“B”aby talk

Yesterday was April Fool’s day. A few young couples I know tried to trick us into thinking they were expecting.

I also know several couples who got married around the time we did that who actually are pregnant.

It makes me excited to think about when we’ll have kiddos, but in the mean time, we’re not in a hurry to get started on that.

We’d like to enjoy just being together for awhile before we bring a baby on the scene.

Don’t get me wrong, I might be a little anxious when I start to see all these new little ones in a few months.

So you can remind me of this post then, ok?

On a similar note, Hubs keeps asking if we can have a dog.

I’d like a dog (ONCE WE HAVE A HOUSE!) but I’m still not sure I want that added responsibility… I like the idea of not having anyone or anything depending on us…but us.

I’m sure we’ll get a dog someday, I’m just not thinking it’s time yet.

In the meantime, we’ll enjoy our newlywed-life, just the two of us.

What about you? How long will you/did you wait for a dog? For a baby? Any ideas of things we should do before we take on those things?

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16 thoughts on ““B”aby talk

  1. My husband actually gave me our dog for Christmas, two months before he proposed (so of course I HAD to say yes then! 😉 ). We got our second dog about a year after we moved into our house. It definitely helped that our house came with a doggie door in the back!

    Ehhh…the baby thing not so much. We have been married for four years, and we are still waiting for the clock to start ticking. 🙂

    Oh, and as a side note, friends of ours pulled that “we are pregnant” prank for April Fools a couple years ago, and the joke was on them. Turns out they really WERE pregnant! 😀

    • Great plan on your Hubby’s part! And that’s a pretty funny joke on the part of the couple that wasn’t planning to be pregnant!

  2. Donita

    John already had a dog when we got married. That is where the boys get that desire. We were married a little over 14 months when Jack came along. Wait whatever time is right for you. Don’t let any of us pressure you…even though I can’t wait!

  3. Merritt | LiveSimplyLove

    I totally got fooled by a friend’s April Fool’s pregnancy announcement on Facebook yesterday. And so did a lot of people. The way the comments DON’T automatically show up really had people going. She was still trying to “correct” all of the fools at the end of the day.

    As far as what to do before babies (or dogs) – I’d take a trip to some place you’ve always wanted to go!! You might still be able to do that with kid/kids later on, but once you have a child there’s no going back!

    P.S. I know you’re saving for a down-payment, so I get it if a trip isn’t possible now, but keep it in mind for when it is!

    • We plan to take a little trip this summer, even if it involves more camp sites and fancy hotels. We know we’re trying to save money, but a trip is such a good way to reconnect and get even closer. Plus, it helps appeal to the adventurous sides in both of us. Thanks for the support and advice!

    • Oh, and the April Fools joke? A classic, but rather risky one. I’d hate to have any hurt feelings as a result!

  4. I’ve always had dogs, so any prospective fellas had to like dogs or go away. lol. Also, the dog had to like the fella or he had to go away. I trust my dog’s opinions. If the animals don’t like him.. he’s history, lol. Babies, however… don’t have them, don’t want them, don’t even like to hold them. LOL. Honestly I don’t have a maternal instinct in my entire body and the future sweetie knew it going in. Don’t let anyone rush you though. Wait until you are both ready or everyone will be miserable.

    • Very true. It’s better to not rush into things. Although sometimes we don’t plan the timing exactly and it still works out so we’ll just see what happens. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  5. My husband and I just got married in September. For as long as I can remember, we have been saying we wanted to get a dog. Well we decided to pull the trigger and went through a breeder to get one. The puppy came home last Thursday, and boy how things have changed. I mean he is so fantastic and we love him so much. But you need to focus so much attention on training the puppy, that it can be easy to not pay as much attention to each other. And we have lost a lot of sleep because puppies will cry at night. If you have friends or family that live close and are willing to puppy sit that is extremely helpful. Most people say they want dogs or puppies, but don’t realize the responsibilities that come along with it. Adult dogs are a bit easier, but if you decide on a puppy, make sure you guys have the time to devote to the little guy. And as always, make sure that you are still able to give your marriage the time it needs 🙂

  6. americaninnorway

    We waited 2 years before getting pregnant.. but we had already been traveling around the world during those first 2 years… Dogs… HE (they) are still waiting.. I have told the kids they can get dogs when they move out… too difficult to travel if we have pets. 🙂 Good luck with A-Z

    • Traveling around the world would be so exciting! I’ve traveled a lot in the states but have never been overseas. Maybe some day! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  7. thelumberjackswife

    We got dogs within one month of marriage! They became our kids! We did end up having our first child when we were married for 2 1/2 years. I think it is good to have some alone time before kids come. Kids are great-but go have some fun! Go on a cruise! Go to Hawaii! 🙂
    (Here from A to Z)

    • A cruise would be great! And I think we’ll get a dog eventually. I just don’t know if I’m ready quite yet… I like our alone time….we can snuggle with no jealous dog trying to squeeze in the middle! 🙂 thanks for the comment!

  8. One excellent way to get loads of comments here or on facebook is to ask for advice about children 😉 everyone wants to way in, I find it quite amusing 😛

    Personally, I got a step-dog when I got married as my husband already had one, then another one found me while I was out walking the first one, so then there was two. And we wanted a baby after a year of marriage, but we weren’t able to get pregnant. The timing is different for everyone, and it’s not always in your hands. We have a son now, and it’s awesome 🙂

    • Very true about the kiddos comments! 🙂 and I appreciate all of them!

      I think we’ll settle into having kids eventually but for now we’re just enjoying trying to figure out all this marriage stuff.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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