New blog ideas?

Hey guys, I know how fun it is for me to sit here and write all about our life, but today, it’s time for you to tell me some stuff instead, ok?


Come on, I know you can do it.

It’s not hard, I promise. You just leave a quick comment. It won’t hurt, and it will even be fun.

Especially fun for me as I will get to read all your awesome feedback.

But seriously, please.



Now that I’ve convinced you to play along with that, here’s what I want to know:

I’m going to be making some blog changes, hopefully transitioning some business-end stuff like hosts and domains, etc. But also reworking the theme and content sections for what I’ll write about. I want to know what you like most about reading my posts, what you dislike, what annoys you and makes you stop reading. What makes you laugh and want to keep reading.

You get the idea. Tell me what you like to read about.

And then hopefully, once I get all my stuff together, I’ll be able to give you just that, only in a brand new home in my own little corner of the blogosphere.



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11 thoughts on “New blog ideas?

  1. Personally, I enjoy the stories of you and your Hubs. I find a connection between my own life and laugh at the moments that mirror what my own life is with The Beard. Keep sharing because they are great!

    • Awesome! And I love your name for your honey, The Beard. How fun! Thanks for the feedback! I’ll certainly keep writing, I’m just wanting to make some small changes with the business end of this blog.

  2. Love all of it, keep on writing. It’s a way for me to connect with you two wonderful grandchildren.

  3. MrsR

    I started following because of your perspective on life as a new wife who’s also a Christian. I’m both as well, and it’s nice to have someone viewing life through the same lenses (even if that “someone” is a total stranger!)

    • I’m so glad you follow for those reasons, as that is a large motivation for why I wanted to start this blog in the first place! Thanks so much for sharing, and I hope you are having a great time settling into married life!

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  5. Laura

    I just love hearing about all the ‘newlywed’ experiences since I’m a newlywed as well. I liked how on occasion you add in a recipe here and there about what you’ve cooked, I’m always looking for easy recipes and I did love those zucchini fries you posted the recipe on here for!

    • I love those zucchini fries, too! I’d love to post more recipes after we get settled into our new house and new kitchen. And thanks for the support and encouragement as I share stories of married life! I so appreciate you reading!

  6. I actually find the stories of your life very entertaining. I also appreciate that you aren’t afraid to shine a light on the fights and faults in marriage. No one is perfect and its nice to read that my husband and I aren’t the only ones who fight over the little things, I also like that you share the resolutions as I think you can always learn from others. I’d love to see some decor posts in the future as you decorate your house or any DIY or repurposing you do to items you get at thrift stores. I do also appreciate when you share the random love stories you find on the internet like the couple who wears matching outfits and the post about the love letters. I’m a sucker for love stories!

    I think what I appreciate most is that we are at very similar spots in life. Newelyweds. Young. etc.

    And Congratulations on venturing out to own your own little spot on the World Wide Web!

    • Thanks! I’m so glad you enjoy reading our stories of fights and fun and crazy lessons and adventures! I’m glad I’ve been at least partially successful at sharing the good and the hard parts of learning to be a wife. I so appreciate you reading! Thanks!

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