Last night Hubs ate the last of a bag of chips as he was making dinner.

That was all fine and good until I decided I wanted chips and a beer as my late-night snack of choice while we watched tv.

So I worked on some things for awhile until it was time to relax for the night. Then I asked him to bring over the chips when he brought over the two beers.

And the chips were gone.

I was a little miffed.

Okay, a lot miffed.

Chips are a big deal to me…and a special treat in our house.

There was laughing from both sides… and some real frustration on my part.

But alas, the chips were gone.

I realize now that it wasn’t that he ate the chips, it was that I didn’t know he ate the chips so I was still looking forward to eating them.

It’s all about communication. Which is another good “c” word.

What about you? Any chip disasters in your house? Any communication fails?

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7 thoughts on ““c”hips…

  1. My A-Z letter C blog post was for chips too. I rarely eat chips because chocolate is my treat of choice.
    I will be back to check out your next posts…you are newlyweds adn I am going on 30 years of marriage 🙂

  2. Bahaah that is so sad! There are definitely snacks like that in our house that go way too fast and I get sad. Like when I buy pita chips and hummus…and look forward to eating them when I get home…annnnd then they’re gone. At least you had beer!

    • I think I’ll keep a closer watch on my treat the next time. I would have shared, I just needed to know he wanted them ahead of time! Thanks for the comment!

  3. Yea, we are trying (emphasis on TRY) to get a system going where if we run out of something, we write it down so the next person doesn’t miss out on it.

  4. The sweetie and I have one really huge obsession…Double Stuff Oreos. Honestly, we can share jsut about anything, but we do NOT share our DSO’s well at all. After several Oreo fights, we figured out how to solve it. When we buy a bag of DSO’s…which is VERY rare…we open the pack and immediately count out the cookies, dividing them equally and putting them into separate bags. We label the bags with our names.
    It sounds extreme, but they are such a rare treat that we are both stingy with them. Trust me, we know how many cookies are left in our bags at any given time, too. Woe betide if one is missing….. 😉

    • How funny! we usually share pretty well. It’s just in this case I didn’t know I was sharing…maybe next time we’ll buy 2 bags…or none…since we’re trying to eat healthier!

      Thanks for the advice!

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