Friday’s Food for Thought: Love in a Tutu

Husbands and wives share a special bond and usually that special bond includes inside jokes and secret little ways to cheer each other up and make each other smile. If the face of wife Linda Carey’s battle with breast cancer, Bob Carey is bringing those special little moments from their private lives to the rest of the world in a very vulnerable, yet comical way.

It’s clear the dedication and love he has for his wife. It’s clear the good they’re trying to accomplish in the lives of others battling this disease. It’s clear that they’re story is special. In fact, it’s so special, it’s now a full on movement to try to raise money in the fight to find a cure.

all images from the Tutu Project website

Bob writes on his website, “During these past nine years, I’ve been in awe of her power, her beauty, and her spirit. Oddly enough, her cancer has taught us that life is good, dealing with it can be hard, and sometimes the very best thing—no, the only thing—we can do to face another day is to laugh at ourselves, and share a laugh with others.”

all images from the Tutu Project facebook page

Here’s the Today show interview. Check it out. Try not to feel a little bit better after watching this. I dare you.

The Tutu Project

all images from the Tutu Project's facebook page

 It begs the question of what we would be willing to do for our spouse if they were ever in need of just something small to make them smile…or in need of something bigger. Something to save their life.

Rock on, Tutu Man. Thanks for showing us all a little bit of the love you have for your dear wife.

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3 thoughts on “Friday’s Food for Thought: Love in a Tutu

  1. Laura

    I saw an article about this yesterday, it truly is an amazing and inspiring story. This amazing husband has been able to take such a horrible situtation and make it into such an inspiring journey instead. It makes me hope that should ever anything such as this happen to my husband or myself that we can make it into something inspiring and not constantly dwell on the negatives. It truly is a wonderful story.

    • It is a great story, and I’m glad you enjoyed it as well! I wish them both well on this journey together and agree that I hope we would find a way to find joy and inspiration if ever faced with something like that. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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