In the mood for Easter

Hubs and I have no plans made yet for how we’re going to spend our “first” Easter.

I suggested we dye eggs.

He thought that was a crazy idea.

And it is.

That’s sort of why I want to do it.

But nevermind about that.

It has nothing at all to do with what I want to write about tonight.

Tonight we went to the church I volunteer at to volunteer at the preview night for the big Easter event they have. We were in charge of the preschool-age egg hunt.

Since tonight was just the preview night for church members with kids who will be volunteering at the big community event on Saturday, there wasn’t all that much traffic to our area.

So we took to playing with the giant Easter eggs that were in our room in between visitors.

Hubs proved to be quite clever at spinning the eggs like a top. He discovered this method as a fluke, but I liked it the best.

Of course, before that happened, this happened:

And even before that, Hubs managed to drop the egg on my foot and make a big swollen bruised spot.

You can't see it that much, but it's there. And sore!

(I’m such a delicate little flower.)


(Fine, but I do bruise easily…)

(I would also like to say that these are the little shoes I love so much that Hubs says look like “old lady shoes.” Anyone care to offer an opinion on that matter?)

And he also managed to spin an open egg (half of the plastic egg) into my ankle and make it bleed.

See what I mean? A delicate flower I tell ya!

Clearly, I wasn’t seriously injured.

But still, how many of you can say you’ve had two Easter egg injuries to your feet? In one night?

Then again, maybe I shouldn’t be bragging about that…

Anyway, we still need to decide where we’re spending the holiday.

What about you? Any big Easter plans? How do you divide up time between families? Have you every been attacked by a giant Easter egg? It’s okay if you have, maybe we can form a group!

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4 thoughts on “In the mood for Easter

  1. Donita

    He needs to learn that you ARE a delicate flower, and he should treat you as such! I think coloring eggs is a fun thing to do. The other thing you should do is fly a kite.

    • Ooo! I like kite-flying! I have a kite in my car in case the mood ever strikes me! And I’m not so dainty or delicate. Really! But I do seem to get hurt easily!

  2. Martha

    Tell that Hubs of yours I will break some “yokes” on him if he doesnt stop hurting you!!!!

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