Maybe I’ll start by saying that we sometimes aren’t so awesome at bills. We have reminders set and notes and stuff, but sometimes, like the time Hubs forgot to tell me about the email account that had our at&t bills in them.

Well, now, we got the bills delivered to our apartment, and it’s been fine for awhile.

Until now.

So I called the service line and they were closed.


And now I have to call them tomorrow.


Why can’t things just be right and easy?

Oh yea, because it’s life.

Which is fine because life is good.

But bills are sometimes bad.

Or wrong.


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8 thoughts on “Bills…

  1. I’m sorry. Dealing with at&t customer service can be (usually is) awful. Hope you get everything resolved and still have most of your day left tomorrow!

  2. Brenda

    There is a great ap out on the Android Market called Astrid. You put all your bills in and it will remind you every month when they are due.

  3. I remember during the first year of living on my own, I found a three week old bill under some other mail. I was mortified. Most of our bills are set up to automatic withdraw, and then ones that can’t be set up that way…well…I’m still in charge of paying them, but I’m still not that great at remembering.

  4. Rachel

    I tried many different ways of handling bills for years, but nothing relieved my bill stress like scheduling automatic payments through my bank’s online bill pay website did. We get paid twice a month (1st and 15th) so I made a spreadsheet of all our bills and their due dates. Then I split them in half so I knew exactly which bills had to be paid in the 1st half of the month and exactly which had to be paid in the 2nd half. Then I set bill pay to automatically pay them on the 2nd and 16th of every month. Then like magic, they are paid monthly and I don’t even have to blink. And the bill money is out of the account instantly so there are no mistakes from impulse shopping either. Good luck figuring out what works for you.

    • That’s a good plan! I like that idea, but we like to make sure our bills are correct before we pay them and I’m bad about checking the bills when we don’t receive paper copies. Thanks for the comment and the advice! We’re still looking into it!

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