I’m thankful for YOU!

Guess what guys? I have more than 20,000 total views on my blog!  I know that doesn’t seem like a lot to anyone with big fancy blogs, or anyone with a LOT of personal friends or a super-giant family, but to me, it’s pretty cool.

This blog started out as a fun project of telling our story as newlyweds. I figured I’d “meet” some people, and I got to continue to do something I love to do: write.

But now, I realize that this blog is more than that. It’s become a little community, at least for me.

I look forward to reading your comments.

Not because I want you to like me, (although I DO want that!) but because I want to connect with you. I want to share secrets for saving money on groceries, and lessons about how to best apologise at the end of an argument, and advice for how to juggle work and personal time, tips for talking about money, stories about housekeeping failures, and smiles over the sweet way we’re blessed by those that love us and that we are blessed to love.

I love hearing what you have to say.

And can I tell you a secret?

Of course I can, you’re not here to stop me.

Anyway, the secret.

I get a little bummed out when no one comments on a post I thought was especially clever or thoughtful, or cute. Or funny. Or sweet and sincere.

I know that made me sound a bit lame, but ah well, it’s too late to hide that fact now.

Let’s just say I like it when you guys talk back to me.

Otherwise, I sometimes feel like I’m just talking to myself. Which is fine, because this blog is for me in that it helps me remember important milestone in our marriage, and lets me think through feelings or emotions I experience in this crazy awesome life. But it’s also for you.

And so, I want you to participate!

I really do read every comment. And I usually respond within a day if possible.

The point is, I want you guys to feel welcome here, and wanted.

I’m excited you find our newlywed life interesting enough to read about every day. I’m humbled and honored that you spend your valuable time reading posts I think are clever or thoughtful, or cute. Or funny. Or sweet and sincere.

So even though I don’t have thousands of followers, I’m thankful for all 92 of you that follow my blog through email or WordPress. That doesn’t count those that follow by RSS feed or twitter.

And because I’m thankful for all of you, I want to share our little community with others. So tell your friends if you read a post and think it’s worth sharing. Maybe your sister’s new husband also leaves his clothes piled up on the floor on his side of the bed so they always get left out of the laundry. Maybe your mom’s best friend has a daughter who’s also looking for a job in a big, new city and she hates driving on interstates.

Whatever it is, I’d be happy to meet your sister or your mom’s best friend or the neighbor or your crazy uncle Johnny!

And for those of you that read but don’t comment, I’d love a little shout out so we can get to know each other. I promise I won’t ask you any hard questions today. It’s easy, trust me!

So, if you’re a loyal reader who doesn’t leave a lot of comments, I’m asking for you to answer this for me: what’s your favorite thing about springtime? 

Or if that’s too hard, tell me why you read or how you found the blog. 

And if that’s still too much, how about your favorite flavor of ice cream? Because that’s an easy-peasy-cheesy one, for sure!

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16 thoughts on “I’m thankful for YOU!

  1. Christa

    I’ve commented a couple of times before…I absolutely LOVE your blog. Getting ready to be married in 4 months and this has given me and my fiance a small taste of what marriage might be like. And you guys remind me of us! Now to answer your question (this may be weird), but my favorite thing about spring is the smell of mowed grass lol. I love driving down the road with the windows down, and that smell reminds me that nature is alive, spring is here, and summer is right around the corner!

    • Thanks so much! I love that you love my blog! I’m happy for you and your very-soon-upcoming marriage! And fresh-cut grass is a huge one! I love that, too. In the city, it’s all lawn, but in the country where I’m from, I love the smell of hay! Thanks for playing along!

  2. Donita

    I love your blog because it helps me “feel involved” even though you live a ways away. I remember when we first got married and moved away from our families it was kind of nice just having the 2 of us. But I would have loved to share some of the little things like you do with my family. There just was not the means to do that back then. Plus the blog probably keeps me from calling all the time and being a “pesky MIL”. My favorite part of spring is sitting outside and hearing the tree frogs and birds. I also love to watch all the baby calves run and play, they just seem so carefree! I love you guys and only wish you the best!

    • Baby calves are a great part of spring. We won’t have any of that up here, though! I’m glad this helps us stay in contact with people back home. I do like living up here on our own, but I miss everyone! This lets us share the little everyday things with you all. Thanks!
      P.S. You’re not pesky at all!

  3. mom

    Hey there…I love spring for the warmer days and the colors of the forsythia, redbud, lilac, tulips and bright green grass!
    I look forward to reading your blog because it’s like chatting with you over a cup of tea (that’s probably because I usually read it while I’m having my coffee or tea.) And of course because I love you guys and enjoy hearing about your daily lives.
    As for the ice cream, I like so many, but I guess I would pick chocolate if I’m limited to one. And I would add some caramel sauce and pecans on top!
    Love you, Mom

    • Yum! Except I like to eat my pecans plain, then eat my ice cream. I’m odd like that. Good spring choices, too! It is a very bright time of year. And I’m glad you read while you have tea or coffee. Sometimes I write while I have tea, so it really is like we’re chatting!

  4. girlygirl007

    My favorite thing about Springtime is the warmer weather and that summer is around the corner. I think I found your blog on a marriage site, but I signed up for email updates because your posts remind me so much of myself, and you face the same kinds of little joys and struggles:)

    As for ice cream…depends on the mood, but normally needs a lot of chocolate in it. lol

    • Warm weather is a big one! I’m glad you enjoy the crazy awesomeness of our life. I enjoy writing about it for you to read! And I’d probably enjoy you, too, since we seem to have lots in common!
      Thanks for the comment!
      And chocolate is almost always a part of my ice cream choice!

  5. Laura

    I love reading your blog, I’ve been married now for just under 7 months and it is so nice to see that we are not the only newly married couple that has some of the same stumbling blocks going through the process of learning how to live with each other. Entertwining two lives together can be pretty tricky some days but the rewards are always worth it!
    I love springtime thunderstorms, I get that from my mom, I love the afternoon rain and thunder that will just sort of pop up out of nowhere (here in NC it is very common this time of year). I also just love all the blooming trees and flowers, such pretty colors (I loved the pic you had the other day of the brightly colored tulips on the road that helped perk up your day).
    Ice cream… hmmm… chosing just one… I love the orange sherbert w/vanilla ice cream (also a very springy feel). I like most ice cream but one of my favorite things to do, especially during summer, is to take some vanilla frozen yogurt and throw it in the blender with some type of fresh fruit for a nice fresh smoothie! I’ve been big on trying to eat healthier so it’s the perfect treat!

    • Great idea on the smoothie. Sounds good! I don’t use my blender enough so I really should do things like that more often. I don’t like the orange ice cream, but I bet Hubs would!

      And I’m glad you can relate to our fights and struggles. When we don’t communicate well, it helps to see what others do that works for them. And it gives us a chance to share what we’re learning to help other couples! Win-win!


      • Oh, and thanks for the pic appreciation! I don’t like thunderstorms that much, but rain is nice! Sometimes…!

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  7. Wow i don’t have bear that many views yet, but my blog is newish. I am the same way i have the wordpress app on my phone and Im always checking my blog stats for the day. Thought most of my comments come from my family i still get excited to see they care to read it lol. My favorite part about spring has changed through the years it use to be the excitement that it was now softball season! Since I don’t play anymore it’s the weather… Usually warm and comfortable and not hotter and sticky like summer. Usually this year might be different!

    • Comments are great, no matter who they come from! The warm weather is great, and I do miss softball season, so that’s a big one. I get excited for baseball season, too!
      Thanks for stopping by and playing along and leaving a comment!

  8. I’m one of those readers that doesn’t comment lol. I enjoy reading your blogs because I can relate to some of it. I’ve been married for almost 4 years, but things that you go through, I have gone through (like the messy, small apartment, or the silly little tiffs that happen). I feel better knowing that I’m not the only one that goes through these things!..anyway, to your questions..my favourite part about spring is the warm weather and the sun shining. I can’t get enough of it! As for your second question, I honestly can’t remember how I found your blog ha ha! I think I was searching for something online and your blog came up. As for your third question, I have a couple favourite kinds of ice cream…Bordeaux Cherry and there is also Cotton Candy. I will try to comment more, but just know that I read every blog that you write 🙂

    • Nice to meet you! And thanks for taking the time to leave a comment this time! Those ice cream flavors sound yummy, and I’m glad you found my blog, however you found it!

      As for relating to the stories, I’m so glad! It’s awesome to “meet” new people and know we have things in common!

      Thanks for reading!

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