For the past few nights, we’ve had unimpressive dinners.

It’s not that we’ve planned this.

We’ve just been busy with volleyball, house hunting, planning a bachelorette party… all that good stuff.

Sunday night, it was so hot in our apartment, we had only tuna salad.

Monday, we had chicken helper. It was pretty good, but Wyatt cooked that meal, so the credit goes to him.

Tuesday was steamed vegetables and leftovers, for me. Wyatt had a PB&J.

Tonight was peanut butter sandwiches before we went out house-hunting…and Chinese food after. (A rare treat because we don’t usually eat out on weekdays.)

We’ve had a busy week.

Remember when we used to cook delicious meals all the time?

Anyway, I’m hoping to do better next week, and every week after we find a house and move into a place with a nice, big kitchen…

Not that I think we’re going to have a house any time soon…

… But hopefully soon.

What about you? When are your dinner hits and misses? What’s your go-to, “don’t-have-time-for-dinner” dinner?

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14 thoughts on ““D”inner

  1. Sweetie and I are bad about grabbing hoagies or pizza or burgers out when we’re out running errands. Since I only have a car when he is off errands tend to take up a whole day when we get around to them. I’m a huge proponent of crockpot use, however. I make stews, soups and roasts up all the time an xtra large crock then we have food for days. You may want to try doing that on those really busy weeks.

    • Great idea. I need to figure out some lighter crock pot meals. I think most of my recipes are heavier winter things…

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. This week has been a miss for us as well. I had a migraine on Tuesday which left my husband to fend for dinner. Since it’s busy season, he comes home later, so he decided just to pick up something already made at the grocery store. No shame in that every once in a while. πŸ™‚

    • Hubs is great at making dinner when I don’t feel well, but sometimes we’re just too busy to make something work when we’re running in and out.

  3. Donita

    I think dinner is one of those evolving things. When we first got married we ate out alot, just because we could. Then the kids came along and we started having the sit down family dinners. As the boys got older and more involved in sports and stuff we went back to the “fast and furious” dinners out or sandwiches at home. When the boys left we started eating more at home again, just because once we got home we didn’t want to go back out. I also occasionally “pick up” something on the way home if I don’t feel like cooking, but for the most part it is dinner at home every night now.

    • How true! I’ve never thought about that really, but it makes great sense! I guess we’ll settle into a new “busier” routine eventually!

  4. Merritt | LiveSimplyLove

    Our week has been this way too! We’ve eaten leftovers most nights — mostly hamburgers from a Saturday night cookout in which we way over-did it on quantity. The Husband ate those and two nights this week I had an egg sandwich on the yummy hamburger buns that were also left over. I can’t remember the last time I did a major shopping trip, but we’re about due. I’m starting to be able to see the back wall of the fridge and that NEVER happens!

    • Our fridge gets empty on weeks like this too! But leftovers are always good to fill in on the days we don’t have time to make a real meal. We also do okay on quick sandwiches. Luckily we both love peanut butter!

  5. When I don’t have time it’s the boring: saute meat in olive oil, steam broccoli and rice or couscous. But it’s healthy and it works. I save real meals for Sunday dinner.

    • That doesn’t sound too boring! I like simple things and I enjoy anything with steamed broccoli! Thanks for the idea, and the idea to set aside one night a week for “real” cooking. I’ll have to look into which day would work best for us!

  6. Laura

    We are the same way with dinner sometimes! I try to make a point of making sure we actually cook dinner. But sometimes it is just so much easier for one of us to grab dinner on the way home!! It is something we are working on (for both budget and healthy eating purposes) but sometimes it’s just too easy to grab a bite out!!

    • We do really well at not eating out, but we do sometimes get stuck in a peanut butter sandwich rut! Oh well, whatever fills our bellies and keeps us happy and healthy and going strong will work when time is tight! Thanks for the comment!

  7. Don’t feel bad, there are days I just shove some stuff in the oven and hope it turns out. Sometimes it’s great, sometimes it’s awful!

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