Are you ready?

Guess what guys?

I’ve been busy.

REALLY busy.

Between work assignments, keeping up around our messy house, trying to plan a housewarming party, oh and painting until my arms turn crazy colors(true story!), I haven’t been feeling especially motivated to blog.

Actually, I’ve very motivated to blog. Just not here.

I’ll be honest, I’m super anxious to get transitioned over to my new site. The one I’ll actually own so I can control what ads go on it. (It really burns me up that WordPress puts ads for whatever the heck they want down at the bottom of popular posts here.)

(Although it also makes me feel proud that they think I have enough content to warrant that!)

Anyway, I’m working on concepts, titles, hosting options, advertising plans, and design choices for my new blog. Hopefully soon, maybe this weekend, I’ll start working on some content so I can have it up and live in a couple weeks! How exciting would that be?

I’m stockpiling photos and ideas for DIY posts about painting shelves, painting walls, building workbenches, painting chairs, painting my body…

Wait, what?

Ok…not really.

Although I am pretty talented at that it seems.

Need a visual?

My arm currently looks like this:

I should be a snow leopard for Halloween. Or by that time, maybe a polar bear would be better. I’d already have my costume all ready.

But the reason I look that is because I’m working on things like this today:

Woohoo for progress!

So, instead of me complaining about how paint-covered me hands and arms and legs and clothes and…yes, hair…are, why don’t you guys tell me what’s up in your life? Anything new?

And if you have a secret for not getting paint all over you while painting things, by all means, share it!

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12 thoughts on “Are you ready?

  1. Ashley

    An excellent paint remover to get paint off skin is vegetable oil (or any other cooking oil). I just take the jug with me into the shower, put some of the oil on a wash cloth and it comes off so easy. Then you have to wash with soap and water to get the oil off, but it is much easier than scrubbing your skin off of rubbing terpentine or some chemical on your skin. πŸ™‚ Can’t wait for the new blog!

  2. sarah9188

    Nope. I manage to get paint all over me when I do it, but it looks good when I’m done. Nice work, btw.

  3. I think it’s great that you guys have a garage where you can put all these projects while you’re working on them and letting them dry! We don’t have that and so everything needs to get done right away either outside or inside. I guess we have a basement but I don’t like the basement so much… πŸ™‚ Anyway, it’s kind of fun getting all the projects done and seeing the results of your hard work!

    • Yes, the garage is SO helpful to have! And I understand about not liking the basement. Ours is finished (but empty) and I still don’t like going down there that much! I agree though, it is so fun to see the progress!

  4. Donita

    I can’t wait to see all that you have accomplished. I am also looking forward to the new blog…maybe it will inspire me to get up and get some redecorating done at home!!

  5. Hi! I’m looking forward to the new blog! Are you still going to have this one or switching over completely?

  6. Awesome!! I’m excited to follow along πŸ™‚

    Random question – but you mentioned how wordpress puts adds wherever they want…I have blogspot and it’s doing the same thing. It’s annoying not being able to control it!! Anyways, is there a way to see if you’re even making money off of the adds? I figured I’d try it haha to see if I could earn an extra couple bucks, but I don’t think I am and I’d rather just delete it if that’s the case!

    • All I know is that wordpress put the ads on my site to help cover the cost of the free hosting and I don’t get any money from it or have any control over which ads they show. Which kind of rubs me the wrong way… and is most of the reason why I decided to go ahead and buy domain and set up a bottle of my own!

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