Kissing is good for the mind…and the body

Well, guys, remember my post about kissing?

If not, go read it. Really.

And if so, here’s another one to go with it.

I found this little gem of a tidbit online yesterday that I wanted to share. It’s a cootie calculator!

The cootie calculator is from Kisstixx, a kissing-specialized lip balm company.

Anyway, you should definitely check out this link and do the test. I won’t tell you what it told me I was, but here’s a clue. It wasn’t the first three.

Anyway, here’s what it says all those cooties/bacteria colonies are worth.

“A bacterial colony is a visible cluster of bacteria growing on the surface of solid medium, like your mouth! However, a lot of the bacteria received from kissing is actually good for you, especially your teeth. So keep those lips moving! It’s totally worth it!”

You heard it here, kissing is good for you! And it’s mighty fun, too!

What did you score!

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4 thoughts on “Kissing is good for the mind…and the body

  1. I got the third one. I think part of that may be due to the fact that I estimated kind of low on the first question and put 0 on the second – but the 5 years helped boost the score! This was fun. Thanks!

  2. Laura

    I got the third one as well… that’s a fun little game! Kissing is such a super important part of any relationship, I think going on your first kissing post my favorite really is that my husband and I always make a point to kiss each other when he or I get home from work or whatever it is we’ve been doing that day!

    • Yes, it was fun! Thanks for playing along! And it’s so true that a kiss as a greeting is an important part of the day. It makes you stop and connect, even just for a second, which is so important! Thanks for the comment!

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