Paper Hearts Tutorial

I wanted to post the last Christmas craft I made for our apartment this year. I know it’s after Christmas, but these would also be great for Valentine’s Day (which is the next holiday coming up, just a little plug…)

It’s super fast and easy! And fun! Have I convinced you to try it yet?

Paper hearts!

So, this is how you start!

First, start with an old book and some hot cocoa and some candles. Check, check, and check.

Then, I went ahead and cut all my strips of paper so the “fun part” would go faster.

You need 4 sizes, and that can vary depending on how big you want your hearts to be.

Mine were about 6 inches long and going down by about an inch or so. But again, it can vary.

Then grab one of each size and grab a stapler.

Hold it sort of like this. (Or however it works for you.) From the biggest to the smallest, and then staple the stack together at the bottom on top of another strip of paper to act as a base.

Like this! See? Easy!

Then do the same with another stack of paper on the other side of the base paper.

Then grab the stack on one side and line up the ends together, pull them down and staple them to the base, so they look like half a heart.


Then repeat with the other side to make a full heart and staple again!


They're very easy to make, and cute, right?

P.S. There’s still time to let me know what you’d like to see posts about in the future! Leave a comment on this post:Ā

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7 thoughts on “Paper Hearts Tutorial

  1. P.S. Liz, I’d love to make these for your wedding if you’d like them?

  2. These would be so cute to hang off of a gift bag for a Valentine’s Day present! Cute Idea!

  3. So pretty and right on time for Valentine’s Day. Since you are a craft girl, please check out my post about card-making at:

    Bye now!

  4. These are too cute! Could you imagine them in colored paper, or oh! even a red or pink plastic? It’d be so cool!

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