“G”ame day!

Today was a Sporting KC game. (Woo hoo!) And they won! (Wooooo hooo!) But I wasn’t there.

I was in Sedalia with friends finishing up a super awesome bachelorette party with friends. And working in the rain for my Aunt’s landscaping business.

But Hubs was there, and having a grand time!

He’s rubbed off on me quite a bit. (I’ve noticed that happens a lot now that we’re married.) And I’m pretty excited about soccer now.

Want an example of how excited?

I got a text yesterday from a friend that said I was the first choice for an alternate for a friend’s indoor soccer team and it made me so proud, I shared it with everyone in the room with me.

And I checked twitter every few minutes during the game to make sure I didn’t miss any changes in the score of the game today.

It’s official. I’m a real fan now.

I’d never played a game of soccer in my life until this fall. I’d certainly never been a real soccer game.

I’d been a fan of the game for longer than that, though. After all, Hubs played in high school, which meant I watched as many games as I could. I even learned what “offside” meant and how to watch for it. (That’s a tough one, trust me.)

What happens next? Blue Royals t-shirts in my closet to match my red Cardinals ones?


I wouldn’t be mad about that.

It doesn’t mean I love my first loves any less. I have lots of love to go around.

There’s room in my heart and my head for another team, I think. Cards, Sporting KC, Royals…the more the merrier, right?

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2 thoughts on ““G”ame day!

  1. john

    I think there is an unwritten rule that says if you are a Cardinals fan you can not be a ROYAL fan.

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