Time for us

Spending time together is a huge priority for Wyatt and I. We are happiest when we’re just being with each other, no matter what we’re actually doing.

Hubs was gone to New York City all last week. It was not fun.

Of course, we made it through just fine.

(Even though Hubs forgot the “phone routine” we used to do each night before bed. The first night, we were both waiting up for each other, getting tired, instead of just calling it a night and calling each other.

It turned out okay, though, because he’s home now.

I had to work Saturday, Sunday, and today and tonight. I’m ready for a break, ready for time for us to just be…us.

But, in the meantime, here’s a little list of things I missed about having Hubs gone.

1. The bed was cold. He’s like a personal heater I can cuddle with. I’m like an ice cube that makes him go crazy when I put his feet on his thighs.

2. I didn’t have anyone to talk to at night. When my parents came up to visit me on Wednesday, I chatted like a crazy person.

3. My toothbrush looked lonely.

Silly? Sure. But true!

4. Meals were boring and full of leftovers. I like to cook for him more than I like to cook for myself.

5. No one was around to get up and turn off the light or get me some water or check to make sure the door is locked if I forgot. Getting out of bed is not my favorite thing to do…

6. We missed “our shows” because of the time change and other varied reasons.

7. No one was there to hold my hand or let me lay my head on their shoulder while I watched TV. Plus, I like seeing his face when I talk to him. He has the best smile of anyone I know. He smiles with his whole face.

8. I had to fill up the Brita filter myself. It’s a small task he does for me every week.

9. I had to unload the dishwasher. It’s another one of his “chores” that he does because he knows I don’t like to.

10. We had to pray over the phone instead of in person. Again, I missed having him there to hold my hand.

All jokes aside, the extra chores were nothing compared to not having him here with me.

When we were going through pre-marital counseling, our good friend and mentor told us we would be surprised by how much time we needed to spend together. I can’t believe how how right that is! Even though we enjoy doing our own things, I think we’re both happiest when whatever we’re doing involves the other.

It makes me wonder when or if this will change. I know my parents have never spent 4 nights apart since they’ve been married. I asked her when she came up to visit me.

However, my in-laws travel for work a lot more often and have spent many more nights apart.

Both are strong marriages. It’s just a different dynamic. I guess it’s true that it’s all what you’re used to.

I’m not sure how Hubs and I will be in our marriage 20 years from now, or if we’ll ever get used to being apart, after we get used to being together!

But I think we deserve a little vacation if we get through this crazy spring!

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8 thoughts on “Time for us

  1. I identified with so much of your list. My husband is an accountant…not the tax kind, the auditor kind, so he has to travel to do things for different corporations that he audits. He has had to travel twice this year, which is more than any other year we have been married. It was really harder than I thought it would be, considering I lived on my own for two years before we got married. They really do grow on you, don’t they? 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m not sure if it will get easier or harder to be away from each other yet! Sorry your husband’s had to travel more this year…

  2. I’ve told Matt often that I’m excited to be married because I expect to be on every other trip he ever goes on, so we’ll never have to be apart like when he worked at XCOM. I know that may not really be true and there may be a few times when we are apart for a short period, but I hope not. I’m sorry you had to be apart this week — but I bet your hearts grew much fonder and that now you are really appreciating him being home. Have a great week together! I hope he doesn’t have to go on too many more trips any time soon.

    • I wanted to go, but it was too expensive and we wouldn’t have had much time together. Sadly, his work trips involve an awful lot of…work! But I’m hoping to go on some trips in the future with him!
      Thanks for the comment! I’m so excited your wedding is so close!

  3. Donita

    It is very hard at first to be apart. I didn’t start traveling until the boys were in grade school so it did not seem so bad. I was usually gone only 3 or so days at a time. John also worked many differnt shifts at that time so we were often apart in the “off hours” even when not traveling. I think now that the boys are “out” it is harder on us. We have come to depend on each other much more and appreciate not having to be apart as often.

    • Thanks for sharing! I know it will be hard any time he travels but I hope there won’t be such long trips in the future! You’re right that it does make us appreciate the time we have together, though!

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