One year ago

One year ago, right now, we were struggling to load up everything we’d DIY’d and gathered up for our reception decorations. I think I was arguing with my dad a little bit about having some sort of plan for everyone to follow.

We were packing up everything into the big horse trailer my dad has for the farm to get ready to take a big load out to the fairgrounds where our reception was being held.

Then we were off to enjoy donuts as everyone of our helpers rushed to get everything just so. It was a great day, and everything went so well as we worked to make the building look lovely.

We had things like this:

The guest book where people wrote us advice and best wishes and notes from the heart…

On this table:

So many little note cards, all designed by me, and printed by my mom’s wonderful co-worker, for people to choose to write their notes on.

And this:

The cake table full of cupcakes! And the little signs I made telling what kinds they were. We had 6 kinds and they were awesome. YUM. Also, the handmade confetti was fun. I’d be a professional wedding DIY-er if I could.

And a table that ended up being decorated like this:

The “menu table.” The menu was also printed on the placemats we’d made for every person to have at their seats, complete with a customized crossword puzzle, all about Wyatt and I.

With a photo backdrop like this:

So fun!

And so so so many of these, which I love:

And these, which we’d picked and assembled the day before:

So lovely and simple.

And this:

Our favors in the wagon. A mix “tape” of “his, hers, and ours” favorite songs.

And this:

Photo board of us while we were dating…for 7 years…

And of course this:

This was my pride and joy of DIY. I LOVED making this.

More memories to come tomorrow, guys. Thanks for celebrating with me as we remember our happy, beautiful day!

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10 thoughts on “One year ago

  1. Aww I love seeing the details of your wedding! That’s a cute idea for favors. I’m working on my wedding anniversary post for tomorrow šŸ™‚ Can’t believe it’s been a whole year already!! Happy anniversary eve to you!

  2. omg the wooden arrows in the last picture is so cool, I love that idea!

    • Thanks! It was hard to plan the reception layout so all those made sense as you walked in the door! But It was such a fun project to do! And so cute!

  3. Super cute DIYs! I wish we could have made it. Your anniversary is our anniversary eve! I wish you a very happy one. šŸ™‚

  4. Laura

    I love all the DIY, so wish I had done more of that with my wedding!! It’s a great way to make it so much more personal of a day!! So cute!!

    • Thank you! It was a lot of work and sometimes overwhelming since we had so many guests, but I loved the personal details, plus, it was just fun to make everything ourselves. Still, sometimes I thought I was crazy for taking on so many projects, so I understand why some people choose not to go that way. It’s hard!

  5. I love the CD idea! You had a beautiful wedding!

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