Trying to do it all…

I’m trying to do a lot of things.

1. Be a good wife. I get emotional and sometimes I cry or snap at Hubs. I get annoyed at the piles of laundry he hides on his side of the bed. I get tired of doing dishes. I get frustrated that we don’t have enough storage for all the stuff I want to put in our kitchen cabinets. I also leave my makeup and stuff on his side of the sink. All that is true.

But, it’s also true that I love Wyatt intensely, and I’m passionate and excited about our future together, despite the fact that I sometimes mess up. Ok, I mess up a lot.

2. I’m trying to have a career I love.

Yes, I’m working three jobs right now, and I like each one for different reasons. Yes, Job#1 means not all of my “time at home” is “free time.” That’s okay because it gives Hubs some “TV/Video game time” and I love the work and am learning a lot. Yes, Job#2 makes me want to scream sometimes because there’s an endless amount of people that walk through the door, and the phone NEVER STOPS RINGING, but I enjoy the people I work with and I’m learning to let go of the things I can’t change and disconnect from work when I go home, things I’ve never been very good at. And yes, Job#3 is a drive, and pays not so much, and is frustrating, but I’m confident it will help me get where I want to go someday down the road. I’m learning a lot, and getting more and more practice.

They all have pros and cons, but overall, I wish I didn’t get tired and frustrated as easily as I do because ย I’m really very thankful for each of them for different reasons.

3. I’m trying to plan a bridal shower for my best friend. This is such a fun task, but it’s harder because I’m no longer living in the town with the people I’m trying to work with. Thank goodness for the internet.

4. I’m trying to keep our apartment clean. I dislike dusting, and out apartment’s vents must be full of years of dirt because there is a layer of dust on our furniture only minutes after I wipe them down. I also try to stay caught up with laundry and dishes and mail and grocery shopping and…

I know I can’t wait to have a house, but it’s crazy to think how a bigger house will tend to mean a bigger mess. Good thing Hubs is helping me out more and more.

5. I’m trying to get in shape to run a half marathon this Spring. Yikes. The cold and rain aren’t making this easy.

6. I’m trying to eat healthier. I know Hubs and I both can use more veggies in our daily meals. We can also use less excess sweets and salt. My how I love sweets and salt! (Not necessarily together, but together is also tasty!)

I know that eating salad at home would be a good way to do this. Sadly, I hate buying lettuce. The bagged lettuce is expensive, but the head lettuce wilts so quickly! I’m at a loss as to what to do. I wish there was a magic kitchen gadget that would make washing and storing lettuce easier.

7. I’m trying to adjust to life in the city, away from my family and friends. Don’t get me wrong. I love our little apartment. I like living in the city. It’s great that we have friends (and family) near us in the city. But there’s a lot of people that I find myself missing pretty often. I’ve lived in one place my whole life until now and it’s hard to adjust to not being around the same people and places.

8. I’m trying to save as much money as I/we can. I price match at Walmart. (Yes, I’m one of those but I do go as quickly as I can at the check out!) I also use coupons when possible. I look for deals and I don’t go in Hobby Lobby or Pier 1, ever. I also try to avoid shoe stores.

Hubs does a good job of this as well. He’s actually even thriftier than me.

With all this trying, it’s easy to see why I get discouraged when there’s so much “trying” and not as much “doing.” I wish things would move faster sometimes, but I don’t want to wish any time away from this first year.

This whole year of marriage has been a huge learning experience so far. And not because I’m learning to love Wyatt more or learning to live with him, thought that’s true, too. But I’m growing up a lot and learning a lot about what I want, what we want, what we need, and what our future will look like together.

But, I’ll keep trying. And right now I’m going to try to figure out a way I can take a nap, workout, shower, and get ready for work all in the next hour…

Wish me luck!


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6 thoughts on “Trying to do it all…

  1. So grateful for all your efforts in Job #1! ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad to know you’re learning a lot!

    I have to address your lettuce quandary. I usually buy the freshest head of red leaf or romaine lettuce I can find. Then, if I’ve got some time, I’ll get a really big bowl of water, tear off and rinse each piece, drop it in my salad spinner and when the spinner is full, I spin it. Then take it out, put it one piece at a time in a LARGE ziplock bag with a few flat paper towels to absorb the remaining water. Then each bag goes in the fridge/crisper drawer. It might take more than one bag, but if you do it all at once I promise your lettuce will last a lot longer. When I’m ready to use it, I just pull out the amount I need, tear off any bad spots and keep on going. And all of a sudden, I’ve got a salad!

    P.S. if you ever get a Sam’s Club or Costco membership, they have a huge tub of mixed greens for under $4.00. I find that even if we don’t finish it before it goes bad, we’ve saved a ton of money over the other ways we buy lettuce.

    P.P.S. Our house is really dusty too, even moments after I dust. Very discouraging!

    • I’m so grateful for the opportunity of job#1! I so enjoy all the different things I get to work on for that. And yes, I’m learning!
      Also I’m very interested in a salad spinner. I’ve never used one but they do seem handy! Thanks for the suggestion!

      • Oh, you totally need one! I use it practically every day. Pull out one of those Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons and go get yourself one! It will save you on spoiled lettuce every time!

    • Oh and the dust? I’m glad someone knows what I’m dealing with!

  2. Here I thought only my life was hectic. Keep going lady,you can make it! ^^

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