We bought a house! Let’s celebrate…later.

Remember back when I made that long-awaited announcement about our “big news?”

Well, then remember how all my friends and family have been begging me for a picture of our new house?

Well, you guys might not remember that because most people that comment on my blog do so in non-blog form. In other words, I’m always hearing things like, “Hey, I saw on your blog that…, I think…”

I’m all for communication, whether it’s in blog form, in person, or even a thoughful text message. Heck, if you really want to make my day, write me a letter. So I’m responding to all you well-wishes here, even though you didn’t leave comments on my super-awesome post that told you we’d bought a house.

So, without further ado, here are some updates on how the new house is going so far.

Closing wasn’t as scary as I’d thought it would be. By that time, the giant check with our down payment on it had already come out of our account, so the emotional damage had been done. This was all about getting through a huge stack of papers before having breakfast.

Yup, we signed all those. Yikes.

Hubs is just as happy about this new house as I am, even though he doesn’t have a blog to tell the world how much this house makes him want to jump for joy, smile a giant goofy grin, scream happy thoughts, and basically look like an idiot all the time because he’s so ridiculously happy like I did…oh wait, I hadn’t admitted that to you guys yet, did I? Oops.

But he’s still happy.

Ok, so this smile is a little forced, but trust me. He’s happy.

The real estate office where we closed even had a special message up on their board for us!

They even spelled our names right!

After all that signing, we’d worked up a pretty big appetite so we went to Wendy’s for breakfast. It was practically free with all the coupons we had to use.

Yum. Hubs is happy here, too, even though the biscuit is hiding his smile.

I went crazy and celebrated with a decaf coffee…

My first “coffee” in months. I’ve been almost entirely caffeine-free since August (Chocolate doesn’t count–we’re talking caffeine-added beverages, here.), and it was delicious. Does that mean I’ve forgotten what real, good coffee tastes like? Probably.

We’ve already started working on it, which is an enormously costly endeavor! How come no one warned us about all the added expenses you have when you own a house. Things like garden hoses and spray nozzles, trash cans, brooms, tarps, painting supplies…the list goes on and on. I sit at home and think scary thoughts about being self-employed, part time, all day as I dream big dreams for this house.

Anyway, our first project was changing out the knob and lock on the front door.

It went from this:

Dirty, old, and sort of broken…

To this:

Shiny, bright, and new!

Oh, and you wanted to see a picture, right?

Are you sure?

Well, ok.

I guess one little picture won’t hurt.

We are trying to wait to have lots of people see inside until we get some projects done. Even though it’s not a “fixer-upper,” we want to wait until we’ve made it our own before we have a house-warming party, and there are plenty of projects on our list already!

So, for anyone who’s curious, here’s our new home!

Hi, house!

We can’t wait to live there, guys, and to invite you all over to celebrate with us.

In the meantime, though, we will be accepting house-warming gifts in the form of Lowe’s gift cards.

Just kidding.

Seriously though, check out my tweets from yesterday (over on the side bar over there) for an update on how our first full day of “house work” went!


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16 thoughts on “We bought a house! Let’s celebrate…later.

  1. Erin

    For our house warming gift, my parents took us to Home Depot and bought us painting supplies, a few gardening items, a ladder, some downspouts, leaf bags and a various other things. All the stuff we’d never have known we needed but would definitely add up eventually. Most valuable item? A 24-pack of microfiber work rags. I used each and every one of them when I spilled a pint of paint on our bedroom floor.

    Super excited for you guys! Can’t wait to see it!

    • What a great gift! Those things definitely add up over time and you never know you need them until it’s too late and you have to rush to Walmart in the middle of the day…four times! (We did that yesterday!) Anyway, thanks! And we can’t wait to show everyone!

  2. Love your new home, front porch is really nice, you’ll probably spend a lot of time there. So proud of you two. You will make this house into a wonderful HOME! Love ya’

  3. I’m so happy for you and Wyatt! Congrats!

  4. Jerry

    Now you can really learn about love. Nothing cements a relationship like working on a house—HOME—together. Even when you disagree about a color or Wyatt wants to watch soccer when you want him to paint–it’s all good. Congratulations!

    • Thanks! I know we’ll have trouble with the painting, as Wyatt doesn’t care about stuff like that until he doesn’t like it. Then he cares a lot! ๐Ÿ™‚ I appreciate the wisdom that comes from experience, I’m sure!

  5. Laura

    Yay, what a super cute house!! Fixing up little things on the inside is fun (although it can be overwhelming) because that is what helps to make it your home by putting your own personal touches to it!! Congratulations!!

    • Thanks! We’re so excited to make it our own, and spruce it up some in the process! Thanks for sharing in our excitement…and understanding how crazed we feel at times!

  6. Kelly


  7. Ashley

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh, I love it!! So cute!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Love the house. Especially the porch. Can’t wait to see what you do to the inside! Is it weird to go from something small to something with more than a just few rooms? So much more space to fill!

    • It’s hard! We’d been hitting yard sales and flea markets to look for “new” pieces to help fill the rooms, but we still need a lot of stuff! I guess that’s a good problem to have, though, and I’m excited to work on it over time. For now the big project is getting the walls and ceilings ready to move in…removing wallpaper and such. Lots of work!

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