Thursday thoughts…

Today’s the first day of March.

Tomorrow is Friday, and for several reasons, I’ve never looked forward to a Friday more.

March means that Spring is coming up soon!

March also means that soccer season is starting soon!

I can’t believe Hubs and I have been married for almost 8 months! I know everyone said it won’t go by quickly, but I had no idea how fast it would seem!

When I type, my right pinky finger often locks up. Hmm…

I love the smell and feel of freshly washed, hot-out-of-the-dryer sheets. Oh my!

I did nothing to celebrate leap year. I’m kind of bummed out about that.

Papa Murphy’s gourmet vegetarian pizza with their white sauce and added olives is amazing. Just saying.

I wish I’d eaten less pizza because I’m in the mood for cheesecake. However, I don’t have any cheesecake so I guess it’s okay I ate so much pizza.

Sometimes crafts just don’t work out the way I want them to. I wish I know ahead of time because I dislike wasting my time.

Whoever invented decaf beverages should go on my list of blessings and happy things. I know I gave up caffeine but I’m happy I can still have tea every now and then. I can also have decaf coffee but it’s not the same, so I don’t.

I’m excited for tomorrow.

If you have comments on any of those things, I’d love to hear it!

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2 thoughts on “Thursday thoughts…

  1. john

    all over the board today. wonder why?

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