Today, I locked myself out of our apartment…

Yes, friends, it’s true.

I did manage to lock myself out even when our door has to be locked from the outside with a key.


Well, it’s actually simple, and quite silly.

You see, yesterday I went for a run when I got home from Job #3. Hubs pulled into the parking lot right as I was getting back to our apartment so I walked up the stairs with him and he used his key to let us both in.

Then I forgot to take my key out of my ipod armband, where it stays safely tucked away while I run.

Then, this morning, I left before Hubs so I didn’t have to lock the door.

You see?

There was a very reasonable explanation.

However, I didn’t notice until I got home from work today, loaded everything up in my arms, and walked up to our apartment that I had no key to let me in.

So I walked back to my car, put everything back in there, emailed Hubs, and went to the store to pass the hour or so until he was going to get home.

Perhaps this means I’m tired from working all week (and thinking about working this weekend). Maybe it means I was so excited to get home from work and run on this beautiful afternoon that I didn’t realize I was totally and completely locked out until it was too late and pretty embarrassing if anyone happened to be watching.

By the time I got inside and changed, there was no time for a run and a walk, so I ditched my plans for a run, and Hubs and I headed out on our planned walk together.



It was nice out, a bit chilly near the end, but it felt good to walk and talk.

Remember back when we resolved to take a long walk once a week? We haven’t done such a great job of that because it’s been cold and dark by the time we each got home after work. I’m excited for the longer  days so we have some daylight hours to spend outdoors.

But for now, we’re back inside.

Oh, and I did make sure to put my key back where it belongs.

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8 thoughts on “Today, I locked myself out of our apartment…

  1. Oh my goodness, I feel your pain. I have locked myself out of offices, houses and cars. I’m almost OCD about checking to see if I still have my keys with me because I’ve done it so many times. Hope you have a good weekend!

  2. Donita

    It happens to all of us sooner or later…glad you had somewhere to go to wait!

  3. I hate it when I get locked out of the house. The last time I did I had to climb through the window… in a skirt.Now THAT was embarrassing. ^^’ I hope you remember it in the future.

  4. laura

    Locked myself out twice and hd to crawl i n using the doggie door. Ha

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