It’s getting hot in here…

Well, it’s been around 80 degrees the past several days. We live in a third floor apt and don’t want to give in and turn our air conditioner on yet.

(Are we cheap? Yup, but it is only March, people, and Wyatt’s stubborn. Very stubborn!)

So, we have the windows open…

…all both of them.

And the door to the patio.

Hubs says that’s one thing he’s most looking forward to about having a house.

Windows on opposite sides of the room so we can get a cross-breeze going.

I don’t blame him on that because it’s hot in here!

And when it gets hot in here, we get a little hot around the collar, if you know what I mean.


That’s what I mean.

(In case anyone missed the obvious and completely shameless use of that tired cliche.)

We start to bicker more and pick at things that wouldn’t normally bother us.

We also tend to sit around wearing less clothes than would be acceptable to answer the door in, but that’s a post for another day.

Or not.

But seriously, other than the idea to use that hot air and energy for something less PG-rated, we’re a little out of ideas for how to keep from getting so annoyed at each other.


***On a positive note, we saved 14.4% on our weekly grocery bill this month by using coupons and price matching. We may be nerds, but we’re nerds that have saved $71.66 on groceries since January. Here’s to following through on our resolutions!

What do you think? How can we keep it cool? And keep our cool?


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4 thoughts on “It’s getting hot in here…

  1. Ugh there is nothing worse than being hot! Last year I lived in a top floor apartment and went through the same thing is those awkward between spring and winter months. Luckily now we live in a basement apartment so it stays pretty cool!

    My honest opinion….just bite the bullet and turn the air on. 🙂

    • Good advice but we’re not ready to give in just yet! Hubs had a basement apartment before we got married and new liked it but I found it dark and cold. I’ve seen some nice ones but this one wasn’t the best. I just need a happy medium I guess!


  2. I definitely notice my mood going down when the temp goes up, and I live in the south! The only way we cool off is buying fans (because we still don’t want to turn on that dreaded A/C just yet!)

    • Fans help for sure! I love our bedroom ceiling fan. It helps so much at night. Still, a breeze is best I think, but a breeze we just do not have!

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