This morning, it was frosty…

And after yelling out the door to stop Hubs from leaving because he forgot his lunch and needed to come back and get it, which he did, I huddled under a blanket and settled down by the window to watch him scrape the icy frost from his windows.

I’m not sure why, but I find something so attractive about watching this early morning ritual.

(And NOT because I’m warm inside while he’s out there in the cold!)

I think it’s a mixture of sadness because he has to be out there in the cold and a feeling of pride and appreciate that he’s out there so early, ready to leave for work to provide for our little family.

And the way he carefully, and efficiently tackles each window, scraping in straight lines at a strong, steady pace makes my knees a little weak.


That’s a little more difficult. Maybe because it reminds me of other ways he’s careful and patient. Maybe because it seems like a simple way of expressing his desire to provide for and protect our family by allowing him to get to work safely and on time, no matter how disagreeable it is outside. Maybe it’s because it sends my imagination to the future and I imagine the way he’ll someday shovel our driveway, rake leaves, and mow the yard.

Not because those are “manly” jobs, but because I know he loves to serve in practical ways and often shows his love in that way, both to me and others.

So while I watched, warm, inside the apartment, and waited to see him finish wiping all the scraped frost from underneath the wipers and walk around the hood to get into the car and drive away, I fell even more in love with him.

I love that about marriage. That even though I knew Wyatt very, very well before we tied the knot, I find new and different things to respect and admire about him all the time. So important to a lasting love!

P.S. Remember yesterday, when I lost my contact somewhere in the sheets?

Hubs found it last night. It's all hard and ruined now, but at least I know it's not lost somewhere in my eye!

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4 thoughts on “This morning, it was frosty…

  1. You write the sweetest most tender posts. Love them.

  2. This is so sweet! We are reading “Love And Respect” in our small group, and this post aptly describes a wonderful way wives can show respect to their husbands. Great post!

    • I’d love to read that book. It’s certainly on my list because I’ve heard such great things about it! Thanks for reading, and for the comment!

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