Inside our walls…

There’s a lot that goes on inside our apartment that a lot of people don’t know about. Some of it’s pretty normal newlywed stuff. We bicker about laundry and dishes. We yell at the TV when our cable is sucking. We kiss a lot. We walk around in our skivvies all the time. (Ok, not all the time, but a lot of the time!)

But there’s other stuff that happens, too.

Things like this:

Yup, that’s a tent. In our living room.

On Monday, we had a little camp out in our apartment because we’re taking a camping trip soon and we hadn’t opened any of the awesome gear we got as wedding presents. Me, being the pre-planner I am, didn’t want to wait until we got out to the campsite to open something up and have there be a big hole or missing parts.

Hubs agreed. (Probably because he knows that he’d be SUPER DUPER mad if I suggested we check it first and he refused and then there was something wrong that left us without Β a tent. Yikes.)

It took up the ENTIRE room. We had to move all the furniture and everything.

So we spent a few hours just chilling on our new air mattress in our new tent while watching TV and eating this:

Oh my goodness yum! Homemade strawberry shortcake says summer for sure! And strawberry shortcake in a tent while pseudo-camping says summer even more!

The best kind of camping is the kind that happens with air conditioning, right?

Just kidding.

Sort of.

Another thing that has happened twice in our apartment in the last two days? This scene:

*Hubs is sitting on the couch just chilling out. I’m in the kitchen, or the bedroom, just minding my own business…when…

***(loud, dramatic) gasp!***

*Hubs comes running with a spider-killing tool in hand.

Never having to ask someone to kill big, scary bugs for me?

Reason #36 that husband roommates are the best, for sure.

What about you? What happens inside your walls that others might never guess? You can tell me…I an keep a secret! πŸ™‚



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8 thoughts on “Inside our walls…

  1. Mom

    Just have to say…
    That looks amazing!!! I mean the shortcake, not the tent. You could be a chef!
    Love you, Mom

    • Good! I’m glad I did it right! It’s so yummy, I can’t wait to make it again. We’re in need of some actually good strawberries though. These made like no juice even though I chopped them up and added sugar…

  2. Hi! I recently found your blog by Googling newlywed blogs while looking for more to read the other day haha.

    I agree, the best kind of camping is the kind in air conditioning, and husbands killing bugs = the best!

    • Welcome! Glad you stopped by, and we hope to see you around more! I’m glad I’m not the only wife who hates to kill bugs for herself! Thanks for leaving a comment to say hello!

  3. Ashley

    We had a picnic in the living room to celebrate getting engaged the year before since it was raining outside. It was great! There is also a good deal of skivvie wearing too. πŸ™‚ We also may have played with choc syrup and BBQ sauce…

    • Sounds fun! πŸ™‚ And I’m glad we’re not the only ones who have done the indoor camping/picnic thing, that makes it feel a little less silly…wait, no. It’s still kinda crazy. Ah well!

  4. Love the inside camping. Looks fun! Can’t wait to hear about your trip!

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