Wedding season begins again

Today we received the invitation to my best friend’s wedding. (No matter what, I always think of that movie when I say that.)

It’s so exciting!

It’s also crazy that we’re old enough to get married. It seems like not that long ago we were riding the bus to math tournaments and talking during band class.

(It’s okay that I admitted we were a bit nerdy in high school. I’m not ashamed. She isn’t either, I’m sure.)

I can’t help but be a little jealous that she’s about to have the happiest day of her life and I already had the happiest day of my life.

Ok, just kidding.

I know I’ll have lots of other happiest days of my life. Finding out about pregnancies, births (minus the pain part there), buying a house, getting a real job, anniversaries, when our kids have big moments, grow up, and have the happiest days of their lives…

But I do sometimes miss all the beautiful, wonderful, fun things that go along with having a wedding. Of course, I’m her matron of honor, so I get to help, but I live two hours away, so I don’t get to help as much as I’d like…

And I can always look back on how amazingly special and awesome our wedding day was.

I know I shouldn’t be jealous of her special day. And really, I’m more happy than jealous. If I had to say, I’d say I’m 96.7 percent happy and 4.2 percent jealous. That’s not terrible, but I wish I wasn’t at all jealous. But I’m honest with you guys so I know you can handle it. (You might even have advice!)

Seriously though, I’m very, very, very happy for her! And proud of her. She and her fiance did the distance thing like Hubs and I did, though for them, it was a longer distance for a shorter amount of time. (It was long enough, though!)

We know what it’s like to learn to say goodbye and goodnight over the phone, and to wish more than anything you could have a real hug, and to count down the days, hours, and minutes until the next phone call, next visit, next moment alone for a sweet, special kiss…

Now, I can’t wait to watch her get married to her best friend. And it’s even more special to me because I know what it feels like to marry my best friend. And because I’m proud and honored to be a part of her special day! I know their marriage will be a happy one, and I’m so excited to see where the future takes us both.

So, in honor of her wedding, and my own wedding, and how life moves us on to bigger and better and happier and harder things, here’s some great memories to share with you.

This was about 6 years ago. We look pretty much the same though. Kinda.

We have lots of silly fun when we're together. Again, this was a long time ago...I still wear that hat though...


Aren't they cute and happy...four years ago!

We love dressing up. I think we both still have these dresses. We should wear them to the wedding! No? Ok...I won't wear white...and she won't wear black.

These two love birds are always into something.

Hard to believe we're all grown up now...

To all you other best friends of mine out there, I’ll be happy to post about you before your special day. So get on it, girls!

Just kidding.

But seriously, when your time comes, we’ll party it up for you, too! Woohoo!

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9 thoughts on “Wedding season begins again

  1. Thank you so much for this post! It was great to see this, especially today, which has already been a pretty great day wedding-wise! I can’t wait to tell you about it – remind me to tell you all the new details when I get the chance. In fact, maybe I’ll try to write you a letter tonight about it. Things have been busy lately, but I think I can squeeze in a letter for you this week. I hope you liked the invite and it looked all right. I expect a message from you on the postcard, just so you know!

  2. Donita

    They are such a wonderful pair. We feel very blessed to have been invited to share in their special day. We both feel blessed to have had such a wonderful day with you guys and we will always cherish it! I also love weddings and every one I attend will bring back the special memories of 7-9-11!

  3. Laura

    I totally understand the feeling of jealousy! While I very much loved how my wedding went and am somewhat glad that all the planing of the event is over, I sometimes miss the days before marriage. Planning was so much fun and our wedding day was wonderful! It isn’t that I want to necessarily do it all over again, but I love how perfect the day was! I always hope all my friends have weddings just as happy and special as our day was for us! I know there will be plenty of other wonderful special days for my husband and I in the future!

  4. Jillian

    So, for someone who was so nerdy and a part of the math team in high school, you did not do your math very well. Your percentages add up to 101%. You’re silly.

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