Tonight we went out to dinner…and other thoughts…

When I got home from work tonight, I was hungry. And craving fried chicken. (I was craving it last night, too, but didn’t give in, so it carried over.) All of our chicken was frozen in the freezer. So I sweetly suggested we go out.

So we did.

And we went to “Restaurant A” and sat down and remembered their chicken wasn’t so hot. And they didn’t come greet us for almost five minutes (and they weren’t busy…) so we left and went to “Restaurant B.” We’d never been there before but didn’t go in there because we looked in the window and didn’t see what we were in the mood for from the car. We’ll try it another night. So we went to, and ate at, “Restaurant C.” What a perk of living in the city! All those places were within five minutes of our apartment.

Then we came home and Hubs helped me get the invites for my best friend’s bridal shower all trimmer, stuffed, and addressed so I can mail them tomorrow. Don’t worry, it wasn’t too much of a job for him, and he got to play some video games and watch TV for most of the time I was working on it. Still, I was super thankful for his help.

Also, our new neighbors have a huge pile of trash outside their door. It’s been there since last week. We don’t want to be bad neighbors, but we’d like to have the trash not there…when is it okay to call the office? Hmm….

And, I have a pretty big day tomorrow, work-wise. So be watching for an update there soon.

Oh, and we made about 100 meatballs together yesterday before the Super Bowl party we went to with friends. We don’t cook together all the time (a lot recently, but still not as often as we’d like)because it’s not that often we’re both free and home to work on meals. Plus, there’s not a ton of room in our kitchen for two people. But we managed to be good partners for the meatball adventure. And though he “forgot” to wash the dishes while I was at work that afternoon and he was at home on the couch, and while I went to work and had to listen to people say, “I smell sausage or something…” whenever they were standing next to me…it was a grand success.

And we have the leftovers to prove it.

Overall, the Super Bowl party was a fun way to top off our fun weekend. We had a visit from my friend Liz and her fiance, Matt. It was great to have a “double date” for dinner that night and we stayed up way too late on Friday playing games and talking. I’ve missed her, and everyone! Moving away from friends and family is the only negative I’ve found from marriage so far. And it’s a great excuse for fun visits like that, so I won’t really complain. I love our home here, and our new life together.

As a side note, thanks to a message from a friend, we spent the last part of our night on the couch eating a small bowl of ice cream and watching the Diners, Drive Ins, and Drives KC BBQ episode. Great way to end a night.

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4 thoughts on “Tonight we went out to dinner…and other thoughts…

  1. Donita

    I think you have waited long enough to call about the trash. If it was just there for a couple of days, then ok, but 1 week is a little excessive.
    Just a thought for cooking together—years ago someone told me about how they cooked all meals for 1 month in a weekend and froze them. That may be a good thing for you to do now that you will be working more. I think the main course was made and frozen and then they just added some fresh veggies and stuff on the meal day. I will look into this more and get you some info.

  2. I love cooking with my husband too! And we don’t do it that often either.

    Moving away from family is one of the hardest and best things for our marriage. We live about 6 hours from the closest family. It does make visits fun, plus you get to meet a whole new group of friends where you live now! 🙂

    • You’re right, meeting new people is fun! I’m excited to buy a house and have “real” neighbors that we can hang out with. I wonder what a good way to make more time to cook together is…?
      Thanks for the comment!

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