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What WE did for Valentine’s day…

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. Our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple.

There were no roses and no chocolates. No fancy dinner.

And that’s FINE.

Because Hubs and I never really celebrated Valentine’s Day that much when we were dating, and we figured there was no real reason to start now. Two years ago, I got him a vacuum for Valentine’s Day. We’re very nontraditional. And we’re trying to save money. And Hubs isn’t one for cheesy, silly gifts. I, on the other hand, like those stupid stuffed animals that sing and dance.

So instead of going out, we stayed in.

We decided we’d have a pajama party and have a “breakfast in bed” sort of theme. Wyatt made most of dinner because I worked late and had to drive home from Lenexa so I didn’t get home until almost 7.

Instead of dressing up, we changed into comfy clothes and enjoyed our night together.

First course: breakfast burritos.

Yum. Yum. Yum.

That was delicious, of course, but we didn’t stop there. We watched some TV, spent a little quality time together, and then…


Second course: chocolate chip pancakes and hot cocoa.

My favorite part of the dinner. Of course.

So much for trying to be extra healthy this week. However, we did really well with the burritos, (maybe not the bacon) and we’re all allowed to splurge on special occasions, right?

All in all, it was a great night. Except for the amount of Kleenex that we used.

Oh, no, I wasn’t crying.

(But thanks for asking. How nice of you!)

But I should also probably mention that Hubs is sick.

How romantic, huh?

So now I’m doctoring him all up.

And by that, I mean forcing him to take medicine and drink fluids. Cooking chicken noodle soup and letting him sleep and sleep and sleep. He’s even sleeping right now!

He didn’t go in to work today so he could stay home and sleep so I know he’s super miserable. I had to work today and went to the store after so I could restock all the “sick supplies.”

I even did the grocery shopping this week by myself which I don’t like to do because I hate having to push the cart, write down the prices on the list for our price matching spreadsheet, and figure out how to get around all the crazy people in the aisles blocking the entire space…


All in all, I loved our Valentine’s Day.

Yes, I’m sorry he’s sick. But I’m happy that he was able to stay home and get started getting better today. I’m also happy we stayed in last night.

The city restaurants would have been crazy anyway, andwe got to eat in our PJ’s. And it doens’t matter to me if we celebrate with chocolate and roses. It matters that we were together and we enjoyed our time. I’m so thankful for our marriage. He’s my sweetheart. For sure.

Our very casual, very perfect Valentine's Day!

You can’t get much better than that!

In fact, I think we’ll make it a tradition. Breakfast for dinner, early bed time, some romantic smelly-good-candle action at home in the comfort of our own bedroom, cozy blankets on the couch, cuddling…cough medicine.

Ok, so I won’t plan on repeating that last one…


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