Friday’s Food for Thought: Matchy-matchy

It’s a common thought that couples that stay together for long periods of time eventually begin to look like each other.

Mel and Joey Schwanke took that belief to an entirely different level.

They match. Every day!

The couple has been married for 64 years (Amazing!) and say that they own 146 custom-made outfits that match, which they choose from every morning when they get dressed.


And holy moly, how cute are they?


Joey said: “I’ve always fully respected him and he’s fully respected me. We’ve had to work together on things like that. And in the morning we say, ‘Well, what do you feel like wearing?’”

Respect. That’s a good thing to note for a reason they’re still so happily married.

The tradition began years ago as Mel would bring home fabric from his travels, just enough to make a dress and a belt. Eventually, he told Joey that he didn’t think the belt flattered her, saying it “kind of cuts you in the middle.” So, Joey’s dressmaker started to make a tie instead of a belt each time, and the couple began to match.

Honesty. Gentle honestly. I’d say that’s a key to the marriage as well.

And the fact that they always wake up every morning and make themselves look as nice as they can. (Not that I think couples can’t ever chill out in their skivvies or wear shorts and a t-shirt, but it is nice to look nice for each other, at least sometimes, right?)

Here’s the rest of the story.

Think Hubs would wear something like this?

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6 thoughts on “Friday’s Food for Thought: Matchy-matchy

  1. Donita

    I don’t think you will get Wyatt to agree to that…at least not until you ha ve been married at least 50 years!

  2. haha too cute! 😉 I love it when hubby and I match, but it usually just happens for pictures or date night ❤

  3. this is adorable!

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