Moving Madness

Sorry I’ve been posting less lately, guys. It’s just that we’re moving so soon and I have so much to do and our apartment is a mess and I just am too tired to write a blog post with all this other stuff going on right now.

You understand, right?

Of course you do, because you’re all kind, nice, amazing people, right?


Well, I’ll start by giving you a quick description of what our apartment looks like right now.

The floors are nearly covered Β in boxes and bags and such, both packed and ready to be packed, leaving winding trails of walkways to get from room to room (all 4 of our little rooms…). The piles of packed stuff are getting larger and I realized last night it might have been smart to not put them near the door so that Hubs and his brother will have a harder time getting all the big stuff out of here as us women and older folks are carrying all the millions of boxes and such down the three flights of stairs….ugh…I’m dreading it already.

Guess I’ll work on moving some stuff around today.

The thing is, other than moving in here, (which we did a little bit at a time for my stuff, and Hubs didn’t really pack any of his stuff, just loaded up everything as it was) and moving into the dorm an back home three years in college, I’ve never really moved. So all this crazy packing stuff is a first.

How do I even pack silverware? Or plates? Or frozen foods? And how can I pack it ahead when we’re still using it? Are we supposed to just eat at Wendy’s every meal for the next few days?

I’m also unsure how to pack the stuff in the bathroom. What if I decide I need that certain kind of lotion tomorrow and I have it boxed up in some giant tote of random lotions, soaps, and sprays, never to find it again? What if I pack all the towels and then spill an entire glass of water on the floor/wall by our bed so I have nothing to mop it up with? (This may or may not have happened this morning…)

How do I pack all our clothes so I won’t go crazy with wrinkles and having to rewash everything when we get to the house?

What about the remote for the TV? The laptop charger? I need those things to be out where we can use them!

Someone help me!

Anyway, wish me luck guys. If we survive this week, and the next few weeks of crazy at the house while we’re unpacking, moving in, painting, refinishing, scraping, sanding, building and cleaning, we’ll be good to go.

The finish line’s never looked so far away, though…or more worth it.

Happy homemaking, to anyone else who’s dealing with this stuff! And for those that are already settled into clean, beautiful, comfortable homes, send me lists of your secrets, coupons to Wendy’s, and plates of cookies and chocolate.

After all, I had to eat all the candy in our apartment because it was easier than packing it and then having it melt in this heat, right?

I thought so.


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12 thoughts on “Moving Madness

  1. While we’ve already moved, I understand your pain! We are remodeling our house and we are almost done (yay!), but we are working on the kitchen right now, and I am so ready to be able to cook again. We’ve eaten way to many frozen tv dinners or just out. We have a small box of kitchen stuff out with a few plates/skillets and such like that, but everything has to be washed in the bathroom, so it’s a pain even to make hamburger helper. We should be done by next week latest, but it feels so far away!

    • Oh, girl! Luckily, we won’t be doing THAT much in our kitchen, but still, ll the mess starts to get to me after awhile…Thanks for the encouragement, and good luck to you as well!

      • Rebecca Houghton

        We got a really good deal on our home, but it needed alot of work (but, my husband’s really handy). We’ve gutted every room one by one, created rooms that weren’t there before (added on a half bath), and the kitchen is almost the last thing (just need to do the little entry room, but that part will be super easy). I will be so glad when the mess is over! But, we did buy our cabinets/sink yesterday, so I should have running water and a working dishwasher by tonight! Woo! I really enjoy reading your blog, and relate to it more now that I’m a newlywed wife as well.

      • That’s great that your home is coming along so nicely! Congrats! It’s hard to live through that mess so I wish you a speedy finish as you get close to the finish line with all those projects. We have lots more to do with ours, so I feel your pain! Thanks for the comment!

  2. Donita

    I know it is nice to have everything “done” but there are just some things that have to wait! It is very hard to know what to do and what not to. We have only moved 2 times and that is just fine with me. But for all those little things like the lotions, it is just as easy to go ahead and pack them and deal with the small frustration of not having them (just my opinion). I am sure all of us “older” folks will have plenty of time to help with the last minute packing and we will be glad to do it! I personnaly think the idea of eating all the candy was excellent, the only better part would have been to save some for nurishment for us “old folks” on moving day! See you soon!

    • I was very careful to say “older folks” instead of “old folks”! But thanks for the advice! I’ll keep working on everything one thing at a time!

  3. Terri

    First let me say I LOVE your blog. I can totally relate to almost everythig you write and I think you’re awesome.

    Also- my fiancΓ© and I are in the process of moving and one of the best tips
    I’ve gotten- pack plates in a stack with styrofoam plates in between. I thought this was genius!

    Good luck with your move! I look forward to more posts when you guys get settled πŸ™‚

    • Hi Terri! Thanks for reading and leaving a comment! I’m so glad you relate to our newlywed life, and good luck to you as you begin yours soon! What a great idea about the plates! Thanks for sharing your tip! πŸ™‚

  4. Rebecca Houghton

    Did you survive?

    • Yes, we did! It’s a mess and there’s still so much to do, but we’re starting to get settled in and it already feels like home! Thanks for checking! There’s a new post coming today.

  5. I really REALLY luck out for when it comes time to moving! My parent’s own a moving business and they are excellent! I was given boxes, packing paper, and packing tape. I used the packing paper to help wrap all the kitchen stuff and other breakables. The best thing is to use a laundry basket and throw in things you’ll need for the day of the move (paper plates, silverware, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, etc). Put your heaviest items in the smaller boxes. My parents have a HUGE cooler so my dad put all of our fridge/freezer items in it on the day of the move. πŸ™‚ I also put in my car a shoe box of random things that are helpful to have on hand and not stored away the day you move in (scissors, sharpie, pens/pencils, small tools, the bag of nails used for hanging up stuff on the walls, or other random small things that you don’t want to lose). The hardest part is knowing at what stage do you start packing things and knowing you wont need it or be able to use it until it gets unpacked. Definitely label your boxes with the room it goes in and what is inside! πŸ™‚

    • Very smart ideas, indeed! Thanks for sharing! And how lucky are you to have such an easy time hiring movers! Thanks for the comment!

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