A garage sale philosophy

Do you guys think you know me pretty well?


So I shouldn’t need to tell you that I love garage sales, thrift shops, used-clothing stores, and estate sales. But I’m going to tell you anyway.

And, actually, I’d never been to an estate sale before Saturday, but I love them now.

Because, I found this there:

It was love at first sight. Of course.

I didn’t know if we should buy it. It was $10 and that’s usually my limit for impulse, un-needed items…but Hubs convinced me it was okay and that it was something we’d regret not buying later on.

Does it have a place in our apartment? Not quite, but it will have a place in our future home. Whenever we find it.

It still needs a good cleaning, but I’m sure Mr. Clean’s magic eraser will be up for the challenge.

Where did we find this little bargain? At an estate sale less than five minutes from where we live on Saturday morning. Hubs and I had a great time looking for deals at garage sales that morning. Even though I had to drag him out of bed to get there on time.

We stopped at the estate sale on a whim and were so glad we did. I had no idea my life (and my living room for now) had a big yellow step-stool-chair-sized hole in it.

We also found these at the estate sale:

Hubs found these new loves of my life.

He found one chair, it was dirty and a little rusty…but he liked it and convinced me (easily) that the $2 was worth it.) When we were offered a cleaner, matching one from underneath the hind end of the lady taking the money, we jumped on it and made out with our new favorite summer seats.

A little sanding to remove the rust, a coat of silver enamel from my parents’ basement supply of various spray paints, and a good scrub? They are like new and awesome.

I also picked up these cuties:

They are really teal and purple, but you get the idea, right?

Can you believe these were brand new (with tags) for $1?! I’m not one for buying used shoes, but these melted my heart right away.

I also was swept away by these:

These are happy feet. I haven’t decided if I’m going to use the laces or not, what do you think?

Also brand new, and also only $1. Wowza!

And do I care if they used to belong to an old lady somewhere you never wore them? Nope. They’re mine now, and I’ll love them like they deserve to be loved.

I also picked up these fun classics for how much, do you think?

If you guessed 10 cents each, you’d be right, but you didn’t guess that, did you? Because that would have been crazy. (And it was!)

I found the red one online selling for $20. It’s a first edition…

Getting good deals can be addictive…

All in all, it was a very productive way to spend two hours, and less than twenty bucks!

Our whole haul.

I’ll admit that I always feel a little silly walking up to a garage sale since I’ve been on the other side of the folding table hoping everyone who walks up will “please buy my junk, please buy my junk!”

But I soon get over that and settle into the art of looking through trash to find treasures.

What about you? Do you garage sale? What’s the best thing you’ve ever found? What’s your best tip for getting a good deal?

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14 thoughts on “A garage sale philosophy

  1. Wow! I love all your treasures. I too love yard sales and the like. Most of your stuff matches your blog colors! 🙂

  2. I love garage sales/yellow/Mr. Clean magic erasers! And you found some amazing deals. I used to go shopping at garage sales (and “junking” — finding free stuff on the curb amidst “trash”) with my mom all the time when I was younger. She’s a pro…and lately I’ve been inspired to pick up the tradition again. 🙂

    • I’ve never taken something free off the curb…but I almost did one weekend a few weekends ago. I decided I didn’t need to take a table I didn’t really like, no matter how free it was! Good luck treasure hunting!

  3. Ashley

    AWESOME finds!!!!!!!!! I love the floral shoes!!!! Way to go girl!!! I wanna go garage saleing with you!!

  4. Awesome! Looks like you guys really scored! I love those sneakers, so cute!

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