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Searching for inspiration…

Lately, I haven’t been feeling all that inspired to write a blog post. (Sorry!)

I think it’s because I’ve been a bit bummed out the past two days. I’ll not get into all of it, but basically, the job search and some other random, silly things have been working on me.

So, I’ll just use this post to list some pros and cons of my day as a housewife today. Hopefully it’ll lead me somewhere that has a little more inspiration.

1. (Pro!) I woke up in the arms of the man I love today. Yes, I was waking up at 3 am because I had to get up and pee, but still, I think it counts.

2. (Con…) After leisurely enjoying some extra minutes while Hubs was getting ready for work, I had to quickly jolt out of bed this morning because he needed his phone charger to take to work and I had stashed it somewhere when we were packing up from our visit home this weekend. Rubbing my very dry, not-awake eyes in the morning while semi-frantically looking for two pieces of a phone charger wasn’t a great beginning to my day.

3. (Con…) Work today wasn’t too fun. We were a bit understaffed and the phone rang nonstop the entire time I was there. As in there were 2-3 people on hold waiting for me to answer their call for a significant portion of the day. Not too fun.

4. (Pro!) It was a beautiful day today so when I got home from work, I changed into my shorty shorts and pulled on my running shoes. And I did a pretty-slow, super-awesome 4.5 miles.

The run-tracker of my run today. I'm trying out using Endomondo to track my runs.

It was so so so needed. And yes, I’m still semi-out of shape, and yes, I’m semi-freaking out about the half marathon I signed up for in April, and yes I’m semi-sore afterwards. Oh, and I’m using “semi” “semi-too-much”

5. (Con…) I got some disappointing news concerning a job today.

6. (Pro!) I got some good news concerning a job today.

I’ll explain those two later.

7. (Pro!) I deposited some money into our saving account today! Down payment fund is one step closer! Woo!

8. (Pro!) I had time to cook a real dinner tonight. I made little cube steaks with breading. It didn’t turn out exactly like I wanted it to. In fact, I’d only rate it a six or so. But the rice and vegetables were good and I liked the meat okay. I’ll do it again someday soon and try something a little different.

9. (Con…) I’m still a bit bummed out in general. I’m not totally sure why, but I’m just feeling not myself. I’m hoping to shake this with some good quality time tonight, both with Hubs and a bottle of white wine, and  some quiet prayer and time in the Old Testament.

10. (Pro!) I had to end on a high note so I saved a good one for last. Hubs wrote me a haiku today! And in response, I wrote two back to him. It was fun, silly, and happy. Here’s one for you guys. Wanna accept a fun challenge? Write one back to me!

Writing a poem is

a great way to make me smile

Hubs knows me too well!

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Here’s what we did this weekend…

I’m a country girl, raised on a farm, and proud of my roots. We do cattle and crops and all that jazz. But January means butchering time.

So while I love this view:

Home on the the winter. I prefer the green grass of summer.

Someday these guys will look something like this:


Or this:


So, that means, they’ll be a trip to the grocery store to stock up on some beef. Or for my family, a weekend that looks something like this:

Yup, that's my dad, our farm hand, Hubs, and my brother-in-law. All "aproned" up and ready to get started.

It's a very big piece of meat. This is one quarter of the whole beef.

And sorry to those of you that might be anti-meat or those that just prefer their meat comes from only a counter at the grocery story. Please forgive this post, and check back tomorrow for something new.

P.S. Did you guys see my Friday post? I’d love to know what you think!

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Friday’s (First) Food for Thought

Hi readers!

Are you excited?

Because I am.

It’s time for a new tradition here at the Newlywed Wife.

So…. I’m pleased to introduce you to the first edition of Friday’s Food for Thought.

Since we live in a world where the idea of marriage is often broken, I’m interested in what others have to say about this lifestyle we’ve entered into. And while I’m not sure that I’m convinced you can make your marriage more likely to be successful through “book learning,” I’m never one to turn down the opportunity to learn or think about something new…especially if it in some way connects to my life, or in this case, my married life.

So, every week I’ll (try to) post something from someone else that talks about marriage, love, or something else applicable or awesome.

For today’s inaugural Friday’s Food for Thought post, I wanted to share this spoken word piece from Jeff Bethke. He’s a spoken word artist, and you may have seen his other video floating around the internet. I think this one is especially powerful, though, so I wanted to share it with you all.

I think my favorite moment is around 2:27. (But you know I love the idea of marriage as a promise because of this page.)

I’d love to know what you think!

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It’s time…

Have any of you seen the commercial that starts out with these women saying things like, “It’s time to get real about what happens in the bathroom.”?

No? Just me? Well, nevermind then, but it is time, you see, for an honest, real-to-life post about our bathroom.

Let me preface this by saying that for my whole life, I’ve never shared a bathroom with a boy. My sister and I had the upstairs bathroom to ourselves, and at college I lived in a co-ed dorm, but we had our own bathroom in our suite so it wasn’t an issue.

But when I got married, that changed, obviously.

Now, our apartment is small, a one-bedroom, so we only have 1 bathroom. And I love our little apartment, I really do. It’s just that I’ve learned some things about sharing a bathroom. With a boy.

1. He really hates to have my stuff all over the counter. We are lucky to have double sinks so I try to keep on “my side,” but my side also includes the middle, of course. He only has a few things anyway, so he doesn’t need that much room, right? But he did laughingly point out that I sometimes start to migrate over to his side, leaving things on “his sink.” Seriously though, this one is simple, but it leads nicely into the next one, which is…

2. He hates when I put his stuff away in “his drawer.” I don’t do this that often, only when I tidy up in there. So there’s always several days (mostly during the week when we’re busier) that I leave everything out. When I put my stuff away, though, I also tend to put his stuff away. And he doesn’t appreciate that effort. He doesn’t understand why, to me, “clean” means “hiding all our stuff so I can’t get to it.” (Those are his words.)

I agree, sort of. That’s why I don’t put it away every day. But sometimes, I just like to start fresh and put it all away. It isn’t like he doesn’t know where it goes. He has “his drawer,” after all, right?

3. His drawer is more than big enough for all his stuff, but I don’t dare start to “take it over.” See lesson number one for why that wouldn’t go over well. Especially because we agreed when I first moved in that we’d share the top drawer, (Qtips, nail clippers, etc. but my nail polish and face washing cloths are also in there…) he’d have the second drawer, and the bottom two were mine.

I have more stuff. It’s only fair. And he’s right, if I have more stuff than will fit in my drawers, I have too much stuff. So I respect his drawer boundaries…for now.

4. Sharing a shower isn’t all that easy. Not to give too many details, but sometimes, when we’re in a hurry, we’ve tried the multi-tasking route. Even with a big tub and shower area, there’s still only one shower head, so one of us tends to be standing out of the water, cold, getting splashed with water from the other one. Not so fun…

5. Sharing a toilet is okay. Luckily, we haven’t had a ton of moments yet when we both NEED in the bathroom at the same time. So we do fine at sharing. And yes, there are some unpleasant moments that can come from sharing a bathroom, but overall, it’s just life and we are getting used to it. Plus, a little air freshener never hurt anyone, right. We do keep things pretty separate, though. We want to respect each other’s privacy that way, even if we are in a hurry.

6. He dislikes things “for show.” So he hates that I keep the toothbrushes in their cup on my side of the sink instead of in the middle because it’s less out in the open over there. But the towels and the giant egg timer go in the middle! (We don’t use the timer for anything important, but it’s super cool, and we both like it, so it ended up in there.) He recently switched the toothbrushes and the timer because he says the timer is in the way in the middle and we both use the toothbrushes so it only “makes sense.” I haven’t switched it back, yet. But the change didn’t go unnoticed.

7. The same rule of my stuff creeping over to his side of the sink applies to our respective shelves in the shower. I do what I can, but I think we’re slowly moving to an “all shelves are fair game” sort of policy in there.

8. It’s nice that Hubs has already learned my “routine” when we’re getting ready for bed. If you’re a faithful reader, you know that I tend to be less sleepy at night than he is, so, sometimes when he wants to “hurry me to bed,” he’ll go in and get me started by turning on the hot water and then getting my toothbrush ready for me. (Yes, I know it’s wasteful to let the water run, but if I want to use hot water to wash my face, I have to let it run for a bit.) He’s sweet that way, even if he has ulterior motives, like sleep. Reason #55 that husband roommates are the best.

Thanks for reading about what happens in our bathroom. Care to share what happens in yours?

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I’m feeling blue… Advice from you!

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Another Day, Another Interview…

Let me begin by saying that I am still thankful for the job I have. I really am. I don’t dislike it. In fact, sometimes, it’s even sort of fun and enjoyable. But I am not cut out for a career in retail.

So, let me next say that I am thankful for possible career opportunities, even though I’m anxious to be finished with the interview process.

Just to recap in case you’re new here, (And if you are, Welcome!) I’ve been looking for a job as a writer since Hubs and I got married and I moved up to KC. I had a couple of interviews back in August/September, but since then, other than the interview for the retail job I have now, I haven’t had much luck in my job hunt.

Which is incredibly frustrating and discouraging. (If you know anyone who is job hunting right now, give them a hug and a free meal any chance you can, ok?)

But in the last three weeks, I’ve had three interviews.


It feels good to get that off my chest.

I mean, I want to be honest with you guys, but I also don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up (especially mine!) by talking about any opportunities too early.

So, I’ll just finish up this post with a list of things I’ve learned so far in the job hunt process.

1. Having a college degree is helpful, no matter how awful student loans are or how discouraging it is to be working a part-time retail job right after I graduated. If I didn’t have a degree, I would have to leave the “education” part of applications looking a lot more blank on all these applications. Not to mention that I’m actually semi-trained for all these jobs I’m applying for.

2. Going on interviews is not all that fun. Yes, I enjoy meeting new people, and yes, it’s exciting, and yes, I learn a lot with each interview. But no, I don’t enjoy having to wonder if I’m at the right building on the right floor, and if I’m pronouncing everyone’s name correctly, and whether or not I’m saying the right sorts of things when you ask me to tell you “a little bit about myself.”

3. Companies don’t have big enough signs outside their buildings stating their names and addresses. Just saying.

4. All applications are basically the same. And I respect that I still need to fill yours out even though my resume answers almost all the same questions. But it doesn’t mean I enjoy entering all that information in over and over again. I’ll do it, and I understand why you want me to do it, but I won’t miss it after I get hired.

5. Looking for a job and a house is hard to do at the same time. I’m not sure which should be done first, (depending on your priorities…) but I know they shouldn’t be done at the same time.

6. There are a lot of other people who are struggling just like me. It sucks to not have a job that feels totally fulfilling. But until then, we’re all going to keep looking. At least I will, no matter how frustrating and discouraging and emotionally draining it is. You should, too.

7. There are no easy answers to those behavioral interview questions. You know, the ones that ask, “Tell me about a time when…what did you do and how did it affect the end result?” Sometimes I feel like I can rock these questions, and other times I find my thought process to go something like this:

“I can’t think of anything…Quick, think of something! Stop thinking about it so much…but make it be a really good example! And make sure your facial expression doesn’t look like you can’t think of anything! Gosh darnit, I still can’t think of anything. Does he know I can’t think of anything? Stop thinking about thinking about something and start thinking of something!!”

Ok, in all seriousness, it’s not that bad, and I actually do have good answers for some of these questions, and I’m fairly good at thinking on my feet, but still, I will REJOICE on the day I no longer have to worry about these.

8. Looking for a job is hard work, but it helps to have printer. I’m sad to say that my old college printer is dying a slow death (it’s currently in a “false paper jam” coma), and Hubs and I are the proud, albeit slightly annoyed and angry, owners of a new all-in-one wireless printer! It’s awesome so far. But I have terrible luck with printers (Sorry, old buddy that got me through college. If the HP tech guy had said he could help, I wouldn’t have given up on you. You haven’t gone to the garbage yet, so there’s still some hope, right?), so I’ll keep you posted.

9. Talking about how the job hunt is going is both helpful because it shows me that people care and are interested, but also a bit painful because there just isn’t all that much to report and sometimes it’s hard to seem super positive when I’m really just tired and don’t want to think about it. I’m pretty positive and upbeat, but still, it’s just a drain sometimes. However, I do appreciate all the well wishes and support, and I accept gifts and chocolate if you ever want to send a “job hunt” care package my way.

Just kidding.

Sort of.

10. It helps to know people. I don’t know anyone up here in the industry I’m currently seeking work in, but I am going to promise, with all of you as my witness, that someday, after I have a job and am successful (at something! whatever it will turn out to be…), I will do whatever I can to help anyone I know that needs a job in the field I’m working in.

11. Being a newlywed without a job is HARD. We have bills, we want to buy a house. It’s stressful to try and figure out finances when one half of the couple isn’t working. It’s also a lot of pressure to put on myself that we’re sort of waiting to buy a house, something we both want very badly, until I have a job, or some sort of idea of where I might end up, career-wise. I’m thankful that Hubs is so encouraging, but I won’t lie. I’m pretty hard on myself sometimes because I want so badly to see us move forward with our dreams. Yes, we’re happy here, and yes, I’m trying to not rush God’s plan for our lives, but it’s still hard. Just hard.

12. Post-interview glasses of wine or bottles of beer seem like a good idea. Too bad all of my interviews are usually in the morning….

What about you? Any job hunt tips? Any job offers for a magical, secret dream job you’d like to offer? Is anyone else dealing with this right now?

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New Look!

Hi all!

Just a quick post to say it’s time to do some redecorating around here!

So, please forgive me if things are a bit turned around or rearranged. And be watching for new looks, and new links to check out!

P.S. I got the background I’m currently using here.  (And so far, so good.)

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This morning, it was frosty…

And after yelling out the door to stop Hubs from leaving because he forgot his lunch and needed to come back and get it, which he did, I huddled under a blanket and settled down by the window to watch him scrape the icy frost from his windows.

I’m not sure why, but I find something so attractive about watching this early morning ritual.

(And NOT because I’m warm inside while he’s out there in the cold!)

I think it’s a mixture of sadness because he has to be out there in the cold and a feeling of pride and appreciate that he’s out there so early, ready to leave for work to provide for our little family.

And the way he carefully, and efficiently tackles each window, scraping in straight lines at a strong, steady pace makes my knees a little weak.


That’s a little more difficult. Maybe because it reminds me of other ways he’s careful and patient. Maybe because it seems like a simple way of expressing his desire to provide for and protect our family by allowing him to get to work safely and on time, no matter how disagreeable it is outside. Maybe it’s because it sends my imagination to the future and I imagine the way he’ll someday shovel our driveway, rake leaves, and mow the yard.

Not because those are “manly” jobs, but because I know he loves to serve in practical ways and often shows his love in that way, both to me and others.

So while I watched, warm, inside the apartment, and waited to see him finish wiping all the scraped frost from underneath the wipers and walk around the hood to get into the car and drive away, I fell even more in love with him.

I love that about marriage. That even though I knew Wyatt very, very well before we tied the knot, I find new and different things to respect and admire about him all the time. So important to a lasting love!

P.S. Remember yesterday, when I lost my contact somewhere in the sheets?

Hubs found it last night. It's all hard and ruined now, but at least I know it's not lost somewhere in my eye!

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Lost in the sheets…

About 9:00 this morning, I realized I could only see out of one eye.


So I rubbed a bit, carefully of course, because rubbing my eyes with my contacts in sometimes makes the contacts fall out.

And I blinked a lot and tried to focus better.

But to no avail.

Because I still couldn’t see out of that eye, and not very well out of both of them put together, I went to check it out.

And there was no contact in my eye.

Ah man…

So then I had a choice…

Either spend an hour looking through out bed sheets for a tiny rolled up, dried out sliver of lightish blue clear contact…or I could suck it up and open a new one from my stack of “too expensive, can’t believe we’re paying for all that just so I can see better” contacts.

My "too expensive for newlyweds to afford" contacts...

I went with option two.

On the plus side, I saw great all day today.

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Dinner with love…

Tonight I made dinner from this:

One of my favorite Christmas presents...

It’s a “fill-in-the-pages” recipe collection from my family, and full of love and tasty things.

I’ve made 2 things from it so far: MaMa’s chicken and noodles (Success! Can’t wait to make again!) and meatloaf from my mom (I’ve made it several times before but now I don’t have to email every time to ask how!) and I can’t wait to try them all!

All of these meals are special to Hubs and I for one reason for another and so homey and comforting. There’s nothing as satisfying as cooking and sharing a meal or a dish that our families have enjoyed for many, many years before. It reminds us of those we love and the places we grew up. And it makes this city and this apartment and out little family feel a little more…established.

What about you? What recipes are special to you? And why? Do you have a treasured recipe keepsake book? And when it comes time to add recipes in to fill in the pages, what sort of things make the cut?

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