“F”ridays… but not a usual one

We like Fridays as much as the next person.

But as newlyweds, they’re even more special because it usually means a night that we get to stay up and just hang out with no bed time…since we have to get up at 6 AM on weekdays. Sometimes we stay up late, sometimes we just go to bed early anyway and cuddle, or sometimes we go out. But we always spend it together…

Not this week.

I’ll be at a bachelorette party all night. Hubs is hanging out here so he can go to the soccer game on Saturday with the guys.

It’s going to be a fun time for both of us. But we won’t be together.

This will make the third time since we’ve been married that we’ve been apart at night. Not the third night, (this will make close to 15 or 17 nights, I forget the exact count) but the third reason.

What about you? How do you get through nights or weekends apart? 



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6 thoughts on ““F”ridays… but not a usual one

  1. Merritt | LiveSimplyLove

    We were apart in our first year of marriage for over a week. I was in Haiti on a mission trip and he was at home. I think it was harder for him than me because he was living his normal life and I was doing different things every day. But still, it was SO hard though to be apart. We couldn’t even talk on the phone and we had to send text messages through a friend’s phone who was on the trip with me so it was really infrequent communication. I’m not sure how we got through it. I journaled a lot. He tried to spend time with friends. Eventually it came to an end. It seems silly, but we really don’t like to be apart. Hope the time goes fast for both of you!!

    • It’s surprising to me how hard it is. I know that we’ve spent more nights apart than nights together, but I guess that’s a testament of how much better it is when we’re together! This time was only 1 night (2 days) and we both kept busy, but we’re excited to see each other tonight! Thanks for the comment!

  2. We’ve had to be apart a couple times when one of us was in the hospital and that’s always hard. We talk on the phone when I can’t be there and our doggies are good company. You would think it would get easier after years together, but after 26 years, it’s still hard and not something I prefer to do. We are going to have nights apart soon though because he is going to have to start staying overnight sometimes where he works. The gas is soooo high now and he works an hour and 20 mins away from home. sighs. So he’s going to stay overnight some nights. We have a van so we can fix that up for him, and they have showers at work and are open 24/7 (pharm company), but still….
    I knit a lot. lol.

    • How hard! I appreciate the kitting comment though because I think I need a hobby like that to help keep me busy sometimes! Thanks for the comment!
      Good luck to you as you guys adjust to a different schedule!

  3. My husband and I have been married since 1987 and we’ve been together since 1979. There was no Internet or anything like that when we went to college. To deal with the separation we would write each other love letters. I’d get a letter a day.

    Jolie du Pre
    Precious Monsters

    • How romantic! I love love letters! And we’ve written each other many times as well. We also have notes from our high school days of passing notes in the hallway and leaving them in each others’ lockers. Thanks for stopping by! And leaving a comment!

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