That’s never happened to me! I think my husband manages to keep THAT side of his pillow on his side. But mostly I take my pillow wherever I go. So even if I do move my head to his side of the bed, my pillow comes along with me……even if that means putting my pillow on top of my husband’s head– which apparently I have done several times! ;0

    • on top of his head? I hope you don’t cover his face! 🙂 Unless of course you’re trying to wake him up because he’s snoring or something. Glad you’ve never had a face full of drool. It’s not fun!

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