Right now, the concept of home is a very complicated one.

Our apartment is home.

But hopefully not for long.

And we still think of Sedalia as the place we “go home to visit” when we stay with our families.

Still, I think we’re happiest and most ourselves when we’re at home…our home…together.

Because after all, that’s the real reason we ever feel at home…because we’re there together.

As we’re house-hunting, I find myself imagining if I could picture us living in the house in question. Usually, it’s a no, and it gets frustrating to see house after house that just won’t work for us.

But the reality is that even if we never find a house that I imagine can become our first house, I know that no matter where we end up, it will become a home…together.

What about you? What makes your home feel most like home? Is it an object? A person? A special touch you add yourself? Any advice for buying our first house?

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4 thoughts on ““H”ome

  1. We are in the same situation as you guys are! It’s such a fun but scary time! I feel like I have many “homes” just like you but I find that wherever my husband and puppy wrigley are is home.

    • Good luck with your house hunt! We certainly need luck on ours as well! Glad you’ve found where your home is! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  2. Laura

    I definitely understand the dilema of where is home. I’ve lived in NC for almost 16 years now but am originally from VA where a lot of the family still is so while NC is the main home, VA is still home as well b/c so much family is still there. For my husband who is from a little town in the southeast that is always home for him, born and raised and moved to the big city of Raleigh to be with me, so his definition of home has more than one meaning as well. That is also know partly home for me as well and we love spending time there with his family. Plus we are working on trying to figure out where to make “our” home together at since right now we live in a townhome. Home is always where you make it and in our case there are always going to be a few homes in our lives I think!

    • It’s very tough when we have lots of homes, but it can be a blessing, too. I try to think of it that way, and it seems like you are too, so that’s great. We just need to keep trying to find who, or what can make us feel most at home!
      Thanks for the comment!

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