A better day…

I’m getting ready to head out to watch Wyatt play soccer tonight. He made dinner, I did the dishes, and I have a plan to drink some hot cocoa when we get home tonight. I don’t have to work until Sunday afternoon, and we have good friends coming to visit us this weekend

I’d say I’m on a fast track to feeling better and breaking my funk, don’t you think?


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4 thoughts on “A better day…

  1. Donita

    Soccer and Hot Cocoa…it doesn’t get any better than that!

  2. Laura

    Sounds like a way to beat the blahs! I totally understand how you feel, while I have a job I am currently looking for one that will actually use my just finished BA, the hubs and I are debating a move back to where he is from (for me it would be a huge change b/c it’s way out in the country) it’s only two hours from where we are now but that’s two hours away from all my family and friends! I just work on focusing on the good things in my life that are going on, like spending time with my niece this weekend and that helps beat the blahs!

    • Hanging out with kids are always a way to beat the blahs! Great idea! Thanks for the comment, and good luck to you looking for a new job and finding a new place to live! It’s hard to make such big decisions, but I love how close it makes us as a couple!

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