In my head at 6 a.m.

Mornings when I go to my internship, I get up at 6.

It’s pretty unfortunate.

I hear my alarm, hit snooze, and roll over.

I grunt and moan a little bit.

Hubs pushes and shoves on me, tries to get me to be quiet so he can go back to sleep.

It helps me get motivated to get up, but sours my mood a bit because I know he does it mostly to make me get up and be quiet so he can go back to sleep, not because he’s making sure I’m not late.

This morning he was a bit sweeter. He said, “The hot water will feel good. Go shower.”


Oh, thanks, Hubs.

So I got up.

And took a shower.

I felt a little better, but not really.

I always feel sick when I get up early in the morning.

(No, I’m not pregnant, I don’t know why…)

I got half-way dressed and dried my hair.

I think my blow dryer is starting to smell really hot.

(Yes, I know, but it’s smelling extra hot. As in it’s burning a little bit.)

I turn the tea kettle on and get my lunch packed. (Usually I get it mostly packed the night before. My mom taught me to do that back in high school, and before.)

I get the rest of the way dressed, do my make-up, and try to not make too much noise so I don’t wake Hubs up.

Still, I’m a bit selfish this early in the morning so sometimes I secretly hope he’ll wake up and suffer with me.

It’s not that I’m not a morning person, I’m just not a morning person when everyone else is still sleeping and it’s dark outside.

So I grunt and complain a little bit.

And then I pack up and leave.

Usually when I walk outside, I get a bit more bitter because of the cold.

Driving in the traffic also makes me not a real pleasant person in the mornings.

Sure enough though, there’s usually something that shakes my mood.

Sometimes it’s a song, sometimes it’s prayer of thankfulness. This morning it was a sunrise.

And if I hadn’t been driving on I-29, I would have taken a photo to share with you.

Just know that it was purple and orange and blue, with a little bit of yellow.

And it was awesome.

Maybe getting up early isn’t so bad after all.

Until tomorrow morning that is…


P.S. Hubs said he pushes me out of bed so I’ll get up. I believe him, but my saltiness in the morning affects my ability to comprehend his message.


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5 thoughts on “In my head at 6 a.m.

  1. Laura

    sunrise?? maybe??

    • Thanks. I changed it. I even was thinking to myself to write sunrise as I was typing. Goes back to dad’s “look at what you want to hit not what you want to miss” I guess…

  2. jannath

    We have the opposite issue in our house, been married 7 years and I still have to shove him out of the bed so he can get up and get about his morning routine. He’s one of those guys that hits the snooze button like 10,000 times before he gets up. I, get up by the 2nd one.

    hehe, at times I feel bad for being a little gruff in the mornings. I’m pretty sure the words “OMG GO AWAYYYYYY” have come out of my mouth towards him and his little alarm clock, but I keep telling myself its for his own good. Wouldn’t want him to get to work late 😉

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