Dinner with love…

Tonight I made dinner from this:

One of my favorite Christmas presents...

It’s a “fill-in-the-pages” recipe collection from my family, and full of love and tasty things.

I’ve made 2 things from it so far: MaMa’s chicken and noodles (Success! Can’t wait to make again!) and meatloaf from my mom (I’ve made it several times before but now I don’t have to email every time to ask how!) and I can’t wait to try them all!

All of these meals are special to Hubs and I for one reason for another and so homey and comforting. There’s nothing as satisfying as cooking and sharing a meal or a dish that our families have enjoyed for many, many years before. It reminds us of those we love and the places we grew up. And it makes this city and this apartment and out little family feel a little more…established.

What about you? What recipes are special to you? And why? Do you have a treasured recipe keepsake book? And when it comes time to add recipes in to fill in the pages, what sort of things make the cut?

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5 thoughts on “Dinner with love…

  1. Glad you’re enjoying it, it was made up with love. I have some more recipes you might want. I have some of my Great Grandmother’s that I didn,t get in there.

  2. I have a crescent roll recipe and a boiled custard recipe (like eggnog) that are family recipes passed down, but usually everything else comes from allrecipes.com. The problem I had is that I would write them down, and then never make them again. I tend to stick to a few recipes that I know by heart (unless I branch out to one of those one-time recipes). I probably need to expand my recipe foundation a bit.

  3. This made me giggle a bit, I hate to admit it, but I had a similar instance happen to me a while back. Glad the cake was there after all the madness…and I would have tried to taste the Margarita. 😛

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